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The two young men locked up the hut, but took only the magic bag with the pills and the diaries with them. Leon did not believe that Caprian would return to cause trouble, today at least.

The weather was quite warm that day and Leon soon forgot the discomfort of having damp seams against his skin. His hair also quickly dried in the heat of the sun and the bl.u.s.tering wind, although it became a little unruly in turn. The same wind brought with it the aroma's of cooking meat and baked bread, as lunch was being served within the Food Hall at this time. Jin Li's stomach growled audibly, causing Leon to laugh. The pleasant sound both lightened and irritated Jin Li's mood.

Naturally, due to the bottomless pit that was his stomach, Jin Li wanted to go there first. Not that he had ever been impressed by the fare served at the Food Hall attached to the martial arts compound and he didn't expect the alchemists to be fed any better. But at least the smells were good enough to cause his mouth to water. Leon begged him to be allowed to speak to his Teacher first; he didn't want either of them causing trouble due to ignorance.

Teacher Sagi happened to be in the Herb Hall. He also happened to be in a rush; he was due to give a lecture about the usages of pills to those in the newcomers in the martial arts outer school. "Ah, you have pills to give to Teacher Corne? I wasn't aware that he had asked for more," the man said when Leon told him what their business there was.

"P-Pike and his master p-put forward a d-d-direct request for m-me," Leon informed him and showed him the notice.

"That would explain things," the man agreed as he packed samples of pills favoured by warrior cultivators. Leon recognised the clear spiritual pill and the burning pill energy, but there were others he was not acquainted with and became curious. Teacher Sagi glanced over at Jin Li, taking in the details of this young man and his unusual attire; elaborately embroidered linen robes over trousers. Not the sort of garb usually worn by wealthy individuals, even it resembled the taste of such, but at the same time, his slightly arrogant stance declared him to be so. "New student?"

Jin Li bowed respectfully, which surprised Leon slightly, but he covered his startled expression with a cough to his fist. "This is J-Jin Li, m-my friend. He has recently enrolled in the m-m-martial arts school," Leon introduced. "He c-came to visit m-me this m-morning for b-b-breakfast." He added this last sentence as explanation for why Jin Li was with him and not at his own school.

The Teacher's eyes widened slightly as Leon declared this youth his friend, the haughty young Master did not look like the sought to hang around with a poor student such as Leo, moreover, he would be concerned that Leo would be tricked by him. But at the same time, his lips curved into a smile. He was glad that Leo had someone he called friend, who would take the time to visit him. Leo had been alone an awful lot since enrolling over two years ago.

"I happen to be visiting the martial arts school shortly," Teacher Sagi said. "I will be giving a lecture there this afternoon. Perhaps you both might accompany me and then I aid you entry into the inner school, where you will find Teacher Corne. His student, Pike, is away on a mission for his master, so this would be the best arrangement."

Leon opened his mouth to agree, suddenly desiring to be able to attend the lecture as well. when he was nudged in the ribs by an elbow. "Ah, d-d-do we have time to g-get something to eat first?" he asked, politely.

The Teacher blinked then laughed. "Yes, do so. You, young Leo, are still far to skinny to be missing meals."

Leon pouted a little at this. He thought he had been gaining some weight and poked at his flat stomach in reflection. "Don't dwell on it," Jin Li said, dismissively. "Let's just do as your Teacher instructs." And with that, he offered the older man another slight bow, before grabbing Leon's thin wrist and dragging him to where the heady aroma's of lunch were stemming from.

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