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Chapter 1202: Familiar Rhythm

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: Nomyummi
This is?

w.a.n.g Ze panicked for a moment, but he quickly calmed down again. Judging from the flight path of this whirling flame, it couldn't hit his position no matter what.

At this moment, a gunshot sounded.


After a gunshot, there was the sound of an impact. The spinning flame in the air vibrated, but it wasn't extinguished. It now flew forward at a higher speed, and after this collision, there was a clear change in the flame's trajectory. Originally, it had been unable to reach Kashiben's position, but now, it was enough.


There was a sudden roar in the sky. w.a.n.g Ze had long figured out what this was, but he hadn't thought that Su Mucheng would have such an outrageous technique.

After being hit by the Thunder Snipe, she instantly predicted Kashiben's position.

And then right after being sniped, while her body still wasn't stable, she was able to immediately launch a Heat-Seeking Missile, and then because this missile wasn't able to fly a far enough distance, she accurately fired another shot to support and extend the range of this missile. There was another important point here: Dancing Rain normally used a hand cannon, which launched powerful cannon shots that were impossible to aim with such precision. This meant that after firing the missile, she must have switched Dancing Rain to use a gun…

How was Su Mucheng this strong?

As her former teammate, w.a.n.g Ze thought that he had studied Su Mucheng enough, but he had no idea that Su Mucheng's technique was even more terrifying than he imagined.

The howling Heat-Seeking Missile fell toward him. Although w.a.n.g Ze was already frantically controlling Kashisen to dodge, the shockwaves from the mushroom cloud created by the missile's impact had a wide range. Kashisen was unable to avoid the explosion and was sent flying against a wall.

Boom boom boom!

The attacks of Launcher Dancing Rain came flying from the clock tower.

Occupy the high ground, capture the opponent's position, fire from an extremely long distance.

All of this was Su Mucheng's familiar rhythm, and it was a rhythm that w.a.n.g Ze had specifically studied, but now, he still fell into it.


w.a.n.g Ze desperately controlled his character, entering one of the Clock Tower's dead angles.

It's no use!

Even though it was a dead angle, Su Mucheng used all sorts of methods to send her firepower there. The AoE skills of a Launcher allowed her to somewhat disregard the precision of her attacks, as long as they landed close enough, they could deal a lot of damage and restrict the target.

I can't hide in a dead angle, I have to move and shake her off…

But isn't this the rhythm that every one of Su Mucheng's victims on this map would fall into?

Amidst the roaring cannonfire, w.a.n.g Ze hesitated.

What to do?

He had no plan.

He hadn't prepared for any events deviating from the script he had imagined. He had been completely caught off-guard by how Su Mucheng had instantly determined his position from his sneak attack.

For this match, w.a.n.g Ze's original plan was to use accurate sneak attacks to snipe Dancing Rain shot after shot. But now, after only one shot, his position was exposed. All he heard were cannon shots, all he saw was fire.

Where could he go?

w.a.n.g Ze originally thought he knew this map very well, but now it was all fuzzy in his mind, the various routes all tangling together, preventing him from finding the exit path among them.

But if he just let his character stand here, he could only watch his health bar steadily exploding away.

w.a.n.g Ze had Kashisen charge out, but should he continue to figure out a way to hide and dodge, or should he turn and fight directly? w.a.n.g Ze still wasn't certain, and he didn't have the time to reason things out. On this map, Su Mucheng's attack rhythm was extremely skilled. Whether w.a.n.g Ze ran or counterattacked, she had enough experience and technique to respond.

Ace card?

Did Su Mucheng not have one on this map?

And it was the exact same as w.a.n.g Ze's, the most simple: familiarity.

Familiar map, familiar attack rhythm.

w.a.n.g Ze's response didn't pose any difficulty for her at all. With all her skill at her fingertips, she bombarded him.

And w.a.n.g Ze seemed to have fallen into a battle for survival. He wasn't acting like he was trying to achieve victory, he was just trying to survive under the cannonfire.

The match had already lost its suspense from the moment w.a.n.g Ze revealed the position of Kashisen.

Individual compet.i.tion round 2, Happy won.

"Beautiful!" Chen Guo energetically welcomed Su Mucheng as she came offstage.

"Who knows what the opponent thinking, picking one of your best and most familiar maps, how stupid." The fruits of victory were in hand, and Chen Guo wanted to make it known. As Su Mucheng's super fan, Chen Guo knew which maps she was good at, and she recognized Desolate Town 7. She'd even tried to imitate Su Mucheng's playstyle on this map.

"He's not stupid, it's just that I'm not stupid either," Su Mucheng laughed.

"In any case, we won." Chen Guo was proud.

w.a.n.g Ze, coming offstage, was in extremely low spirits. He had prepared thoroughly for this match, he had been confident, but it ended up like this? His strategy was still only on the first step when it received a headache-inducing attack, and he had been attacked from there until the end, blasted upon the ground.

He Ming and Shen Jian knew the hard work w.a.n.g Ze had put into preparing for this match. Seeing his disappointment now, they too were upset. But this was compet.i.tion. Everyone worked hard, but in the end, there was always one side that would fail.

"I was still too overconfident," w.a.n.g Ze said with a bitter smile. "I thought I understood the opponent's strength, that I had a trump card that could get me victory. But I never thought that, under circ.u.mstances I don't understand, the opponent improved even further…"

"This is why Glory is limitless!" The unfortunate trio lamented, in a heavy atmosphere.

"Captain, I'm going up!" Right then, Miracle's third individual player had already stood up, Miracle's Launcher, Guo Shao.

Yes, Guo Shao, a name that sounded arrogant. Before the arrival of these players from old Excellent Era, he had been the core player of this new team.

An arrogant name, a position as core player, but Guo Shao wasn't that kind of person.

When experienced players joined, he happily gave up his position as core and captain. Pa.s.sionate, with energy and ideals, Guo Shao was a Glory youth that had longed to play in the professional scene. And now, he had finally raised his sails to set forth on this journey.

"I wonder who my opponent is?" Guo Shao lifted his head to look at the projection screen. He carried this kind of excitement for every match.

The screen quickly displayed the names for the third battle of the individual round.

Happy, Ye Xiu, Lord Grim.

"Excellent!" Guo Shao was even more excited.

He Ming and the others exchanged looks, smiling bitterly.

What an innocent youth, he really has no idea of the terror and cruelty of the pro scene!

"Good luck!" The three still said some encouraging words, but in their hearts they already had no hopes for this match.

"Don't worry, seniors!" Guo Shao gave the three of them a thumbs-up.

"Go, go! You have to win!" Against their true thoughts, the three cheered him on.

Guo Shao went onstage, and on the other end Ye Xiu was already ready.

Log on, enter map.

"This is great, I actually have the chance to fight Senior Ye Xiu!" As soon as the characters finished loading, Guo Shao couldn't wait any longer and began expressing his feelings.

"Then do your best!" Ye Xiu never refused to interact with anyone onstage.

"Don't worry, senior!" Guo Shao shouted.

Offstage, He Ming and the other two facepalmed. Why are you telling the opponent not to worry!

Ye Xiu sent a smiley face emoji, and Lord Grim rushed forward.

The map was Desolate Town 28. In a 1v1, there was some amount of cover, but not many twists and turns, which made it rather suitable for a Launcher. Guo Shao's map choice wasn't out of the ordinary.

Ye Xiu didn't sidestep, he directly charged forth, and quickly saw that the opponent was doing the same.

Boom boom!!!

With the sounds of cannonfire, Guo Shao's Launcher Berk took the lead in attacking. Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim to dodge, having no way to retaliate.

Guo Shao fired his attacks at the very limit of his attack range. Although Lord Grim could use a Launcher's low-level skills, that didn't mean he had the full long range of a Launcher.

The extremely long attack range of a Launcher was something they got only after switching cla.s.ses. Their special skill learned when changing cla.s.s at level 20, "Artillery Mastery," increased the range of all of the attacks and skills of this cla.s.s, as well as the area they could damage.

"Haha, Senior's cla.s.s doesn't have the range of a Launcher!" Guo Shao actually had the time to type a message, but Berk's attacks never stopped.

"You want to lock me outside of this range?" Ye Xiu replied.

"Seen through so quickly by senior."

"It's a very obvious plan. But it's not that easy!"

After sending the message, Lord Grim begin to charge forward.

Guo Shao immediately had Berk jump backwards while simultaneously covering a large area with his firepower, stopping Lord Grim from reaching him.

"Hit!" Lord Grim was covered by the large area of firepower, and Guo Shao was excited.

"But I'm closer…" Ye Xiu replied as Lord Grim ducked through the cannonfire. Although he suffered some damage, the distance between the two was pulled closer.

"That's not good." Guo Shao's Berk used Aerial Cannon to increase their distance.

"You can't run!" Under Ye Xiu's controls, Lord Grim used a Slide Kick, dodging the cannon shots coming right at him, and once he got up, he used a Shining Cut. His character sprung forward amidst cold light, and then he followed with a Charge, forcing his way through the Stingers falling from the sky.

Three skills used in an instant, all attacks with high-speed movement. The distance between the two characters was instantly squeezed so that they were almost right next to each other.

"Senior is really tough!" Guo Shao cried, his character changing direction to get away.

Lord Grim suddenly used another skill.

"Ah!" Against his controls, Berk started rushing toward Lord Grim.

"He can even use Taunt!" Guo Shao shouted.

The Taunt status forced the target to charge toward and attack only the taunter. Although it couldn't interrupt an attack, it was a powerful move to disrupt the opponent's rhythm, especially during a team compet.i.tion when coordination was required.

Right now neither side had a team, so there wasn't that effect, but Guo Shao's Berk in this bit of time had no way to leave with his free will.

Collapsing Mountain!

Lord Grim swung his blades down, Guo Shao saw that he had no way to retreat, so he simply aimed his cannon at Lord Grim.

The cannonball flew out, but Lord Grim's Collapsing Mountain suddenly changed to a Falling Light Blade, and he plunged downward.

After dodging the cannon shot, the Falling Light Blade landed right upon Berk. Guo Shao hurriedly tried to Quick Recover, as the Taunt status finally wore off, but Lord Grim was already right next to him.

Slide Kick!

Guo Shao's reaction was very fast, he actually had Berk use a Sharpshooter's skill Slide Click. Even if he couldn't hit Lord Grim, at least he could slide past and start pulling apart the distance again.

But he hadn't expected Lord Grim to step to the side. Before he started fully sliding, Lord Grim stomped down in place, and at that moment, Berk slide right there.

After Lord Grim stepped on his opponent, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella shifted forms and sent a flurry of shots to his face.

Sharpshooter skill: Punisher.

"You're about to lose!" Ye Xiu said.

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