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Today is the day i will go back home. Although i dont remeber a thing about where i live, i feel like i missed my home so much. They told me, My parents, Sean and I live in the same house. Yea, It's kind of weird how Sean is living with us but they said that they treat him like their own son since years ago. He is an orphan so they adopted him when they found out that he is living alone but he is a clever that he ended up being one of the top student in our college.

I entered my room and i feel like it has a lot of memories in this room so i sit on my bed. Then, i heard a knock from the door. I turn my head and see

"Sean.. mm.. Whats the matter?"

He comes and sit next to me and give a deep stare into my eyes. I was getting anxious and scared.

"I wanna talk to you Riana"

i replied
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"Alright.. What do you wanna talk about?"

he pause then says

"I wanna tell the truth"

Im getting curious,

"What do you mean?"

He takes a deep breath and keep silent for a couple minutes before he told me

"I'm your husband"

I got really shocked. I can't believe whats coming from his mouth. All i can think of is that he is lying.

"Youre joking me?"

"When did i get married?"

"Im only 18 for G.o.d sake!"

"Why do you tell me that now?"

He says

"Because I know you will not believe us, I know you will not accept the truth but I can't keep pretending that there's nothing between us, I love you Riana!"

He grab my hand and leave a soft kiss on it. "Oh G.o.d? Are you out of your mind? You're insane Sean! You are not my husband ! I hate you"

I furiously take my hands away from his and run out of my room. I cried my tears out.

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