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After Gu Sheng finished speaking, her face was red, what did she just say? How can she be like that?

“It's because it's the first time if we do it more in the future, you will be able to endure!”

His lips gradually spread out an evil arc, his pitch-dark eyes looked at her small mouth, breathless, gradually covering her hot, dry lips.

Gu Sheng incapable of rejecting him!

He kissed her and she spontaneously accepts him!

"I don't want to! You are not allowed to kiss me again!"

Gu Sheng regained her sense, because he kissed her neck, and subconsciously immediately reached out to his shoulder.

"Do you want me to come directly?"

Fu Yan is extremely restrained, but his fingers are holding her delicate chin, and his thumb gently caresses her delicate skin.

Directly on?

Gu Sheng thought when did I tell you to got on? Can't kiss, what do you want to do?

"I want to go back to school, send me back, or I will be angry!"

"A Sheng, you are more attractive when you act pettishly!"

Act pettishly?

In fact, she is unconsciously! Look at his eyes, she is a bit afraid!

"A Sheng, I hate living alone!"

He leaned against her forehead, and his fingers rubbed gently on her face, and he was restrained.

"So you bring me over, you, you just want to sleep with me!"

"Uh huh!"

Fu Yan can't help laughing! Gu Sheng wants to cry without tears!

"Don't be afraid, I won't force you, I will let you do it willingly!"

Afraid? Afraid is true!

But willing to let him do it, is she stupid? She, she, she is still a child!

The more Gu Sheng thought the more she feel humiliated, unconsciously biting her own lips, her forehead removed from his forehead, slowly prop her head on his broad shoulders.

Zhuo Ming also asked her about this type of request, but she always took her study as a reason to give her more time, but she can block even Gu Family and Zhuo Ming, but she is powerless to this person in front of her.

However, Gu Sheng still does not know, Doctor Fu will said all kind of endearment only for her in this lifetime.

"If I told you that my dad insisted that I marry my fiancé?"

Gu Sheng has her own calculation and asks him.

"Then we will get married first!"

Fu Yan's eyes is honest, he raised her face and let her stare at him, straight into her eyes.

Get married first?

He really is serious, but a simple doctor, with a revengeful woman, is really suitable?

"Have you ever thought about getting married?"

Fu Yan pressed her and whispered.


Gu Sheng thought for a moment and answered honestly.

"With whom?"

"With Zhuo Ming!"

After Gu Sheng finished speaking, Fu Yan's gentle and calm eyes suddenly became dark.

"Not what you think, I am prepared to maintain a superficial relationship with him!"

Gu Sheng subconsciously explain to him!

She regrets after the explanation are finished, why do you want to explain? Actually, don't want him to be unhappy?

“Maintaining a superficial relationship? Do you think that the relationship between husband and wife can be maintained whatever you want? Gu Sheng, you are not as smart as I thought!”

"Is that so? I'm sorry I let you down! Then let me go!"

Gu Sheng feels disappointed, there was no way to tell whether she was disappointed because she was not as smart as he thought or what. Her face immediately became bad, pushing him to avoid him.

But she was caught and lying on his soft bed.

"From now on, use your mind on me. I promise that whether it is Gu family or Zhuo family, as long as it is what you want, I will help you obtain it!"

He is so arrogant, really arrogant!

Gu Sheng always felt that this person was really talking big, but looking at his dark eyes, Gu Sheng felt that he really had such ability.

"Doctor Fu, are you kidding me?"

She barely moved her mouth.

"Is it a joke or not, you will know it later!"

His hand went to pinch her chin and the thin lips covered her again.

Gu Sheng feels that her head is swelling, her limbs are weak, her whole body is weak, about to become mud.

Who exactly is he?

Gu Sheng later couldn't stand it and felt that she was going to lose control. Fu Yan suddenly stopped and glared at her. He whispered: "I may not be in the city these days. If you go home on weekends, mention Fu Yucheng to them!"

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