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In the night, Dragon Island was surrounded by a transcendent fog. Stars filled the sky and the night breeze blew across the land. It was quiet and auspicious.

The Dragon Race and the Human Race both rested at night and were active in the morning. This moment, it was already late at night. Other than some dragons who were guarding the island, the rest of the dragons were already asleep.

This was one comparatively large island of the Divine Dragon Archipelago. The entire island was covered in trees. At this moment, a pitch-black shadow flashed and hid under a tree. For a long time, a pair of sparkling eyes scouted the cave not far away from the tree. There were two huge dragons coiled in front of the entrance of the cave. Their eyes were half squinted as they kept watch for any suspicious activities. The two of them were the dragon guards which kept the island safe at night.

Suddenly, a golden light streaked across the starry sky and a beautiful dragon girl with a hot figure landed in front of the cave.

The two dragon guards widened their eyes and they looked at each other. The panicked expression in their eyes was obvious and they looked at each other.

"Eh, today, you two are in guard duty. That's great, I'm bored. You two should accompany me to practice my skills." The dragon beauty was wearing golden scale armor and her beautiful eyes were staring at these two dragon guards. The look in her eyes was as if she was a dire wolf who was watching its prey.

"Princess Midi'er, us brothers are on duty right now. Please look for someone else." One of the dragon guards said with a flattering smile on his face.

"Who else can I look for in the dead of night? If the two of you don't come over to help me practice my skills, I'll come and look for you every night." A devilish smile appeared on Midi'er's beautiful face.

The two dragon guards looked at each other and they saw the helplessness and fear in each other's eyes.

"But… But if Elder Feili discovered that we left our post without permission, we will definitely be punished!" The other dragon guard made the final struggle and hoped that she would let them off. In his heart, he was cursing his d.a.m.n woman. They were truly unlucky… In the middle of the night, they had to run into the First Tyrant Dragon King of the Dragon Clan. Now, a layer of their dragon skin would be peeled off again.

"That is your business. I'll let you think about it carefully. Do you like to be punished by the elder or would you rather be punished by this princess?" Midi'er had a smile on her beautiful face, but the bodies of the two dragon guards were trembling.

The two dragon guards accepted their fate and changed into their humanoid forms. They behaved obediently and prepared to become Midi'er's punching bag. As for Midi'er, she stealthily looked towards the place where that shadow was hiding and signaled.

Fuuu, Geluxiya exhaled. His big sister was truly resourceful. He looked left and right like a thief before rushing in the cave.

This cave was Elder Feili's residence. He was one of the seven elders of the Dragon Clan. Today, he came here sneakily because he was forced to by his tyrannical big sister. Leguxiya could only lament that he was born under an unlucky star and was the brother of such a terrifying big sister.

Lugexiya was very familiar with the interior of this cave. He went left and right and quickly arrived at the bottom of the cave. There was a natural hot spring at the bottom of this cave but it wasn't that big… If an adult dragon wanted to bath here, he must first transform into his humanoid form.

Leguxiya scouted the surrounding stealthily. He behaved just like a thief. His breathing stopped and his heartbeat began to accelerate. He discovered that, on the rock at the edge of that oval-shaped hot spring, a couple was fondling and kissing as they made love with each other. The man seemed to be fifty or so in age and he had a mustache growing above his lips. One of his claw was grabbing onto a very large ** of that charming woman. One of his st.u.r.dy legs were placed on her stomach.

"This old fellow……" Lugexiya spat in secret. However, his eyes were glued to the woman's ** and the mysterious place between her legs. He was swallowing mouthfuls of saliva as he stared at her.

Only after a long time, Lugexiya recalled his mission. He calmed down and suppressed that youthful agitation in his heart. Wearing the black hood to completely cover his head, Lugexiya walked over to the pair of ** man and woman.

Needless to say, they were naturally Elder Feili and his beautiful and voluptuous wife. Lugexiya and Midi'er had clearly investigated Elder Feili. They found out that these two would come to this hot spring once every two days. When they took a bath together, they would engage in the ancient sport of breeding. Although they had been doing this for several thousand years, Elder Feili's wife didn't get pregnant at all. However, both of them still enjoyed it. After Elder Feili and his wife finished doing their deeds, they would sleep like dead pigs and they wouldn't wake up even if thunder boomed beside their ear. In addition to this, Lugexiya had this cloak that completely hid his aura. After taking all precautions, it was certain that Lugexiya would be able to obtain the elder's seal without awakening Elder Feili.

Lugexiya crouched down and stared at Elder Feili's huge hand which was covering his wife's **. There was a s.p.a.ce ring on his middle finger where the elder's seal was hidden.

"Elder Feili, I'm sorry." Lugexiya secretly said in his heart. After holding his breath, he took out a transparent bottle. There was a drop of bright red blood inside it.

He carefully dripped this drop of the blood on Elder Feili's s.p.a.ce ring and it rippled with red light for a moment. It quickly reverted back to normal as though nothing happened.

Lugexiya muttered an incantation. Since he had the Isolation Cloak, his magical fluctuation didn't spread out at all.

All of a sudden, a hint of golden light shot out from the s.p.a.ce ring and it turned into a golden seal which rotated in midair. Lugexiya was delighted and he quickly took out an identical looking, fake elder's seal which he placed back into Elder Feili's s.p.a.ce ring. Immediately after that, he took the real elder's seal and began to quietly leave.

"Hu… that was truly scary…" After leaving the cave, Lugexiya felt as though his legs were soft and his body was drenched in cold sweat.

Not long after Lugexiya walked away, two badly battered dragon guards limped back to their spot. It seemed as though Midi'er's hands were not light.

At one sandy beach located on Dragon Island, Lugexiya and Midi'er were laughing complacently.

"Lugexiya, this time, you did a great job!" Midi'er took the golden elder's seal as she patted her brother's shoulders vigorously. She had a smile on her face when she praised him. However, he still fell to the sandy beach when she patted his shoulders.

Lugexiya stood up and he rubbed his shoulders. He said with a smile, "Big sis, you promised to take me to the human world after I helped you to obtain the elder's seal. About this…"

"What nonsense are you talking about? We just obtained the elder's seal of the seven elders. We have yet to steal our father emperor's Dragon King Seal." Midi'er rolled her eyes and said.

"But big sis, didn't we try several times already? There is no chance at all! In addition, it seems like father emperor is starting to doubt us. Didn't you say that if the elders discovered that we switched their elder's seal, father emperor would make steamed buns out of us?" Lugexiya said with fear.

"What are you afraid of? If nothing major happens, no one will take out the elder's seal. According to the law, even if father emperor and the elders want to go to the forbidden area of the Dragon Race, it will be three to five years later. We have nothing to worry about." Midi'er said without a care.

"So that is the case… Ai, I am very sleepy. I'm going back to sleep now." Lugexiya relaxed and he started to feel sleepy. He eventually left the beach and he went back to sleep.

Now Midi'er had all seven elder's seals. Only her father emperor's Dragon King Seal was left and that was the most troublesome one.

Unconsciously, Midi'er recalled that human man who made her lose face. His handsome face, pitch-black abyss-like eyes, and that bad smile appeared in her mind.

"Humph, after helping you so much, I want to see how you will thank me." Midi'er muttered and smiled beautifully.

It was early in the next morning when Midi'er, who was sleeping soundly, woke up with a start due to a loud dragon roar. She rubbed her eyes and became aware that this was the signal for the Dragon Clan to a.s.semble. Her blurred mind became instantly clear.

"d.a.m.n it, we weren't discover were we?" Midi'er thought. An uneasy feeling filled her heart. If the matter of them secretly exchanging the elder's seal was discovered, she knew that she should run away. If she didn't run away, even if she didn't die, a layer of her skin would be peeled off.

Midi'er sneaked out of the cave and she saw dragons flying across the sky. They came from all parts of the island and the momentum they possessed was extremely huge.

Pa, someone patted Midi'er shoulder and she immediately sent out a kick behind her. She was prepared to run away.

However, she heard a screaming sound and a heavy object falling to the ground. Midi'er turned her head in confusion and she saw Lugexiya rolling on the ground as he hugged his stomach.

"Lugexiya, are you all right?" Midi'er knew how powerful her reflexive kick was. She was concerned for Lugexiya and she felt guilty in her heart.

"What do you think? Big sis… Why am I your younger brother? G.o.d… You are killing me." Lugexiya wailed while hugging his stomach.

"Why are you shouting? It was just a kick. If you cannot withstand this kind of pain, how will you inherit father emperor's position?" Midi'er frowned and said angrily.

Lugexiya rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath.

"Let's go and see what is going on. If we discover that something is wrong, we should run away immediately. Do you understand?" Midi'er pulled Lugexiya and went to the back of the crowd of dragons.

Although Dragon Island was big, with thousands of dragons gathered together, it appeared extremely crowded. Moreover, those plants and flowers couldn't support their huge dragon body. All of the adult dragons transformed into their humanoid form and gathered at the plain area which was located at the center of the main island.

After all the dragons were gathered, a tall and big Dragon King, wearing golden armor, flew over and also transformed into a humanoid form. He looked like he was about 30 years in age and he had a mustache growing above his lips. His eyes were shiny which made people not dare to look directly at him. In addition, he had a pair of dragon horns and the aura he emitted was extraordinary.

"This time, I called together everyone to announce a serious matter. I obtained news that the Demonic Dragon Clan ignored the pact of not entering the human world and three of them entered the human world of the Blue Waves Continent in human form." The Dragon King said.

The dragons below started to clamor among themselves and they seemed extremely dissatisfied. The hatred between the Divine Dragon Clan and the Demonic Dragon Clan had already been engraved deep in the heart of the dragons. The Divine Dragon Clan had always believed that the Demonic Dragon Clan was a degenerated Dragon Clan and for them to enter the human world, they were planning some schemes and tricks.

Midi'er and Lugexiya relaxed. As long as the matter of them secretly exchanging the elder's seals was not discovered, they didn't care about anything else.

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