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The wind blew and the bright and radiant sun was instantly covered by dark clouds. One could feel that the wind was sweeping through the tower, heralding the rising storm in the mountains.

Long Yi looked up and saw the stifling dark clouds in the sky. His heart felt somewhat fidgety. The lightning vortex in his sea of consciousness was restless.

Not long after, bean-sized rain droplets began to fall. When these rain droplets fell onto someone, the person would feel pain. Before long, the drizzle turned into a downpour. Everything became hazy and misty. The pedestrians on the road hastily entered the stores on both sides of the road in order to avoid the rain.

This was the first heavy rain in these past two months. The people didn't complain at all. Instead, they were unusually happy. It was just too bad that the rain was too heavy. Otherwise, many people would have rushed into the streets and enjoyed the feeling of raindrops on their body.

At an unknown time, Long Yi had already exited the western city gate. He didn't have any barrier or true qi to cover his body and he was completely drenched. Walking step by step, he pa.s.sed through that familiar small grove and arrived at the small riverbank nearby.

It had already been a long time since he last got drenched in the rain. It was a refreshing feeling. Combing his hair which was sticking to his forehead backwards, Long Yi stood there. He felt stuffy in his heart.

Long Yi stood upright and raised his right hand up into the air. The golden lightning mark on his glabella shone with a blinding radiance.

Crackle, lightning streaked across the dark clouds and it seemed as though they ran into a powerful magnetic field. The lightning struck towards Long Yi one after another and they landed perfectly on the mark on Long Yi's glabella. Long Yi's black hair unexpectedly fluttered messily in this heavy downpour and fine silverish purple lightning started to spread throughout his body. His body issued crackling sounds and a piece of armor with mysterious patterns engraved in it appeared on Logn Yi's body. The appearance of the armor was indistinct and he appeared just like a G.o.d.

Suddenly, Long Yi opened his eyes and his black pupils turned silverish purple in color. The indistinct armor on his body instantly turned solid. A silverish purple light flashed through his right hand which was raised.

Puff, Long Yi suddenly trembled and vomited a mouthful of blood. The mark on his glabella instantly disappeared and the Lightning G.o.d armor on his body returned to his body. At this moment, Long Yi felt pain as if his sea of consciousness was being torn apart.

Gradually, a warm current rose from his lower abdomen and his seething blood and qi calmed down.

"Still too far. The current me simply cannot materialize the Lightning G.o.d Hammer." Long Yi wiped the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth and muttered. He was barely able to wear the Lightning G.o.d armor for a few seconds. However, the moment he tried to sense the Lightning G.o.d Hammer, he suffered a backlash. The Lightning G.o.d wasn't joking when he warned Long Yi in the past.

The rain gradually became smaller and the heavy downpour changed into a small drizzle.

Long Yi watched the seething river water in a daze. Although his attempt to summon the Lightning G.o.d Hammer had ended up in failure and he suffered a backlash, his understanding of the Lightning G.o.d's power increased a lot. He was doing his best to recall the feeling he had just a moment ago.

Suddenly, a silver light flashed in the midst of the rain. Along with the familiar cry of a crane, a faint fragrance entered Long Yi's nose. The rain droplets no longer touched his body.

"Although you are trying to admire the misty and hazy rain, is it necessary for you to get wet?" A graceful figure appeared beside Long Yi and she said with a charming smile on her face.

"Sometimes, it feels pretty good to feel the rain on your body. Don't you think so?" Long Yi said without even turning his head.

"You seem to be very sentimental today. It's not like you." Mu Hanyan turned over and stared at Long Yi's handsome face. She seemed as though she wanted to make out a flower from his face.

"Then, how do you think I should be like?" Long Yi turned around and asked with a smile.

"Well, speaking ambiguously, optimistic, strong, wicked, lecherous, and sometimes, a bit sinister." Mu Hanyan chuckled.

"You are extremely correct. It seems like you understand me better than myself. Hehe. By the way, how did you know that I was here?" Long Yi asked with a smile.

"I missed you… So I made Bai Yu look for you." Mu Hanyan looked at Long Yi with her seductive eyes and moved closer to him.

Long Yi simply smiled and he didn't reply her. He seemed to have fallen into a trance. Mu Hanyan also remained silent and she stood by Long Yi side as she admired this haze world together with him. When she thought about all the time she had spent with Long Yi, a sweet and sour feeling welled up inside her heart.

"Hanyan, what is your dream? What is the objective you wish to achieve the most?" Long Yi suddenly asked.

Mu Hanyan was dumbfounded and it seemed as though she was unable to answer Long Yi's question. Only after a long time, she answered faintly, "I don't have any dream. The objective that I want to achieve the most is not mine but someone else's."

"Is that so? That is to say, you have been living for others?" Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked. He felt somewhat surprised in his heart.

Mu Hanyan was startled inwardly. She felt as though she had leaked too much information to Long Yi and she made a bitter smile on her face. She returned Long Yi's question with one of her own, "Don't ask anymore. What about your dream? Is it dominating the entire Blue Waves Continent?"

Long Yi smiled a little and shook his head, "My dream is very simple. Perhaps, you will not believe it, but I just want to live a tranquil life and travel the world with my wives. Unfortunately, I don't have the final say in this world. There is a saying… You can't always do as you like. I am not an independent individual and I am tied up with the lives and interest of the people around me. When you pull a single hair, the whole body moves. My life affects many others."

Mu Hanyan watched that sentimental side of Long Yi for a long time and sighed in her heart. Yes, everyone would be affected. That was Long Yi's life, but wasn't she the same? Thinking about it carefully, both of them were truly alike.

Long Yi stood up and circulated his internal force. Steam rose from his body and his drenched clothes instantly dried

"Hanyan, did anything change over at Long Zhen's side?" Long Yi asked.

"I came to tell you something. Everyone is saying that the Military Advisor of Long Zhan has entered seclusion. Last night, I discovered that the room where he entered seclusion was empty without a single soul inside the room. He seemed to have disappeared into thin air. I can't seem to find anything about him." Mu Hanyan recalled a matter and said solemnly.

"Disappeared? Isn't this better? If he was gone, it would be much easier to deal with Long Zhen." Long Yi said with a smile.

Mu Hanyan shook her head and said, "No, strangely enough, there were no abnormalities with the dark force which listened to his orders. Even after I spread the news of the disappearance of the Military Advisor, everyone behaved indifferently. Isn't that strange?"

"He might have left to handle some affairs. He might already have explained his disappearance to the people under him." Long Yi rubbed his chin and said.

"That is possible… However, it seems suspicious for him to disappear at this time." Mu Hanyan frowned and her charming eyes unexpectedly displayed a hint of killing intent.

Long Yi noticed this killing intent coming from Mu Hanyan. He became even more curious about her ident.i.ty. Since Mu Hanyan could directly enter the seclusion room of that mysterious Military Advisor to look for him, it showed that she played a vital role in the dark force behind Long Zhen.

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