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Chapter 460: No More Regrets

Translator: Henyee Translations   Editor: Henyee Translations

Mrs. Walton’s back stiffened, and she instantly stopped cutting vegetables. Her eyes were red, and Amelia, who was hugging an onion, looked up and asked in confusion, “Grandma, what’s wrong?”

Mrs. Walton smiled. “Nothing. Cutting onions is too spicy. It flushed my eyes.”

Amelia picked at the onion curiously with her fingers. Was the onion spicy? It wasn’t! Did onions make people cry? As a result, her nails dug into the onion, and a spicy feeling went straight to her eyes. Tears fell.

“Wu wu wu wu…” The onion really hit her eyes! Amelia held the onion far away with snot and tears.

Initially, everyone’s hearts were a little heavy when they saw Mrs. Walton sad. Suddenly, they heard Amelia cry and complain about the onions in a childish voice. The atmosphere instantly became cheerful.

Mrs. Walton quickly took the onion. “Children shouldn’t touch onions. You can’t rub your eyes with your fingers later, understand?”

Amelia: “I’ve already rubbed it!” Her eyes were too hot just now, so she rubbed them with her hand. Now, she was crying!

Emma ran in with a tissue. “Coming, coming, I’ll wipe it for you!’

William held the towel and frowned. “The tissue is dry. It’s useless. It has to be a wet towel.’

Helena was both angry and amused. She took Amelia’s hand. “Let’s go. Mommy will take you to wash your eyes.”

Because of this interlude, Helena’s sudden appearance was no longer shocking. After helping Amelia wash her eyes, the children went to the kitchen hand in hand to help… No, they caused trouble.

Helena stood outside the door and said softly, “Third Brother.” That was great. Her daughter was the mini King of h.e.l.l. In the end, it still allowed her to reunite with her family for the last time.

Helena was worried that Elmer would be implicated, so she went straight to the old guys in h.e.l.l. Generally speaking, ghosts could not meet their families, but those old guys were annoyed by Helena and turned a blind eye because they did not see Helena completely. Emma and Lucas did not see her!

Henry pursed his lips for a moment and gently stroked Helena’s head. He smiled and said, “Sister, long time no see.”

Helena smiled. “Long time no see, Third Brother.” With that, she looked to the other side. “Sixth Brother, have you made your photolithography machine? This is top secret! Seventh Brother, you have to be careful too. Agents in peacetime seem to be more dangerous, right?”

Quinn made a sound of agreement and smiled like a brother next door, harmless. “Does Helena remember what Seventh Brother did?”

Helena muttered, “Of course!”

Quinn stepped forward and hugged Helena tightly. “Seventh Brother thinks you’ve put on a little weight.”

Helena raised her arm proudly. “Right, right? After I died, I worked very hard on my figure!”

Milo couldn’t help but chuckle.

That night at the Walton residence, the supper before bed was meatbb.a.l.l.s, Malatang, c.u.min roasted lamb leg, and pickled pepper chicken feet.

Amelia ate until she was covered in sweat. She kept eating and drinking water.

Alex, who had almost turned into air and had a very weak presence, said speechlessly, “If you can’t eat spicy food, don’t eat it.” He didn’t want to disturb the Walton family’s reunion. In this situation, his presence always seemed redundant, but Amelia pulled him back.

Amelia drank half a bottle of water and said with a strange expression, “Why is it so spicy that it hurts, but the more I eat, the better it tastes?”

Alex watered the pickled pepper chicken feet a few times before handing them to Amelia. He said, “Because spice is a feeling and not a taste. It’s more addictive. Children can’t eat too much.’

Amelia nibbled on the chicken feet. “What’s wrong with children?! Why can’t children eat more?!”

Mrs. Walton said in amus.e.m.e.nt, “Because you’ve never eaten spicy food before. If you eat so much at once, your stomach might hurt.”

Eric nibbled on the chicken feet at the side and added, “Not only does your stomach hurt, but your b.u.t.t hurts when you p.o.o.p tomorrow! ”

Amelia was stunned! It was so scary! Not only did this chili pepper hurt her mouth, but her stomach and b.u.t.t also hurt?! She quickly put down her chicken feet. “No! Mia won’t eat anymore!” After a pause, she added, “I’ll eat it tomorrow!” She wanted to help her mother eat what her mother liked in the future!

Everyone burst into laughter. It was already past one in the morning, but no one was willing to leave.

Helena had no more regrets after the last parting. It was the Ghost Festival after twelve o’clock. The ghosts had emerged, but she was going down..

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