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I want to eat tiramisù.

I emailed this to Hasumi and after a few days, he promised to make me tiramisù.

We met in an unpopular and inconspicuous courtyard during break.

“Here, this.”

“Thank you very much, Hasumi-sama.”

The small box that Hasumi handed over to me was cold to the touch. Looks like it's a cooler that maintained the sweet cold till now.

When I asked him about it, he said he had borrowed it from the cafeteria. Looks like the person at the cafeteria was corrupted by him. Hasumi's skills are scary.

“Then, with this, I'm off.”

“Please wait.”

I firmly seized Hasumi's arm. He looked at me with a disagreeable look.


“Please listen to my story.”

“Why am I obliged to listen to your story?”

“Please. There's no one other than Hasumi-sama that I can talk to about this.”

“No way. Try someone else.”

With no hesitation, he shook me off. But even so, without being discouraged, I took out what I had in reserve.

“Is that so…...even though I was able to get my hands on the new pudding from Tsubaki's store…...I planned to give this to Hasumi-sama for listening to me, but…….since you won't listen to me, then there's nothing to do…...I shall eat it.”

The Tsubaki store, is the name of the store my favourite pudding comes from, also the one I told Hasumi about.

How about now! You will listen to me, right?


I, who was about to leave, was stopped by him, as I expected. I resisted my urge to grin and looked over my shoulder.

Hasumi was in an extremely distressed state. Even so, he took the pudding. Just as I predicted.

“......I'll listen to what you have to say.”

“Thank you very much, Hasumi-sama. I also have tea. Would you like some?”

“I'll accept it”

I sat on a bench near Hasumi.

And pa.s.sed him the pudding I brought. And let the things in the cooler that I borrowed cool off.

“It's the latest work of the Tsubaki store, matcha pudding.”

“Matcha pudding…..”

Hasumi accepted the pudding and took a mouthful. And it looked like it was really to his tastes. His face had a broad grin.

“Well then? To even prepare such a thing in advance, what is the thing you want me to hear?”

I answered while pa.s.sing him tea, after he had finished eating the pudding.

“Actually, I'll be joining the student council.”


Having said that, Hasumi didn't look like he was going to give much of a response.

Give me a bit of reaction…...

“Well, till there is still okay. It's just that, the next term student council president, is my cousin.”

“Next term student council president…...in other words, aah, Asahi-san, is it?”

“That's right. Since childhood I never was good at handling him…...well, that's fine too. Anyway, I think that making me join the student council was an excuse, as I was invited out to eat by Asahi-san.”

“.....the two of you alone?”

“No, there was my brother too.”


What's up, why has your mood soured a bit? Even though, just earlier you were all happily eating the pudding.

While looking at Hasumi with my head tilted, I continued to speak without concern.

“At that meal, something unbelievable come to light.”

“An unbelievable thing?”

“Yes. Asahi-san…...got a girlfriend.”

“......and so?”

“I, I was shocked…..because, that girlfriend was Nao.”

“Your best friend?”

“Yes. I wasn't told such news. I didn't know it while my brother did, isn't such a thing strange?”

“Well, certainly….. So, in other words, you were shocked by the fact that Asahi-san and Otsuki-san are dating?”

“That's right……”

Aree? Somehow Hasumi's mood is gradually worsening. Why? Have I said something that affected him?

“Huh…..you, do you like Asahi-San?”

Hasumi said in an incredibly low voice.

I was more affected by the content of what he said in that low volume.

“By no means! I am no good at handling that person. And he is taking my brother away from me. Ah, have you thought that I got shocked because I liked Asahi-san? If so then I’ll tell you that it's a needless worry. He is not my type.”

“Hhm. What's your type then?”

“Right…..It would be good if he has a good looking face. And then, I’d like it if he has a slender and well-proportioned body, but with still with proper muscles.”


Ha. Somehow the talk was derailed?

Why are you derailing the conversation, d.a.m.n Hasumi!

“Leaving my type of man aside! My best friend has gotten a boyfriend but hadn't told me, what do you think about this?”

“What I think you say……”

“In Hasumi-sama's case, if Tojo-sama got a lover and didn't tell you about it, wouldn't you feel sad?”

“......yeah. I'll feel lonely.”

“Right!? I'm glad. I did think that if it was Hasumi-sama, you would understand my feelings!”

“Well, thanks.”

Are. His good mood is back? I don't understand the switch for Hasumi's bad mood.

“......Honestly, I'm a bit jealous of Nao. Asahi-san is a dependable person. When I asked her a question about Asahi-san, while being shy, she looked really happy.”

“Asked her a question……”

I decided to make it as if I didn't hear Hasumi's retort. I didn't hear anything. It's the truth too, you know?

“My feelings of wanting to bless the happy looking Nao were real but, I felt a bit jealous too…...I, failed as her best friend.”

“.......isn't that not true. You are neither a saint nor a sage, I think that anyone in the world would feel jealous.”

“Is that so……”

“Yeah. I do understand your feelings. Since just some time ago, I was jealous of Subaru.”


Hasumi stared at the gla.s.s in his hand.

His face reflected in the slowly swaying tea.

“I can bless them sincerely, you know. That is, if the reason for my jealousy disappeared.”

“The reason of your jealousy……?”

“Yeah. You are jealous because your best friend got a boyfriend, right? Then, isn't it fine if you get a lover too.”

“Wa……? That's not something you get by just wanting it, right?

“.......then, why don't you try with me?”

“Excuse me?”

I was looking at Hasumi's good looking face at an unthinkable close distance.

C-close! You're too close! I don't have immunity toward men! Apart from my father, brother, childhood friend and Asahi-san I never saw a man's face at such a close distance! Moreover the last two were only at the time we were children!

My heart was beating fast.


“Shall I try being your lover?”

Hasumi approached me at a distance were our noses almost touched. Agitated I stiffened.

Eh, what's with this situation. There was no such development in the manga…..!

Ah, but that's right. I've been avoiding the prince with all my power, so the story has changed. I might started to separate from the story of the manga

Hasumi chuckled seeing the stiffened me.


“I'm kidding. You thought I was serious?”

“~~~......h!! HASUMI-SAMA!!”

Vexed, my face turned bright red and I glared at him.

Does this fellow know that there are good and bad things you shouldn't do? Aah, mou, I wish he wouldn't give me a stroke.

Hasumi looked at such a me with a troubled look for a moment; however, he immediately replaced it with a teasing smile.

“Aah, right. I'll join the student council too.”


“Let's get along.”

Having said that, Hasumi left.

I don't want to get along!! Mou, what's with that fellow!

I tried to stand up and leave too, but my legs had no strength in them.

Eh, what's this. Don't tell me my legs went weak!?

It's his fault. It's because he did such a thing….. !

I, who suddenly really wanted to eat sweets, ate the tiramisú Hasumi gave me.

The tiramisú was delicious to a frustrating level.

Tn: Naoriel 

Ed: Aeternatrix 

Nao's lil corner 

*cough* don't hate him yet xD

He is....an awkward child, this part will be on the Hasumi's pov of chap 30.

Sooo you'll have to wait.

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