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If it had been anyone else who tried to tell him this then Liang Chen might have just thought that they were messing with him, but he couldn't think that when faced with these people. Part of the reason was the names they used, Ren Shuren and Ren Yazhu. Liang Chen had only ever told two other people that those were the names of his birth parents, and that was Yan Ling and Yumao. It could, of course, be a coincidence or just a guess, but the odds of that were so slim that they were practically impossible.

But the main reason he couldn't dismiss them or their words was the person who had brought them over. Just who was Yao Jun? He was the grand Nine Star Demon G.o.d, a man who ruled over multiple major universes and had reached an unfathomable level of strength. He had no need to lie to Liang Chen, he could probably just plant an idea in his head if he really wanted Liang Chen to believe something.

So in all likelihood, the three people standing in front of him were his flesh and blood family. His opinions or thoughts on that subject mattered little, facts couldn't be changed just by emotions or the like. Liang Chen stretched out his arm and placed his hand on Yumao's head, ruffling some of his feathers and signalling him to stand down.

Yumao hesitated for a few moments, Liang Chen didn't have the strength to fight right now after all. But in the end, he still shrank down to his preferred size and returned to his nest on top of Liang Chen's head, his body coiled and ready to spring forth at a moments notice.

Ren Yazhu was still looking at Liang Chen with apologetic moist eyes filled with care, Xiao Ping looking somewhat more pondering as she looked Liang Chen up and down. Ren Shuren also looked quite emotional as he studied Liang Chen, his voice soft and slightly distant.

"Ren Jue Li... I really didn't think that I would ever get to say that name to you in person, I never even thought we'd get to see you again after that day... Tell me, Jue L..."

Liang Chen cut off Ren Shuren with a light wave of his hand, not allowing him to finish his sentence as he drew a proverbial line in the sand.

"My name is Liang Chen, not Ren Jue Li."

He said it in a calm manner, his voice not containing much emotion, as if the topic had nothing to do with him. But him stating his own name, and the calmness he spoke it with, entailed a message that Ren Shuren and the others couldn't miss. Xiao Ping's brows furrowed slightly, but a soft shiver ran through the bodies of Ren Yazhu and Ren Shuren, the latter of which immediately smiled somewhat bitterly and brought out a table and some chairs.

"Liang Chen... Liang Chen... It's a good name you've chosen for yourself. Come, please take a seat and tell us about what you've experienced over the years, Mother and Fa..."

Ren Shuren couldn't be blamed for his actions, the implication brought forth by Liang Chen was one that was quite hurtful to a parent. But Liang Chen had thought this over many times after learning the truth, so he cut off Ren Shuren once more and repeated his implication, stating it more clearly this time.

"My Mother and Father died almost five years ago, losing their heads so that I could keep mine. They are also the ones who gave me my name."

No matter how he thought about it or looked at it, there was no way he could accept Ren Shuren or Ren Yazhu as his parents. They had given birth to him, their blood flowed in his veins, that was undeniably true. But his heart, his soul, all of it had been fostered and created by Qing Feng and Qing Lan, he could never see anyone else as his parents.

At the same time, the mere act of mentioning how long it had been since his parents died caused a rush of emotions to swell over him. His time acceleration made sure that his body had aged more, but in the real world, it still hadn't even been five years since his parents were executed. Liang Chen hadn't even celebrated his 17th birthday yet and was barely considered an adult, but how much blood had he waded through over the last few years, how many battles had he pushed through in such a short amount of time?

His parents had sheltered and cared for him with all their heart, but the moment they pa.s.sed, his life took a complete turn as the deep crimson colour of blood tainted his entire world. In truth, he had already guessed that his parents would actually be somewhat disappointed in the path he chose, it was a very gruesome one after all. But it was his path, one he chose for himself, so he would walk it until he could walk no more.

The expressions of Ren Yazhu and Ren Shuren twisted slightly when Liang Chen gave them his stance, after all, their own son had just rejected them. But they were already far older than most people, they had even died twice before, so their hearts and minds were as firm as steel when they needed to be. Xiao Ping wasn't quite the same, her pondering expression sinking and turning somewhat dark.

"What's the matter with you?! They not only gave birth to you but also used 99% of their bloodline to send you into the future just to give you a chance at life! They've been that good to you, but you won't even accept them?! I can understand it if you don't want to help our declining race, but not even accepting your own parents?!"

Xiao Ping stepped forward sharply while chiding Liang Chen, her Qi surging slightly thanks to her emotion. And with her Qi surging somewhat threateningly, Yumao instantly sprung into action to protect his father. His own energy surged forward in an unreserved manner, his enlarged tail erupting out from Xiao Ping's shadow and swatting her away before she had the chance to react. Yumao didn't have the slightest intent to risk anything right now, not with Liang Chen in his currently drained state.

Xiao Ping was still someone at the middle stage of the Primordial Immortal realm, and even had a very pure Heaven Devouring Dragon bloodline, so she was only pushed a few steps to the side before she regained herself. She glared sharply at Yumao, but Ren Yazhu stepped forward to stop her from attacking. Liang Chen took this chance to let his gaze roam over his birth parents, bending his waist slightly as he bowed.

"I am aware that you paid a ma.s.sive price to send me into the future, and I am extremely thankful that you did everything you could just so that I could live. But I was raised and loved not by you, but by Qing Feng and Qing Lan of the small Qing clan on Dragon's Gate planet. They gave me my heart and soul, and even though they may have pa.s.sed, they will forever remain my parents in my mind. So I am thankful and I respect you, but I cannot accept you as my parents."

This was the third time Liang Chen drew a line in the sand, but this time there was nothing subtle about it. He stated everything outright, his grat.i.tude, his respect, his reservations, and his boundaries. When he first learned the truth, he had just disregarded both his birth parents. After all, how could he feel much for people he had never met or even knew the face of?

But he had grown over the years and had gotten plenty of time to think, and he came to the realization that he couldn't just disregard them. They were still the people who had birthed him and given their all to make sure that he could get a shot at life, even if that was a life without them. For that single act alone, they deserved his respect and grat.i.tude, but that was also the extent of the emotions he could give them.

Xiao Ping simmered slightly, not just from getting swatted away like that, but also due to Liang Chen's continued rejection of their family. But Ren Yazhu and Ren Shuren could only share a sigh as Liang Chen bowed, both of them taking a seat at the table while Ren Yazhu waved for the two others to join them.

"It's a pity, truly a terrible pity. But you cannot be blamed for that, we just got our hopes up too much. After all, you've never even met us or interacted with us so there is no way any type of bond can have been formed between us. From what I heard, you also haven't interacted much with our race, just a very short encounter on Tripart.i.te G.o.d, no? We haven't been around to help you, nor has your own race even given you any support, only asked for yours, so it isn't strange that you cannot accept us. Would you mind telling us about Qing Feng and Qing Lan, I would like to hear about the people who were so kind as to raise our son into a fine man."

Ren Yazhu and Ren Shuren had experienced a lot in their lives, countless ups and downs as they constantly did their best for the sake of their race and their three children. Having experienced so much, they had long prepared for the sad fact that their second son might not accept them when they met.

There was a chance that they were lucky and found him while he was still a child, but sadly for them, they met him at a time where he had already become a hardened man. But relationships weren't built in a day, so while he may not accept them as his parents, they could still get close with him in hopes that he would one day at least see them as close aides.

Xiao Ping listened dutifully to her mother, practically the complete opposite of Liang Chen. But Liang Chen too took a seat at the table, Yumao slithering down from his head and coiling up on the table, right in front of Liang Chen. He couldn't accept them as his parents, but that didn't mean that he would completely reject the notion of at least forming a small relationship with them.

Ren Yazhu and Ren Shuren immediately took out some drinks and food, but Liang Chen simply took a swig of the spicy poisoned wine he got in Moonset city. His gaze turned a bit distant as he drank the wine and recollected about a past he had long since buried deep within the fondest parts of his heart.

"Father and mother weren't able to get children, so when they found me lying in the wild, alone and crying, they took me in and called me their bright dawn..."

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