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Spa.r.s.e Fragrance glanced in the direction that gray shadow was heading towards and immediately knew that this shadow had the same goal as him: the equipment scattered on the ground. As a professional sc.r.a.p picker, it wasn't his first time encountering this sort of scenario. Spa.r.s.e Fragrance hastily used a Triple Slash and rapidly rushed his way over, moving faster than that gray shadow.

Spa.r.s.e Fragrance delightedly shifted his mouse to click on the equipment, when several people suddenly warned him in the party chat. Surprised, he saw his screen shake and his character flew away.

Spa.r.s.e Fragrance hastily turned his camera around to see how his enemy had sent him flying. However, he didn't get his answer. All he saw was the gray shadow land on the ground and toss the equipment into his bag.

“F*CK!” Spa.r.s.e Fragrance cursed. Quickly, he saw the name of the gray shadow who had s.n.a.t.c.hed the equipment first: Deception.

“It's Deception!!!!” The others in the party chat shouted.

“You guys know him?” Chen Guo had slipped out from the hole as well. Compared to these professional sc.r.a.p pickers, she was clearly more reserved. She wasn't like Spa.r.s.e Fragrance who eyed the scattered equipment and immediately pounced towards it like a hungry tiger. As the last one who came out, she had seen Spa.r.s.e Fragrance get sent flying away. In the beginning, she find anything special about the shadow, but after hearing everyone else shout his name, she looked over and noticed that besides his name, he didn't have a guild affiliation. This meant that he most definitely wasn't a part of one of the three guilds there.

“You've never heard of him? He's an extremely fierce sc.r.a.p picker.” The other party members introduced him to Chen Guo.

Chen Guo was new to the sc.r.a.p picking industry and had never paid attention to it. Hearing their tone, this person was probably a very famous character in their industry.

“How fierce?” Chen Guo asked. Then, she saw Deception suddenly dash out. He lifted his ninja blade and shot out a blood arrow. Following afterwards, a person fell. This person seemed to have dropped something, but before anyone could see it clearly, Deception had already tossed it into his bag.

“What?” Chen Guo wasn't able to wrap her head around what had just happened. But Deception didn't stop there. He wandered through the chaotic battle and wherever he roamed, the gold coins glinting on the ground as well as the equipment scattered around disappeared. Whenever he waved his hands, a blood arrow would shoot out and a player would die. Around ten seconds later, the ground had become much cleaner. Four people had already fallen to his ninja blade. They had been killed instantly without a trace.

Not just Chen Guo, but even the people fighting in the battle had only just realized what was going on. And when they saw the ID on top of his head, the players of the Three Great Guilds immediately focused their attention to him.

As players who frequently partic.i.p.ated in team activities such as killing bosses, they weren't a stranger to this name.

Deception was a sc.r.a.p picker who caused a headache to every guild team.

This person wasn't in any guild nor had anyone ever seen him in a team. He worked alone and came and went as he pleased.

Compared to normal sc.r.a.p pickers, this person had a goal. He wasn't like normal sc.r.a.p pickers who would only look for dropped equipment. He would even look at the players fighting in the battle and kill them for their equipment. Deception wasn't just a sc.r.a.p picker, he knew how to loot.

The amount of damage this sc.r.a.p picker had dealt to the guilds were even greater than normal sc.r.a.p pickers. This was because he was an expert and was an expert at sneak attacks and one hit kills. His outstanding looting and a.s.sa.s.sinations sometimes even changed the outcome of a battle. For example, a team might be killing a boss and although the battle was difficult, they could definitely beat it. But then Deception would arrive to pick up sc.r.a.ps and the equipment scattered on the ground wasn't enough for him. He would see that the equipment on the tank in the team looked good and would look for an opportunity to a.s.sa.s.sinate him.

When the tank died, if the tank didn't drop the equipment Deception wanted, then he would shake his head and leave. But without a tank, how was the team supposed to take down the boss?

In a scenario like this, how could he not be more troublesome than a normal sc.r.a.p picker?

Thus, after seeing the ID on top of his head, a barrage of attacks suddenly erupted. All sorts of skills flew towards him like a storm.

Consequently, tragedy struck.

The three teams of the three guilds weren't immune to each other's damage. When they attacked, they wouldn't hesitate to aim for others at the same time. After all, the teams were enemies of each other. If they could kill Deception as well as their other enemies simultaneously, it would be killing two birds with one stone.

A wave of sword light and artillery fire swept over the field. A huge hole appeared in the crowd. Corpses piled on top of each other on the ground and countless equipment glittered in the sun. Spa.r.s.e Fragrance and the others began drooling. However, in an area that had just been under concentrated fire, even if they had another ten of them, they wouldn't dare rush over to pick up equipment.

Spa.r.s.e Fragrance and the others were very depressed. Suddenly, in the empty s.p.a.ce, a shadow broke through the earth. Deception had once again appeared in front of everyone. No one was able to respond in time as all of the equipment scattered among the pile of corpses was picked clean.

“Underground Tunneling Technique! Amazing!”

Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu praise.

Chen Guo obviously knew what the Underground Tunneling Technique was. It was a Level 35 Ninja skill in which the user went below the ground to ambush the target. That was what the skill was supposed to be used for, but a person could use it creatively. Deception had used this skill to avoid the attacks. He quickly unleashed the skill, hid underground, and escaped from the storm. After jumping out from the ground, he immediately picked up all of the items.

As a sc.r.a.p picker, up until now, Deception had looted quite a few items. Even if he died and half of what he had picked up was dropped, he had already done an exceptional job.

The people of the Three Great Guilds were naturally extremely furious. Seeing Deception in the middle of the empty s.p.a.ce, they immediately fired another storm of attacks and turned him into ashes……

But no matter how fierce your attacks were, it wasn't possible to get such a result. Their attacks had only hit a shadow clone.

Where was his real body? Everyone began searching for him.

“Here!!” Someone shouted. Everyone once again saw another blood arrow fly forward. But when this person fell, his body didn't drop anything. The Heavenly Domain might have a high drop rate, but it wasn't guaranteed.

“Pauper!” Seeing the players of the Three Great Guilds pounce towards him, Deception actually complained and sent a sad face on top of his head. At the same time, he leaped up and swiped with his ninja blade and stuck into a wall. In the air, he bent his body and his two legs stepped onto the ninja blade. He jumped again and grabbed the ninja blade out from the wall back into his hands.

This was one of the features of the ninja blade. The hilt had a long rope attached to it. By using the ninja blade as a foothold on a wall, the Ninja could jump again. Then, using the rope, the Ninja could take back the ninja blade. There was also the ninja blade's sheath, which was hollow. At certain moments, it could be used to stay airborne a bit longer.

Ninja blades could be used by other cla.s.ses too, but many of its functions could only be utilized by a Ninja. In addition, many Ninja skills required ninja blades as a weapon.

“This Ninja is pretty good!!!” After seeing Deception throw down a “Pauper!” and flip over the wall, Ye Xiu praised him again. The players of the Three Great Guilds saw that Deception was about to leave with a whole bunch of items and weren't going to just give up like that. Any cla.s.s which could go over the wall went over the wall. For this Deception, the Three Great Guilds suddenly allied together.

Climbing the wall and looking around, hm, he's not a part of my guild, let's just attack him. No leader! In the end, it came down to the two guilds not having a leader. Excellent Dynasty had one, but with the other two guilds fighting chaotically, Dreamland couldn't tell everyone to not resist, so everyone began fighting amongst each other again.

“What do we do?” Chen Guo looked across the ground. There were still lots of equipment lying around!

“Pick up sc.r.a.ps!” Ye Xiu said. He had his Lord Grim jump into the air. He raised his Myriad Manifestation Umbrella above his head and with a click, the umbrella canopy was retracted. The joints connecting the eight umbrella bones turned into four long ones. “Shiu shiu shiu shiu” as they rotated. Like a helicopter, Lord Grim flew in Deception's direction.

“Where are you going?” Chen Guo was surprised.

“All the good stuff has been taken away by that guy. I'm going to go take them back.” Ye Xiu said.

“You call that looting? That's called dropping!” Chen Guo said.

'Yeah! I'm learning from him!” Ye Xiu replied.

Chen Guo thought about it. It was true. Deception wasn't a sc.r.a.p picker who simply picked up equipment. He would even take the initiative to make a move. It hadn't even been a minute yet and he had already killed several players from the Three Great Guilds.

“I'm going too!” Chen Guo wasn't that interested in picking up sc.r.a.ps and felt like Ye Xiu chasing after that guy would be more interesting. She hastily headed over towards where Ye Xiu was moving.

“Be careful. That guy isn't so simple.” Ye Xiu said.

“I can see that.” Chen Guo said. To make these players from the Three Great Guilds to go into a rage like that clearly indicated how extraordinary he was. It hadn't yet been a minute since he arrived and although the Three Great Guilds were a bit in a mess with two of the guilds not even having a leader, to be able to accomplish such a feat showed how he wasn't any normal expert.

It was more obvious when one compared him to Spa.r.s.e Fragrance's group. They were in a group of five, yet they didn't dare jump into the fray. They were all very careful with every step they took and ran over when they saw a good opportunity. How could that even be compared to the uproar Deception had created?

Chen Guo now understood that even for something despicable like sc.r.a.p picking, different players had different styles.

Who exactly was this Deception? Chen Guo wondered. She knew that Spa.r.s.e Fragrance's group might know, but she reckoned that they didn't have time to answer her. She also had to hurry up and move too, so she didn't have any time to ask either. Thus, she called for Tang Rou: “Little Tang, could you help me look up someone using these three keywords: Glory, sc.r.a.p picker, Deception?”

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