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Author's Note

The writing of this memoir came to a close after I had been out of prison for over a year. I had to relive everything, in soul-wrenching detail. I read court doc.u.ments and the transcripts of hearings, translated them, and quoted them throughout. Aided by my own diaries and letters, all the conversations were rendered according to my memory. The names of certain people, including friends, prisoners, and guards, have been changed to respect their privacy.

So much has been said of the case and of me, in so many languages, in so many books, articles, talk shows, news reports, doc.u.mentaries, and even a TV movie. Most of the information came from people who don't know me, or who have no knowledge of the facts.

Until now I have personally never contributed to any public discussion of the case or of what happened to me. While I was incarcerated, my attention was focused on the trial and the day-to-day challenges of life in prison. Now that I am free, I've finally found myself in a position to respond to everyone's questions. This memoir is about setting the record straight.

I've written about what brought me to Italy, how Meredith's murder affected me, and how I got through imprisonment and a judicial process married to the media. I went in a nave, quirky twenty-year-old and came out a matured, introspective woman.

I'm grateful to Robert Barnett, for graciously and securely holding my hand along this new, unfamiliar journey through publishing and the public.

I'm grateful to my publishing house, HarperCollins, for giving me the opportunity to be heard. Tina Andreadis, Jonathan Burnham, Michael Morrison, Claire Wachtel-thank you for believing in me, for supporting me, for your ideas and your care.

I wouldn't have been able to write this memoir without Linda Kulman. Somehow, with her Post-it Notes and questions, with her generosity, dedication, and empathy, she turned my rambling into writing, and taught me so much in the meantime. I am grateful to her family-Ralph, Sam, Julia-for sharing her with me for so long.

I can only attempt to recognize and thank all the sources of support my family and I received over the course of our battle for justice in Italy. I'm grateful to everyone who gave their time, their words, and their means to support us.

Don Saulo and the prisoners of Capanne, who appreciated me for who I am, supported me through many a moment of crisis, and taught me so much about humanity.

Rocco Girlanda and Corrado Daclon, for visiting, for supplying the books and music to keep my mind active during imprisonment, and for the help they provided getting me home from Italy.

Dr. Greg Hampikian, Dr. Saul Ka.s.sin, and Steve Moore for their advocacy, their expertise, and their friendship.

David Marriott and Theodore Simon, for their guidance and generosity.

Professor Giuseppe Leporace and the Seattle Prep community, for their dedication as educators to my mind and heart, despite the criticism.

My family and friends, for coming together in my time of need, for overcoming the unknown, for saving my sanity and my life.

And finally, Luciano Ghirga, Carlo Dalla Vedova, and Maria Del Grosso, for defending and caring about me as if I were one of their own.

About the Author

Amanda Knox was convicted of murder in Perugia, Italy, in 2009. In 2011, the conviction was overturned, and she was acquitted of the charge of murder. In March 2013, the Italian Court of Ca.s.sation annulled the acquittal and ordered a new review of the case. She now lives in Seattle, her hometown, and is studying creative writing.

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