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Translated by Novice Translations

Accompanied, the Man Without a Shadow

    The man in the white shirt and Nan Xun entered the villa area together. The two walked and talked, and the laughter continued. Nan Xun was the only one who was smiling. It seemed that the man had face paralysis and didn't like to smile. But when he was in a good mood, she could see the smile deep in his eyes, it was charming as if there were stars in them.

    The man sent Nan Xun to the villa's door.

    Nan Xun was very grateful, "To be honest, I was afraid of something happening today, so thank you for accompanying me all the way here. By the way, where do you live, is it nearby?"

    The man nodded, "I live here too. Go in, I'll leave when you go in."

    Nan Xun opened the door, her mind suddenly pumped, and asked, "Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?"

    The man first glimpsed and a smile slowly formed in his eyes, "You're not afraid that I may go in, rob money and rape you?"

    Nan Xun laughed, "The man who dares to rob me has yet to be born. You may not know since I look like a lady, but I am actually very powerful." Taekwondo level 10 and mixed martial arts level 10 to boast.

    After hearing this, the smile in the man's eyes were more intense, "I believe you. Then in that case, I'll go in and ask to drink tea1."

    Nan Xun originally meant it as a polite courtesy but didn't expect that he was really rude.

    But she said it and it was spilt milk, she was forced to put on a bold face to invite the person to go in.

    This person just asked for a cup of tea and left. Nan Xun breathe a sigh of relief.

    The light on the second floor of the villa was lit up, and the man had already gone far outside the door. The warm streetlights shone on the man, and there was no shadow on the ground.

    There were no weird occurrences in the next few days and Nan Xun's heart finally calmed down.  

    After Nan Xun moved into the villa, Ba Xiye would come to eat every day, saying that the rice she cooked tasted like home.

    In fact, Nan Xun was annoyed to death with Bai Xiye coming over every day. When he comes, Nan Xun has to cook a tableful of rich meals every day in order to brush the other's affection. Moreover, the commodity wasn't conscious nor considerate. He didn't wash the dishes actively and stopped to rest after eating. So, the dishes were piled high and Nan Xun's heart was tired.

    Nan Xun recalled the last time and joked, "Bai Xiye, I called you so many times last time. Why were you so busy the entire time? Tell me the truth, are you treating me like a little mistress and was afraid I would talk endlessly on the phone?

    Bai Xiye was confused. He quickly took out his cell phone and didn't see any call records.

    "Mo Mo, don't wrong me. When have I not answered your calls? Even if I'm talking to someone else, I make sure to cut it off as soon as I receive a call from you."

    Now it was Nan Xun's turn to be shocked.

    After a while, Nan Xun suddenly said: “Bai Xiye, find me a psychiatrist.”

    This scared Bai Xiye so much that he immediately asked, "Mo Mo, what's the matter?"

    Nan Xun told him some of the strange things that happened these days.

    After hearing this, Bai Xiye breathed a sigh of relief and joked that she might have seen too many horror movies, but in order to rea.s.sure her, he contacted a psychiatrist.

    The psychiatrist was Li Mu, an old cla.s.smate of Bai Xiye.

    Dr. Li arrived with gold rimmed gla.s.ses on the bridge of his nose and smiled professionally. "Miss Bai don't worry. You probably feel mentally unstable due to insufficient rest. Just take a few more days off."

    Nan Xun silently rolled her eyes. "Dr. Li, what do you think about the sleep quality of a person who sleeps more than nine hours a day without waking up in the middle of sleeping?"

    Dr. Li seemed to understand what she meant and let Nan Xun lie on the sofa.

    “Miss Bai, listen to my instructions and relax.”

    Nan Xun let go of herself and relaxed and waited to hear what he wanted to say.

    "Miss Bai, now you are walking on a lush meadow. You can hear the sound of the wind blowing against the leaves. The river is flowing, the birds are flying in the sky. Then you walk and see three doors. One door is a wooden door with green vines on it, the second is an iron door with a cold texture, and the third is the door of an old country house. Now, you choose one."

    Nan Xun chose the third, the old country house door.

    She didn't want to say that she wanted to see a tableful of delicious food once she enters.

    At first, Nan Xun was able to distinguish dream from reality. Later, she actually felt like she was in front of a big house.  

    Somehow, the house looked familiar.

    Dr. Li's hypnotic voice was low and deep. "After you open the door and walk in, what do you see behind the door?"

    Nan Xun pushed the door open and went in. She saw the lush flowers and plants in the yard, then she opened another door and went in and was shocked at what she saw.

    Come on, she actually saw a tableful of delicious food on the dining table in the hall, it was her most favorite dishes!

    Nan Xun couldn't help but sit down and have a taste. The taste was wonderful, it could compete against the food from a five-star hotel.

    Just then, she heard the sound of vegetables and meat being cut in the kitchen.

    Nan Xun put down the tableware and slowly walked over.

    She peeked her head into the kitchen.

    There was a man in the kitchen, wearing a white shirt, black trousers, and shoes that hadn't been changed yet2, black leather shoes.

    The figure of the man's backside who was cooking with his head down was very attractive.

    His body was very good, his legs were straight, and the muscles on his arms were loose because of his movements from cutting vegetables, which made the rolled-up sleeves shake gently.

    He focused on the things in his hands and as if he noticed someone was behind him, his movement paused slightly, and he slowly turned his head.

    At this moment, Nan Xun actually looked forward to seeing that face.

    But when the man turned around, Nan Xun's eyes suddenly widened.

    This person has no face!


    Nan Xun screamed, suddenly opened her eyes and woke up.

    Dr. Li was shocked by her and quickly asked, "Miss Bai, what did you see behind the door you chose?"

    Nan Xun swallowed her saliva and whispered, "I saw many dishes on the table, which were my favorite. Then I heard someone cutting vegetables in the kitchen, so I went into the kitchen. As a result… I saw a man who had no face."

    Dr. Li was still smiling at first while listening, but he was a bit unhappy after hearing this. He thought that Nan Xun was playing with him.

    After his hypnosis just now, the things the patient sees are usually what he has arranged in advance from the scene. Those who had money behind the door and a handsome man means that there has been too much pressure recently and were struggling materially or emotionally. How could Miss Bai see a man without a face?  

    If she's not playing with him, then what was it?

    If it wasn't because Bai Xiye was the one who personally introduced this woman to him, he might have hit the person on the spot.  

    Nan Xun also saw that Dr. Li wasn't happy. She didn't want to make trouble for the big boss, so she smiled and said, "Maybe I've seen too many horror movies recently, so I had this illusion."

Nan Xun says he's so rude because the words he uses has double meaning, I used the "polite" meaning. In that case (便) - can also mean; to urinate or defecateAsk (讨) - demand; to send armed forces to suppress; to marry (a woman); to denounce or condemnShoes that hadn't been changed yet - in many Asian countries, we believe in no shoes inside, only indoor slippers. So, he's making the house dirty by bringing in the filth from his outdoor shoes in! THE AUDACITY, BAD HOUSEHUSBAND!

TL Note: Dude, I think there's a misunderstanding about why no one dares to hara.s.s her…ahahaha she's thinking it's cause she's physically strong with her fighting abilities while he probably thinks cause "I got you back as a stalker".

Decided post an extra chapter with a review I found on NU while I was bored. Ahahah this person appreciation touched me. ? I wonder if I have any other readers that follow my other novels besides *COUGH* Sakuyhime and a few others.


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