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"Xijiu, please stay here with the rest of the girls. I'll lure the zombies away as we can't afford to let them hurt the residents in the city!"

Ying Yannuo whispered into her ear before he hugged her, "Take good care!"

He then retreated and said, "Follow me if you're a man! Let's bring them towards the northeast direction where there is a huge black swamp… Let's move! I've released a firecracker as a signal to ask for a.s.sistance, so our backup should be here soon. When they have arrived, let's kill all of the zombies together! Yan Chen, could you handle those zombies in the northwest region? Le Qingxing, you handle those in the northeast region. I'll handle those in the southwest region...

All of them leaped out from the cabin and headed in their designated direction. In the blink of an eye, the zombies had caught the scent of living humans above their head, and they all wanted to grab Ying Yannuo and his friends. However, Ying Yannuo moved as fast as lightning, and only the tip of his foot touched the zombies' head. He moved more than 20 kilometers away each time he leaped and arrived at the southwest region in no time...

Of course, the zombies wanted to catch him, and they were all running towards him. Although they were running very fast, it was not easy for them to catch him. He was not moving at his fastest speed as he kept a close distance between himself and the zombies so that he could lure them. However, the zombies could never catch him. Therefore, they began running towards the northeast direction...

Yan Chen and Le Qingxing also jumped out from the carriage and executed their mission according to Ying Yannuo's instructions. Both of them were leading a group of zombies that were rushing towards the northwest direction.

The zombies that were initially scattered everywhere were beginning to gather and moved in a specific direction. They were chasing after the three of people who were ahead of them and were moving slowly towards the northwest direction...

Meanwhile, there were only Gu Xijiu, Zhang Chuchu, Little Fox, Le Zixing and Qian Lingyu who was still injured inside the cabin.

Qian Lingyu wanted to jump out from the carriage as well, but Gu Xijiu stopped him, "You can't go!"

Qian Lingyu clenched his fists, "I'm also a man!" He did not want them to look down on him.

"There'll be plenty of opportunities for you to be a man when you're fully recovered!" Gu Xijiu interrupted him. She opened the curtain and looked outside. She realized that a small group of zombies were not following the big group of zombies but instead were rushing straight towards the northeast direction...

Zhang Chuchu also saw it. Her eyes immediately shot opened, "Let me lure those zombies!"

Gu Xijiu pressed on her shoulder, "All of you stay here, let me do it!"

In the blink of an eye, she had arrived in front of the zombies and had successfully caught their attention. She then lured the zombies towards the northwest direction...

It was strange as the zombies normally chased after humans that were in front of them as though they were dogs who had seen a meaty bone.

However, the zombies which Gu Xijiu encountered were rather strange as they seemed to be running away from her as though they were blind whenever Gu Xijiu moved slightly further from them...

Gu Xijiu was cursing silently as her physique was indeed slightly different from an ordinary human. While they were inside the wizard barrier, the zombies never took any initiative to attack her, and she did not b.u.mp into many zombies as well when she was investigating the abandoned town. She thought she was lucky, but it seemed like that was not the case.

It was considered as a good thing that her physique was not attractive to the zombies. However, it was terrible given her current situation as the zombies seemed to have given her the cold shoulder and refused to follow her.

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