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Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: G.o.dly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 10 An Annoying Person Pays a Visit, Part 1

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Liu WenZhen was angry and fiercely asked Fourth Aunt Liu, "Mother, you're really stupid. Getting caught picking vegetables and losing one silver? How many things can our family buy with one silver? And so you returned with this basket of damaged vegetables?"

Liu WenZhen was seventeen years old and had reached marriageable age. To maintain her white skin, she never worked in the fields when the sun was out. She had tender and soft white skin, but also Fourth Aunt Liu's sharpness and meanness.

A seventeen-year-old guniang wanted to dress up the most. She begged her mother many times but her mother didn't give her any popular clothing. She hadn't even worn a beautiful peach blossom in her hair. The family's finances, including those cheated from Xia YuanQiu, were used on her brother, Liu WenXuan's studies and betrothal gifts for the village chief's daughter. She never received anything good. She also didn't know if her mother would give her a presentable dowry when she married.

Thinking of this, she was more distressed over the silver. She turned to look at Liu WenXuan, "Brother, doesn't that Xia YuanQiu listen to everything you say? Go to her house and get her to return the silver back."

Fourth Aunt Liu thought it was a good idea. If she went, they wouldn't get the silver back. But if WenXuan went, maybe they would get it back.

Liu WenXuan stared at his mother and sister. He said, displeased, "How can you think that? Tomorrow, I'm settling the marriage with Chunyan. Today, I go to Xia YuanQiu's house. If someone sees me, what should I say? Let Chunyan misunderstand me?"

Fourth Aunt Liu slapped her head. "Right, right. I forgot about this. Since you're about to get married, you can't have any bad rumors. WenXuan cannot go."

"But can our family's silver be given to Xia YuanQiu in vain? What does she count as, that she can spend our money?" Liu WenZhen unhappily and noisily argued.

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Rebirth Of The Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 10 Part1 summary

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