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A Pig like monster flew into the air as it left a trail of blood behind it . Just as it was about to reach its max height and start falling back towards the ground , it got struck by another body and got pierced in 2 revealing the sharp claws of a dragon attached to human hands . Leo's hands transformed back to a human's as his mouth transformed into a maw and bit directly into the body of the monster . His wings waved in the air once more as his eyes shined with deep golden and he flew towards another monster and kicked it into the air as he threw the half of the pig like monster's body as his hand released a flame which he directly threw on the b.l.o.o.d.y body and burnt it . He then flew into the air once more to repeat the same process , except this time he stopped after he landed on the ground .

' The most efficient killing method takes about 7 seconds to kill each Basic-Low tier monster . Mortals usually die with just one kick or punch .' He hadn't yet tried a Middle-Low tier , but knew he wasn't ready for fighting them yet . He could sense mana and they had way more mana than he did .

' I can continue a cycle of killing 4 basic-low tier monster without stopping . I need to rest for about an hour after that , though .' he said as he checked his mana .

[ Mana increased by 0.2 points !]

[ Strength increased by 0.4 points !]

[ Stamina increased by 0.2 points !]

[ Agility increased by 0.2 points !]

[ Vitality increased by 0.2 points !]

[ Perception increased by 0.2 points ![ Mana remaining : 40/540 ]

He had grown in all his stats just from fighting for the last 2 hours . Even if it showed a growth of 1.4 , his actual growth was 0.7 points . That would've been the growth of any normal person who fought like him for 2 hours , out of which an hour or so was spent just waiting for his mana to restore .

" I guess I should start the training now ." He said .

[ Acknowledged ]

[ Starting training session ... ]

Time went by , slowly , for a total of 5 hours from the morning . it was almost noon and he as finally running out of patience .

He had been doing various exercises for the last 5 hours . Push ups , pull ups , running and lots of other exercises that the system kept listing one by one .

[ The training for physical attributes has been completed !]

[ Strength increased by 0.38 points !]

[ Agility increased by 0.26 points !]

[ Vitality increased by 0.28 points !]

[ Stamina increased by 0.5 points !]

[ Beginning Mana training !]

" Hey , can I do that later ?" He said as he looked at the sky .

[ The training only needs to be completed 5 times . After forming a proper foundation , your normal growth rate will double and you would not require to do any exercises . Your body will always restore to its perfect state due to Rapid Regeneration .]

" So I just need to get to the perfect state ." he talked to the empty air just like before .

[ Continuing Mana training .]

After almost exhausting all the mana , restoring it and using it again Leo spent about 6 more hours , after which he finally said . " Set a system clock . Make any adjustments necessary and keep it a 24 hour clock . Set a single timezone all around this world and calculate time based on the time at the center of Hero a.s.sociation ."

This world which seemed extremely well developed , had no clocks . People told time based on the sun and usually just used evening , night , afternoon , etc. to denote time.

' I have the system , though .' He smiled as he waited for a response .

[ Current time : 16:48 ]

" Thanks . What next ? Is there any more Mana training left ?" He looked down at the ground as he spoke once again .

[ Mana training had finished when User Leo's capacity emptied the 3rd time ]

[ Showing alerts again ]

[ Mana increased by 0.56 points ]

[ Foundation complete 1/5 ]

' Hmm ...' He nodded to himself as he thought of finding more ways to kill monsters .

' Elly can take care of herself , can't she ? ' He thought . ' well , she probably can '

He took out the card he got this morning and looked at it as a smile slowly stretched out on his face .

[ 55 Points .]

' I love increasing my worth .' He thought as his wings manifested and he flew deeper into the forest .

As Leo was going around killing monsters in different ways Leah , who had a deep connection with him could hear everything he thought or spoke .

She was surprised last night when she saw the alert windows pop right in front of her . She was always subconsciously listening in to her brother's thoughts . It was because of this that her profeciency with her gift always kept increasing . She had found this method when she was 14 . Since then her gift had evolved twice , and it was easy , because Grimm thought too much .

' But he is much more straight forward .' were her first thoughts as she thought of the new Leo .

She had directly fallen asleep as soon as she laid on the bed , but was woken up by an alert . She slowly listened in to her brother's thoughts as he talked to the ' System ' and got more and more surprised as time went on .

She discovered the limitations of the current abilities of his gift . If gifts were ranked based on the empire's old system , his would be an rank at the very least .

She was listening to whatever her brother had been saying since the morning , and there were many alerts as well . The ones that caught her interest the most were the ones about how he should train his magic . The 'System' had said he would train rice as fast if he set up a foundation according to the ' System' . She was surprised , to say the least . She did the same thing her brother did , and it worked the same .

She had an unusually high affinity with mana . This meant she could directly see mana in the air and that her mana capacity and mana regeneration were extremely high . The last she checked her mana was what got her to reach basic intermediate rank . Mana naturally strengthened any living creature's body , so her physical body was currently as strong as her brother , but what he called strength and agility weren't as high .

' He is training all of it .' She thought as she saw the alert of mana training finishing .

' His training speed is the fastest I've heard of .' She thought as she heard him say " Get rid of that . No more alerts till I'm done ." it seems he didn't read the alert .

She laid on her bed , as she thought of how to become stronger .

' He'd be as strong as me in about a month . He loves killing , so his combat training might even be excessive .'

She thought of him leaving her behind and going away because it won't be safe for her to follow him .

' What do I do ?' she asked herself as her eyes started tearing up . 'just 4 more days and then he would grow like crazy .'

She slowly started sobbing as she kept hearing him torture some monsters to death . " Take my claw and die ." he said . " Can my wings be used to kill too " he said " I wonder what elly is doing ?" he said .

[ Discovered source of disturbance ! A relative of the old host has been spying on User Leo .]

She heard another alert and panicked , thinking she would be discovered by Leo .

[ The disturbance has no hostility towards user Leo .]

[ Name of Gift : Psychic ]

[ Name of user : Leah Grimm ]

[ Holds a special place in user Leo's heart .]

[ Calculating results of exterminating ...]

[ Most common result : User Leo's death .]

' What's happening ? Why is ther e no response from Leo ' She thought but she heard Leo's voice in her head " Killing that one will be troublesome . Wait for me . Just a few more days and I will be strong enough ."

She giggled as she heard him plan for killing a monster ' must be an upper -low' She thought .

[ Discovered strong connection between Leah Grimm and user Leo ]

[ Calculating benefits ...]

[ Faster growth of user Leo .]

[ Gift psychic will prove very useful .]

[ Personality mostly matching User Leo .]

[ Error : Genetic signatures are not the same .]

[ Potential for an ally detected .]

[ Leah Grimm , would you like to become an ally of User Leo ?


She was stunned . What were all these alerts. They just showed themselves for half a second then vanished . Half of them she couldn't even read . ' What does it mean by ally ?' She though because this alert wasn't going away . She wanted to know more and the system complied on its own .

[ An ally has the basic benefits of a gift that can be shared . In this case User Leo's gift:Dragon's ability growth and rapid regeneration can be shared .]

[ An ally would also receive limited permissions from the system , namely , to see their attributes , growth and to see their gift ]

[ An ally would become connected with the user , but in this case your connection will be strengthened .]

She thought for a moment , than said " These are all benefits for me , are there any demerits ?"

[ If the ally directly betrays User Leo , they will die within a month.]

She waited for more alerts to pop up but when nothing came up she said "I don't think I will ever betray brother , so you can show the other demerits too ."

[ Nothing else , that can be called a demerit , is present in the database .]

[ Do you accept ? Y/N]

She thought for a bit then said with a smile " Obviously ."

[ Registering Leah Grimm as an ally ]

[ No need to inform User Leo found ]

[ Leah Grimm is following a mana/vitality path ]

[ The system will design a training guide going along the mana/vitality path]

She wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled brightly as she thought ' I guess he won't be able to leave me behind anymore .'

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