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Chapter 3 The Toilet is locked!

Chen Yan asked the w.a.n.g Ye tentatively, “did you just say Father Emperor is coming?”


“Who is Father Emperor? What is his name?” She asked carefully.

He smiled bitterly, “alright! Go and pee, don’t think too much. Cui Yun take NiangNiang over there to wash up, don’t turn her head to fumigate Father Emperor.”

“En! nubi understands. NiangNiang, nubi will take you to pee.” She added, taking Chen Yan’s hands and slowly leading her towards a small house outside.

Chen Yan was helped into the house and saw a wooden toilet in it. Oddly enough, there was a lock on it.

She stared at it strangely: “Hey! This toilet has even a lock on it?”

When Cui Yun heard this a ‘puchi’ sound was made, then very agilely opened the lock on the toilet seat:

“NiangNiang, it’s too late to ask, also to late to back out.”,saying this, Cui Yun reached for Chen Yan’s trouser belt.

Chen Yan felt very odd, saying in her heart, even if she transmigrated, there was no need to let her cross over with a waistband. How unthoughtful! The position of the ruling cla.s.s was too high. This was taking it too far.

Chen Yan pulled down her pants and sat down on the toilet. To be honest, she was really in a hurry at the moment. She tried hard, only to hear a ‘squeak’ sound. With this sound the urine dripped out quickly. Cui Yun’s face showed a smile of satisfaction:

“NiangNiang is very good today. In just one sitting you’ve down it all.”

Chen Yan looked at her in disbelief: “you’re not taking me as a fool right?!”

Cui Yun just continued ,” NiangNiang are you done? Alright, this slave will wipe it for you.”

Wa!. Chen Yan almost went crazy. This kind of place had people who could wipe you clean: “You…., you, get away! I will do it myself.”

Cui Yun moved just half a step and said uncomfortably, “you have to wipe it up o!.”

Chen Yan took the handkerchief bowing her head to clean it, when a whiff of the scent of urine entered her nose. Wow!. How many days have I not taken a bath?

“Hurry, hurry and go prepare the bath water, I want to bathe.”

Cui Yun nodded and went out obediently. Chen Yan got up putting her pants back on. She looked around her curiously.

There was nothing else here except for some convenient supplies, that is, there was a small bronze.

She wanted to comb her hair, taking the mirror to see, she was so scared her soul almost flew to the sky.

Who was that in the mirror? How is it not me? How did I change to become someone else?! Her head went blank, a magical word appearing in her mind- cross over? It can’t be that I, Chen Yan have crossed over, right? With a ‘squeak’ sound the door opened.

Cui Yun came in again, “NiangNiang, the bath water is ready, nubi will serve you!”

She immediately grabbed Cui Yun’s hand: “You tell me first, who am I?”

Cui Yun quickly replied, “You are NiangNiang ah!”

“what NiangNiang?”

She thought about it for a moment: “w.a.n.g He’s w.a.n.gfei.”

Chen Yan got so angry. Isn’t it the same as not saying anything?

Cui Yun aa’hed, “NiangNiang, you don’t have to ask so much, w.a.n.g Ye just said. His Majesty will come to the fu* today, nubi still has to serve NiangNiang to bathe!”

Cui Yun didn’t listen to what Chen Yan said anymore and just pulled her out(to another room).

This room was a little bit bigger, with a big tub full of hot water.

“Alright. NiangNiang, nubi will help you take off your clothes.” Cui Yun said and started doing exactly that. Chen Yan also did not resist, anyway, after growing up she had not enjoyed such good treatment.

If you want to wait on her wait ah!

The maid removed her clothes, slowly helped her to the tub tested the, temperature of the water and let her sit in. Chen Yan approached the tub slowly when she felt a wave of heat hit her.

“Ai-yo! Isn’t this water too hot?”

Cui Yun shook her head.

“No. NiangNiang persevere. In a while it won’t be so hot.”

She gnawed on her lips and tried to get into it.

Wow! How comfortable! She closed her eyes and began to rub her arms. Oh! I’ve gained weight again recently. How come my whole body is full of meat! This skin is finer than mine, it’s just this snot that keeps falling. She waved her hand.

“Get me a handkerchief.”

Cui Yun quickly brought it to her. Chen Yan blew and wiped her nose clean. She relaxed again, laying in the tub, enjoying the heat; saying in her heart- better than a water heater, later when I return I’ll also go buy some in the market. Still thinking on this, she suddenly felt small hand washing her.

“NiangNiang, nubi will help you.”, and began to rub on her. Only, after a few gentle scrubs large pieces of dirt fell onto her body, startled she complained in her heart, how long did I not take a bath ah? Cui Yun continued,

” NiangNiang is very good today; at first you plainly refused to take a bath how come today you are so obedient ah!”

Chen Yan felt a little perplexed in her heart. There are many buckets in this house, only fools will not go and take a bath. Oh! I’m not really stupid right?.

“Hey! what’s your name?”

“I’m called Cui Yun. NiangNiang is really forgetful!”

“O, Cui Yun- I like this yatou’s (girl’s) name, then w.a.n.g Ye?” By this time she was almost sure that she transmigrated.

“w.a.n.g Ye ah, w.a.n.g Ye is Zhong LangYu, His majesty’s fourth son. Yin junw.a.n.g.

Cui Yun was about to help her again when she pulled her hand away, ” I can do it myself. ”

Cui Yun not knowing what to do whispered, “NiangNiang has to wash herself clean o!”

“I know,” Chen Yan answered angrily, “by the way, what was my name again?”

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