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Chapter 673: A Lifetime of Prosperity for a Good Person


Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Tani and the a.s.sistant had a tacit understanding. The two of them paced back and forth outside the operating theater anxiously. They only stopped after walking two rounds.

Tani: “Alright, turn off the camera. The livestream was very popular just now. Hurry up and upload the follow-up video while the popularity is still there.”

The a.s.sistant nodded. “We might as well make a series. From Qurry’s hospitalization to emergency treatment, we will update two to three videos every day to maintain the popularity.” After all, Qurry had injured her head during the livestream and fainted. The last scene of the livestream was when they sent her to the hospital. The netizens must be very concerned about her injuries.

Tani nodded. “That’s right. Edit the video and upload it. Also, call the 1.9-meter-tall actor over.” At this time, he naturally had to pretend that Alex had come to see Qurry and spent money to save her.

The a.s.sistant nodded and immediately went back to work.

At this moment, the netizens were indeed very concerned about Qurry’s injuries.

The management of the short video platform discovered something very strange. A certain account called ‘Scientific Ghost Catching’ had a thousand fans as soon as it was registered. With a thousand fans, it immediately started a livestream. After the livestream ended, the number of fans directly increased to two million. There was only an official video from the system under this account, but the likes actually exceeded two million!

The administrator of the short video platform: “???” Although this account called Scientific Ghost Catching had bought a thousand fans when they first registered, and although they had also spent money to divert attention during the livestream, they could not increase their fans by two million all of a sudden, right?

The administrator of the short video platform was dumbfounded. Even if they spent money, they could not get two million fans, and they were all live fans.

These live fans were saying something that the administrator of the short video platform could not understand under the only video that came with the system under the Scientific Ghost Catching account.

“Brothers, everyone, pay attention. Don’t expose our ident.i.ties when we go there, and don’t give them any attention. We will catch ghosts scientifically, watch the show scientifically, and see them continue to perform!”

“I just got here. This is my first time catching ghosts. May I ask if you’re supposed to watch while squatting or sitting?”

“How’s the other side? She hit her head and bled so much. Is there any follow-up?”

The administrator of the short video platform: “???” Why was he even more confused after reading the comments? Where did this newly registered account come from?

The administrator of the short video platform was completely stunned. He exited and clicked into it again. He found an even stranger comment. This comment said, “Brothers, the other party has updated. Come quickly!”

In the blink of an eye, there were many replies under this comment: “Hahaha, I just finished watching. I’m dying of laughter. Their acting is quite good!”

“I heard that she’s still in the ICU. I’m really worried. What if she’s saved?!”

“These people who earn blood-soaked money, I’m willing to exchange my 2.5 kilograms of fat for the Grim Reaper to take her away!”

The administrator of the short video platform: “???” There were so many replies to this comment, which meant that there were many live fans of this account. Moreover, they were very enthusiastic. It was unprecedented for them to stay in this account!

At this moment, Tani and his a.s.sistant were also very excited. As soon as their video was uploaded, it immediately received 500,000 likes and comments. This was unprecedented!

“It’s only been two minutes!” Tani was excited. As expected, Qurry had a lot of potential.

The a.s.sistant was flipping through the comments.

“How’s the streamer? What did the doctor say? Is there still a need to stay in the ICU?”

“I’m really worried. I’m wishing a lifetime of peace for a good person.”

“‘A lifetime of peace for a good person’!”

“‘A lifetime of peace for a good person’!”

“You’ve worked hard. I hope you’ll let us know as soon as you have any follow-up. Thank you!”

Tani looked around and nodded in satisfaction. “Not bad. It’s very rare. They’re all fans who care about Qurry.”

The a.s.sistant wanted to say something but hesitated. “But Boss, why do I feel that something is wrong…” These comments were strange. It seemed like something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong. Why did they say they were wishing a lifetime of peace for a good person with double quotation marks? However, the entire comment section was very neat. Everyone was praying for Qurry’s safety. There were even netizens who expressed concern about him and the Boss.

Tani exclaimed and took a closer look. “Something is indeed wrong. There are so many likes and comments, but there are no new fans.” He did not understand for a moment and could only ask his a.s.sistant to post another video later.

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