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Yue Xincheng is very efficient. Gao Ge gave him 200,000 yuan. As instructed by Gao Ge, Yue Xincheng took the card that has 200,000 yuan compensated by Li Lang. He spent 170,000 yuan purchasing the apartment, having 230,000 yuan left.

The apartment costing 170,000 yuan will soon see the price rising sharply. Actually, it rose to 10 million yuan in the last life, even when the aura in the Cherished Lingquan Territory was almost depleted.

He once considered spending the rest of the money purchasing another Cherished Lingquan Territory. But on his second thought, if two or three Cherished Lingquan Territories are controlled by him, he would become the target of many greedy people when the Aura Recovery Age comes. He will not be so high-profiled unless he is powerful enough.

One has to remain low-profiled and humble.

Besides, there is another cause.

The World of Mystery on Mount Duanlong is about to open.

This is an all-new starting point for the entire world.

Gao Ge, full of ambitions, is ready to become the world leader.

Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng sit on the last row in the bus driving to Mount Duanlong.

Originally, he intended to bring Meng Jing with him. But he failed to persuade her into leaving her cla.s.s to tour Mount Duanlong. After all, they would come here on spring or autumn excursions.

For non-local people, Mount Duanlong is the scenic spot. But for them, it is not.

Gao Ge has to give in because he cannot tell the truth. However, Yue Xincheng is easy to be persuaded. After all, he doesn't like the cla.s.sroom at all. He would follow Gao Ge to anywhere out of the cla.s.sroom.

For non-local people, Mount Duanlong is the scenic spot. But for them, it is not.

Most of the pa.s.sengers in the bus are elderly people dressed in the red waistcoat, which has the name of a travel agency printed on it. This is an economy travel agency that does not have its own tour bus.

After they arrive in the destination, Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng get off the bus and stretch their bodies. After all, Mount Duanlong is not a 5A scenic area. Local government or tourism administration would not invest too much in it. The highway leading to Mount Duanlong is poorly-maintained. They are almost killed by the b.u.mpy road.

Anyway, in Jiangnan City, Mount Duanlong is a well-known scenic area.

Topography of Mount Duanlong is very interesting. A peak is sharply divided from a stretching mountain. It seems that someone uses a knife to cut off the head of a dragon. The cliffs are straight. That's how the mount gets its name.

The mountain looks quite distinctive.

"Boss. We can go to the Internet cafe. Why this place?"

Yue Xincheng follows Gao Ge, and asks the above question.

Gao Ge says nothing. Instead, he just purchases two admission tickets to Mount Duanlong scenic area, and two bottles of water.

"Fatty Yue. Do you get along well with your elder brother?" asks Gao Ge.

Yue Xincheng is shocked, who opens his eyes wider and looks at Gao Ge. He would not believe it.

Till today, he has never revealed anything about his family.

So Gao Ge should not know he has an elder brother.

"Well, you have the right to decide whether to tell me about him," Gao Ge says in smile.

Yue Xincheng has a deep breath, following Gao Ge into the scenic area, saying, "For now, OK. I don't intend to compete against him for anything. So I am not a threat to him."

Gao Ge nods, showing he understands what Yue Xincheng means.

Well, he is right. Yue Xincheng now is not capable at all to pose any threat to his elder brother. After entering the Magic School, Yue Xincheng has shown some talents. Probably, his elderly brother feels threatened. Though he knows only a little, his instinct tells him the disappearance of Fatty Yue in last life was probably caused by his elder brother, whose name is not known to Gao Ge at all.

Yue Xincheng gives another sigh, saying, "Boss. How do I know I have an elder brother? And the three spiritual stones..."

"You will know it in the future," Gao Ge repeats his reply.

Yue Xincheng suddenly feels headache.

When climbing the mountain, they hear a voice behind them.

"Hey, you two. Wait a minute."

They stop and look back, finding a young man dressed in dark coat and white sport shoes walking towards them.

"Did you see a girl in blue sports wear?" The young man looks to have the same age as Gao Ge, 17 or 18. He is slim with white complexion and protruding nose. Probably "pretty," instead of "handsome," is a better word to describe him.

If dressed in skirt, he would attract many men. But the Adam's Apple damages the pretty sense.

"What does she look like? Can you please describe her?" Says Yue Xincheng.

"Hmm... She is quite pretty." the young man thinks and says.

Yue Xincheng laughs.

Are you kidding me? He thinks.

"No," Gao Ge shakes his head.

Hearing this, the young man just walks away.

Gao Ge looks at him, narrowing his eyes.

"Boss, what's wrong?"

"Did you find anything unusual on him?" Gao Ge asks.

Yue Xincheng turns and looks at him. Quickly, he understands what Gao Ge means.

"He walks so fast on the steep mountain stairs..." Before Yue Xincheng finishes these words, the young man is already 100 meters away.

"He is so proficient in ancient martial arts," Yue Xincheng feels surprised.

Gao Ge looks at him and laughs.

Yue Xincheng touches his nose, feeling something weird.

Though he doesn't have much cultivation, even without breaking through his martial pulse, he comes from an ancient martial arts family. So he is not much surprised to see someone proficient in ancient martial arts. But why Gao Ge remains so indifferent?

Now he thinks his boss has too many secrets.

For example, this time.

Though he does not know why Gao Ge takes him to Mount Duanlong. He has the intuition.

If he follows Gao Ge here, he will never regret.

There are not many tourists on the mountain. But they can still see some people on it.

Most of them are non-local people. Local people don't have the interest to be here.

When walking on the mountain, they are asked by a few middle-aged women to take photos for them.


Gao Ge is surprised to find an elderly man showing up on the mountain path.

A poorly-dressed elderly man, whose eye-holes look deep and who is in his 70s or 80s, carries a plastic woven bag on his back. He holds a short bamboo stick in his skinny hand. The other hand holds an enameled cup that dates back to dozens of years ago. It carries the portrait and words of the deceased Chairman Mao Zedong.

Walking downward, he is begging by showing the enameled cup in his hand.

He would follow people and keep begging till he is given some small changes.

"This is the scenic area. Is beggar allowed in?" Yue Xincheng asks with his eyes widened.

Gao Ge smiles, saying nothing.

But he looks at the elderly man, looking deep in his eyes.

So fast?

He is not alone.

These things...

Have also sensed something?

The elderly man approaches Gao Ge and holds up his cup. Before he says anything, Gao Ge says first,

"Go away."

"..." The elderly man is shocked.

"Hmm. Boss, how about we give him some changes?" Yue Xincheng ways in a low voice.

Gao Ge says nothing. But his face looks cold.

"Young man, please..."

"Go away."

"..." The elderly man gets angry, "Young man, are you really so evil?"

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