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With a sickening sound, Bloed saber cut through the wolfkin's flesh.


The blood of the wolfkin flew through the air, dying the ground with a blood-red color.

Bloed could see the expression of surprise and pain in the wolfkin's face. It was as though he could not believe he was injured like that.

But in the next instant, the wolfkin clenched his fist and unleashed an attack towards Bloed, not caring about his injuries.

Bloed was surprised. He hurriedly used Leto's sand like a shield and jumped back.

But then, he saw the wolfkin roar.

As though answering to his roar, mana erupted from his body, wrapping around him and creating a flame-like aura that seemed to burn the air in the surroundings.

The working smirked. He then touched his injury with his hand before licking a bit of his blood.

"Not bad."

Then, he kicked the ground and charged towards Bloed!

The wolfkin was ignoring his injury completely!


Bloed cursed in his mind. He twisted his body aside, evading the wolfkin's charge. Then, he jumped back and attacked with his saber again.

But this time, the wolfkin was ready. Now that he knew the danger of Bloed's saber, he was not going to let himself be injured again.

With a grin, his body crouched on the ground and avoided the saber. Then, he jumped up and threw and spinning kick towards Bloed's face.

Bloed moved his head back, barely evading the attack. But suddenly, his body trembled briefly.

The wolfkin did not hesitate to capitalize on that opportunity. With a sharp gaze, his upper body tensed up and his right arm lashed towards Bloed's chest.


Fortunately, Leto arrived at that moment, turning part of his body into a barrier of metallic sand and the rest of his body into spears that attacked the wolfkin.

The wolfkin furrowed his brows and jumped back, avoiding Leto's attacks.

Bloed took that opportunity to take a deep breath. He could feel a sweet taste in his mouth, and his body felt heavy.

His body was screaming to him for rest.

In the end, the injuries caused by the batkin had not healed completely. Although Bloed injected himself with the cell-regenerating fluid, it could not heal his injuries completely in such a short period of time.

Plus, the fight against the wolfkin was quickly aggravating his injuries.

The wolfkin growled. He ignored the injury on his chest completely and chased after Bloed, throwing punch after punch as though he could not feel any pain.

In fact, he was even faster than before. He seemed nothing like someone with a lung punctured.

Bloed wrinkled his brows. Even if the injury his saber caused was not lethal, it should have been enough to weaken the wolfkin considerably.

But in fact, his movements had not slowed in the slightest.

Soon, however, Bloed realized what was happening. With his mechanical eyes, he could see a great amount of mana rushing towards the wolfkin injury.

Making use of that mana, the wolfkin's body was regenerating to a speed visible to the naked eye!

Bloed's expression turned dark. Things had turned even more troublesome.

With a sigh, he exchanged his saber for his blaster guns again. He planned to use his eyes' predictive abilities to try to hit the wolfkin with the blaster guns.

Unfortunately, the wolfkin was too fast, almost as fast as Atai, the cougarkin Bloed fought before. Moreover, Bloed was injured, so his movements were unavoidably a bit slower than normal.

And the wolfkin was planning to take advantage of that situation as much as possible.

With each step, he pressured Bloed more and more. He kicked the ground and moved around Bloed, unleashing punch after punch in an attempt to break through his defenses.

And even although Leto was holding the fort outstandingly, Bloed knew a defensive fight was disadvantaged to him.

In fact, if not that the wolfkin was wary of Oculus's constant barrage of bullets and had to move around to avoid them, he would have broken through Leto's defenses long ago.

'What should I do?' Bloed moved his mind quickly while trying to find a solution. He knew that he could not leave the situation to continue like this.

His eyes moved through the battlefield, trying to find any kind of information that could be useful for him. At the same time, he did his best to avoid and block the attacks of the wolfkin.

"What is wrong, human? Are you a turtle that only knows how to defend!?" The wolfkin, Gorde, mocked.

Bloed ignored him and continued thinking about his options. And soon, his eyes lit up.

Without hesitation, he turned his guns into the sniper rifle again and fired.

Gorde's felt a powerful sense of danger. As soon as he saw the muzzle of the sniper gun facing towards him, he jumped away.

The next second, he saw a bullet hitting the place where he was just a moment ago.


Gorde was astonished. This attack was much faster than the ones coming from the sky and the ones Bloed shot before.

Even so, Gorde did not find them too hard to avoid. He only needed to keep an eye on Bloed's weapon and avoid the place where the muzzle was aiming to.

Bloed did not seem to care about that it, though. He continued aiming his sniper rifle to Gorde, shooting bullet after bullet without stopping.

Even when he failed to hit Gorde repeatedly, Bloed did not seem discouraged.

The disadvantages of a sniper rifle quickly showed up. A bigger weapon with greater power meant more time to aim it and a lesser rate of fire. And in the current situation, that was enough to tilt things in the wolfkin direction.

But instead of rejoicing, the wolfkin frowned. For some reason, he had the feeling something was wrong.

However, he failed to find the reason no matter how much he thought about it.

In the end, he decided to continue attacking Bloed.

As soon as he could hit him, his victory would be a.s.sured regardless of Bloed's plans.

When the wolfkin attacked, Bloed fired his sniper rifle again.

And just like before, the wolfkin evaded the bullet.

But then, he heard a grunt of pain behind him.


The wolfkin's face changed. Instinctively, he looked behind him.

There, he saw his partner holding his leg in pain, while the cat girl fighting him took advantage of that opportunity to stab his back.

"Tyke!" Gorde shouted, but before he could move, he felt the muzzle of the sniper rifle aiming to him again.

Gorde gritted his teeth and jumped away, avoiding the energy bullet. Meanwhile, Aya pulled her dagger out of the rac.o.o.nkin's back and charged into Bloed's battle.

Aware that the situation had turned for the worse, Gorde clicked his tongue.


He then glared at Bloed angrily and jumped away to escape.

Aya frowned. Instinctively, she tried to chase after him.

But Bloed stopped her.

"Don't chase after him! The hunters will be here soon! Take the badge of the racc.o.o.n and let's go!"

Aya did not insist. Following Bloed's instructions, she retrieved the badge of the racc.o.o.nkin and left the battlefield together with Bloed.

Less than one minute later, an Rank hunter arrived at the battlefield followed by a demiG.o.d.

But they found only an unconscious racc.o.o.n.


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