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Yan Chen suddenly had an evil idea and smiled slyly, "Perhaps, that was just a t.i.tle she had designed for herself. However, she is undoubtedly someone evil and doesn't seem to care for those of us who come from the human realm!

Gu Xijiu looked at the people who were fighting further away and smiled, "Since she doesn't care about us, we shouldn't do her any favors as well. She was the one who released the monsters. It only made sense for them to chase after her. Let's now witness her true capabilities and hope she doesn't embarra.s.s the t.i.tle of 'fairy'."

All of them sat in a circle and enjoyed their food as they watched the battle. They were so happy when they saw the young lady being chased by the two monsters and almost applauded. They were combat experts, and it was easy for them to determine the situation of the battle.

"Her Kung Fu is pretty good, and I think her spiritual power is probably higher than Overlord Long and the others. Perhaps, she had already achieved level ten, but it is probably still lower than Celestial Master Zuo's." Le Qingxing criticized.

"Indeed, her strategies doesn't look like it was from our era. Look at the giant beside her; its spiritual power is probably around level nine. Besides that, every single attack from the Heaven Halberd was powerful enough to make a big slide on the stupid dragon." Qian Lingyu said.

"So what, the two monsters didn't feel a thing! I feel that they might not be able to kill them even if they fought for an entire day and night." Zhang Chuchu laughed sarcastically.

"Oh! Her hair looks messy, and she seems to be injured. She doesn't look like fairy anymore but rather a crazy woman." Le Zixing laughed.

"Xijiu, both of the monsters are too powerful. We probably couldn't kill them, and if the fairy were unable to kill them, I'm afraid they would end up harming us…"

"No worries, I'll try something later." Gu Xijiu answered casually. Both of the monsters were made from blood and flesh as well; perhaps, they were afraid of being burnt as well. She would lure them to the petroleum swamp later... As she thought about the swamp, she remembered something and immediately leaped from the ground!

Ying Yannuo! Ying Yannuo was still luring the zombies at the swamp!

It has almost been an hour since she had left the petroleum swamp, and Ying Yannuo should have finished luring all the zombies into the swamp already, right? She did mention to him that he had to burn them with fire...

Wait! She had to go and take a look! When she was about to teleport away after she had explained to them what had happened, a deafening explosion occurred from a distance. The explosion was so powerful that the ground shook vigorously!

Gu Xijiu was shocked and looked towards the direction of the explosion! Her face turned pale immediately! The sound had come from the petroleum swamp, and she saw thick black smoke rising into the sky!

"Boom! Boom!" A few more explosions sounded one after another as though the swamp has been loaded with a stack of explosive dynamites.

Gu Xijiu's face turned pale as she looked at the reddish sky.

She had made a terrible mistake! There must have been some explosive particles lingering in midair above the swamp, and the only reason why a chain of explosions had occurred was that the fire had ignited the particles!

However, she was in a hurry earlier and had not thought about it. Hence, she did not tell Ying Yannuo to ignite the swamp only after he had left.

If he had set the fire at the edge of the swamp after luring all the zombies into the swamp, he might not have been able to escape from the explosions even if his Kung Fu was twice as strong as it was now!

An image of Ying Yannuo's body being burned flashed across her mind and Gu Xijiu felt her limbs starting to get numb!

She immediately teleported away without saying a word!

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