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The Last Slag (Quick Wear)

Chapter 4

Perhaps she was the first to ask him to copy homework. Danzi Qian actually choked for a moment, but then he returned to reality. Looking at Tang Ming’s expression is not quite the same, really want to describe the words, its just like looking at a r.e.t.a.r.ded person.

Sitting on the side, the cla.s.s monitor hurriedly pulled over Tang Ming, put their own, last night seriously finished homework stuffed into Tang’s hands. “Tang Ming, you copy mine, don’t … don’t trouble your cla.s.smates.”

Tang Ming and the monitor did not say a few words, but the monitor directly called her name, but called Danzi Qian cla.s.smate. It can be seen that Danzi Qian is really infamous, everyone is a little alienated and afraid of him.

“But the score of Danzi Qian is the best of the year, I still want to copy his.” Can copy homework said so reasonable, I am afraid in the whole cla.s.s only Tang Ming would say such a strange thing.

The original master’s grades are not good, so basically all her homework is to find small partners to help. Others also see no wonder, after all, people are Ms Perfect, graduated to university to get a diploma back is to inherit the family business, she cares about her grades.

But who knows, she is eating the wrong medicine today, want to copy Danzi Qian’s homework.

This whole cla.s.s has subconsciously stopped the things in their hands, and they are fully concerned about the development on this side. They are ready. If Danzi Qian starts something, they will quickly take Tang Ming and run away out the door, go to the cla.s.s teacher.

They are afraid of him, but Tang Ming’s not afraid.

Can be a male lead in the campus novel, even if he usually does not learn anything, a hooligan, he also has a rule in his heart to never hit a woman. Furthermore its an attractive girl.

Of course, she is not very sure. If Danzi Qian really hit her, its also another shortcut to success. But such a big thing, at most also push the table chair to scare her, but as long as he responds to her, they have a connection.

Unfortunately, after staring at her for a while, Danzi Qian did not want to take care of her and lay his head back on the table.

This standard response made Tang Ming a little excited.

Just as she was going to continue to court disaster so that he had to get up and talk to her, the monitor once again pulled her, but this time he pointed to the door. “Seems to be looking for you.”

Tang Ming turned to see the door standing Chen Shao Ze, she immediately temporarily gave up the intention to deepen the ‘feelings’, honestly walked out of the cla.s.sroom door, to the obviously not very good mood of Chen Shao Ze to the stairwell.

There are no students outside at this point in time, and the stairwell is particularly suitable for conversation.

Chen Shao Ze did not say what to find her for, Tang Ming also do not know, the first to break the silence was Chen Shao Ze, who was walking back and forth irritably.

“Is that the guy you like?” Originally he wanted to ask why the marriage engagement was called off, but as soon as he arrived at the door of her cla.s.sroom, he saw her sitting in front of a boy’s desk and suddenly the mood for the whole day was worse.

Although Chen Shao Ze is also one of the targets, but Tang Ming has not intended to put him on the agenda. But look at himself so hard, if Tang Ming does nothing, then she feels a little sorry for him.

“What if he is?” After thinking about it, Tang blurted out, “Even if you know who I like, can you help me pursue him? Leave me alone if you can’t.”

Chen Shao Ze certainly cannot help her pursue others, but he also does not like Tang Ming to be so.

“You’ll go with me after school today, and I’ll pick you up every morning.”

This time because of Tang’s deliberate avoidance, they even meet the number of times are few. Chen Shao Ze does not want this situation to continue to develop.

“What about sister Xueqing? You walk with me all day and night, there’s going to be rumors, right?”

She wanted to let Chen Shao Ze know how difficult it was to retreat. Who knows that he did not even hesitate, he said: “Don’t care about her.”

These days, Chen Shao Ze has always had a feeling that something of his was about to be taken away by others. He and she were almost always together, and she actually wants to throw him away to run to another person’s arms.

This kind of recognition makes him uncomfortable.

“Yeah, Xueqing asked you if you want to go to the amus.e.m.e.nt park with us this Sat.u.r.day.”

Tang Ming feels that her heart is now a capital black question mark. First faceless to abandon his girlfriend in disregard, and now he also wants to pull her to a threesome date, this is to do?

“Bai Xueqing wants to get along with you, she wants to take this opportunity to have a good chat with you.”

What Chen Shao Ze did not say is that he actually asked Bai Xueqing to help him find out the person that Tang Ming likes, so Bai Xueqing only put forward the suggestion to go out to play together. She said that after becoming friends she should be able to ask who that person is.

This side of Tang Ming also understands.

The woman is not able to bear, she wants to tear face to face with her ah.

Tang Ming hurriedly said ok, and then rushed back to the cla.s.sroom before the bell rang.

Cla.s.s is very boring, but to observe how the object of the attack is can reduce some boredom.

Its not unhelpful for a person to have good grades. For example, Danzi Qian only needs to occasionally show his face in the first cla.s.s. Then he basically has nothing to do. So when the bell rings in cla.s.s, he is ready to go.

But he didn’t take two steps and was pulled.

“Go to the amus.e.m.e.nt park on Sat.u.r.day with me.”

No one in the whole cla.s.s was able to hold him. In addition to Tang Ming, who spoke to him in this tone, he couldn’t think of anyone else. But he didn’t expect her to ask him out on a date, his appearance, although usually the style is a little worse, but to be honest, it’s not that no girl pursues him, but he already has someone he likes. Naturally can’t look at anyone else.

But when he saw Tang Ming’s face, her eyes filled with an expression of antic.i.p.ation, he still asked, “………You’re asking me on a date?”

Tang Ming nodded.

Danzi Qian’s lips slightly raised then immediately lowered, returning to the expressionless look. “Well then, I now reject you.”

Although it is not clear what Danzi Qian thought of to say such a thing, but Tang Ming did not let him go at all. She self-deprecatingly and heartbrokenly said: “Do I really want to be a lightbulb when Bai Xueqing sister and Shao Ze brother go out on a date?”

Danzi Qian just stepped out of the cla.s.sroom footsteps really stopped. He looked at the still lost, broken hearted Tang Ming.

“………Bai Xueqing?”

Persuading a four-person date is too easy. As a hidden love male lead for many years, there are few who can resist the opportunity to respond. So Bai Xueqing wants to feed her dog food, how could it be so easy.

Now she and Danzi Qian have an intersection, thanks to Bai Xueqing. Tang Ming also very smoothly got his cellphone number.

“Give me a look at the good feelings of Chen Shao Ze.”

There are still more than two hours from the appointment time. Tang Ming skimmed Weibo and sent out a text message that he should not be late. Of course, after the text message, she added an emoticon to highlight her cuteness.

Instead of answering her, the system directly showed her the favorability panel.

Tang Ming took a look, this Chen Shao Ze, do not know why the initial good feeling is so high, or how, to her good feeling has 70, and Danzi Qian’s good feeling is only a pitiful 5.

Then look to find that Chen Shao Ze on the good feeling of Bai Xueqing is no more than 60, Danzi Qian to Bai Xueqing has 80, the same are childhood friends, the difference of 10 points of good feeling, because of this 10 points of good feeling, Danzi Qian is willing to be a spare tire for many years, till death.


“System, theres a little bit of a problem with this sentiment statistic?” Tang Ming looked at it and felt not quite right, this is only 80 points of good feeling, shouldn’t it be 100? “Danzi Qian to Bai Xueqing’s good feeling should be more than 80?”

[ The good feeling statistics are not wrong, 60-70 for friends, 80 or more are like. Bai Xueqing is the female lord of the world. Anyone who feels good about her(likes), regardless of the specific value, is full value. ]

“That is an attack target, ah, full value, doesn’t this mean that Danzi Qian has been finished by Bai Xueqing?”

[ As a person of a different world, the aura of the female lead doesn’t work for you, and your behavior normally affects other people’s impressions and feelings about the woman, so don’t worry. ]

The words of the system also explained quite clearly, its no wonder why Chen Shao Ze on Bai Xueqing’s good feeling is only 60. I am afraid that it is calculated according to the highest level of 60.

It’s a cheat.

Seeing that there is nothing to do anyway, Tang Ming opened the closet and looked at the clothes of the original. The character of the original is more like the original Tang Ming. Its a temper that is not afraid of offending people. Most of the clothes are t-shirts and jeans, quite neutral.

In the first head-to-head encounter, how could she lose in clothing.

From Danzi Qian’s childhood and the inexplicable good feeling to Bai Xueqing, its easy to see, this guy likes that kind of gentle as water, like a virgin type. Chen Shao Ze is similar, and because of this, Bai Xueqing’s completely different style compared to the original leads style let him not like.

If you only want to attack Danzi Qian, Tang Ming would like to try a different style from Bai Xueqing, but Chen Shao Ze is obviously not interested in the lively and cheerful girl type, plus his good feelings for the original owner are up to 70. Tang Ming would like to take this opportunity to brush a little bit of good feelings and strive to solve one as soon as possible, then concentrate on dealing with Danzi Qian.

Tang Ming thought about it, took out her mobile phone and sent a text message to Danzi Qian.

It’s a bad thing!!! Come on x.x.x Road x.x.x number! - Tang Ming

After a while, she called, then directly hung up. She picked a light-colored t-shirt and denim shorts from the wardrobe, and then put her hair in a cute hairstyle.

That was hung up the phone of Danzi Qian is not so leisurely. He thought about it, from the beginning of school, he never had any contact with Tang Ming, so according to Tang Ming’s explanation, but also because he is Bai Xueqing’s childhood friend, so asked him to go together.

Almost the whole school knows that the gentle and kind Bai Xueqing has him such a brutal and rebellious childhood friend, but Bai Xue Qing has never been alienated from him because of this, which makes Danzi Qian think she is the kindest girl he has ever met, only she will not look at him with prejudice.

Tang Ming and him did not have any intersection, so Danzi Qian received such a text message, the first reaction was what happened to Bai Xueqing, otherwise she would not send such a text message to him. After all, the little princess is a reliable friend in cla.s.s.

At the thought of Bai Xueqing having an accident, Danzi Qian calmed down, he kicked a foot down to the ground of the half dead person, the tone is also cold and terrible, “Give me the key.”

The man who fell to the ground had dyed yellow hair, his eyebrows also carried a ferocious air, but at this time he was beaten into the appearance of dishevelment. He trembled and reached into his pocket, took out the key.

The people who fell to the ground were the brothers he brought, and they were also shameful. They wanted to clear their shame and disgrace, but who could’ve imagined that so many of them couldn’t even handle a single Danzi Qian.

He can only watch on helplessly as Danzi Qian drives away with his own hard spent and hard to a.s.semble motorcycle. He doesn’t have to think, with his character will not return, and maybe it’ll be directly thrown away on the roadside after its been used up.

Yellow hair covering the shadow of his cold eyes, this arrogant boy will sooner or later pay the price!

When Tang Ming came down from the car, really saw Danzi Qian in the road she said waiting, she was also surprised, the text message is actually pure luck, but to see him so early, it seems to be a misunderstanding.

Danzi Qian is really a particularly attractive look, he casually leaned against the wall, such a lazy posture in the eyes of others are like the cover of a magazine, around there have been a lot of females to him, several young girls gathered together to talk about, but did not dare to take the initiative to speak.

Dare not talk mainly because the marks of fighting on his body are too obvious, he even has scratches on his mouth corner, forehead also left with blood, clothes on the body is not neat, waist side even has knife marks.

If he didn’t look good, someone would have called the police already.

Tang Ming hurriedly trotted up and looked up and down at him, said: “Dating time you even fight!”

In the first time to see Tang Ming, Danzi Qian knew that there was nothing wrong with Bai Xueqing. His hanging heart was finally put down, but he came, but also asked, “Its a bad thing?”

“Oh, I found out this morning that there were no clothes for a date.”


Danzi Qian suddenly looked at Tang’s expression somewhat subtle, so she specially let him come to accompany her shopping? Such a thing makes him feel a little funny, and he did laugh, with his extraordinarily good features in addition to the somewhat annoyed look, but that kind of bad feeling that young girls like, “I am not your boyfriend.”

Tang Ming is not a little girl, but she also likes this idol drama typical bad boy very much. With a red face, “Uhhh……Anyway, now the clothes can’t be bought, you have to go home with me!”

This kind of leap thinking, Danzi Qian has never been in contact with, he did not keep up with the rhythm of Tang Ming.

"Two hours to go, you can’t just go to see sister Xueqing?”

He this body is unfit to see Bai Xueqing, just walking on the road people cannot help but dial 120. Danzi Qian of course also understands this, he naturally does not want to let Bai Xueqing see this side of him.

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to go to her house. He can go home and change his clothes.

Think of this, Danzi Qian also directly rejected her good intentions, he and her relationship is not good enough to go to each other’s home, not to mention he is still a boy, and she is a girl, how can he go to her home, “Return is also back to my own home, I am afraid that your home does not have the clothes that I can change into?”

In the case of reason, Tang Ming immediately nodded, “Well, then we will go to your house!”


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