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Qian Lingyu nodded aggressively, "I am hanging on! I will keep hanging on! I want to form a strong team with you guys again. I have always dreamed about it from time to time…" The pill was starting to take its effect, and the transformation had been slowed down. He could feel the pain in the nerves all over his body as they bounced uncontrollably. He gritted his teeth to endure the pain, as he knew that Xijiu would surely save him.

Xijiu encountered the same problem that Yan Chen had earlier. The upper wizardry barrier was icy. It would quickly freeze and peel off her skin if she made contact with it. Luckily, Xijiu had prepared herself in advance. Once she had made contact with the surface, she then performed the same spell that she had used to break the previous barrier. However, nothing happened.

It seemed like the way to break the barrier from the outside was completely different than from the inside. Gu Xijiu clenched her fists as she realized this fact.

She did not know much about this wizardry barrier. She had learned some venomous spells from her master in her previous life as an a.s.sa.s.sin. She was taught several ways to break a wizardry barrier that was formed using venomous spells. However, the wizard barrier that she currently faced was a combination of modern venomous spells and ancient magical spells found in this era.

The people from this era might not be able to break it in such a short time. Only she could find a way to break as she had learned both spells before. However, the white zombies were not the traditional kind of zombies. It would be more accurate to call them as the venomous corpses rather than zombies since the corpses were being manipulated by a lethal venomous spell.

Gu Xijiu was lucky enough to have encountered it before. However, what she encountered was not a human, but instead a gorilla. The venomous corpse of the gorilla started attacking her. She spent a lot of efforts to find a way to break the venomous spell.

When she first arrived and saw the white zombies, she could immediately tell that there were similarities between the zombies and the venomous corpse of the gorilla based on their appearances and the way they attacked people, which was why she immediately knew how to kill the zombies.

When she found out about the mastermind behind the deadly spell and that he was still alive, she knew that nothing could stop him and that he would stage a comeback. Therefore, other than practicing her Kung Fu throughout the year, she had also been studying different ways of dealing with him. She had even made some pills using her alchemy knowledge to prepare for such occasions.

Finally, she could put her pills to good use. However, the wizardry barrier seemed to be very wicked. There was no way she could break through it from within, so she had to look for the core of the formation.

The place was too dangerous. More people would enter this place unintentionally if she did not destroy the formation and such incidents would cost them their lives. Therefore, she did not only want to save her friends, but she also wanted to destroy this place.

"Any ideas?" A voice emerged beside her while she was deep in thought, which caught her by surprise. She looked to her side and saw Ying Yannuo floating next to her. He used his clothes and stuck himself to the wizardry barrier to support his body.

Gu Xijiu was a little surprised. She did not realize that Ying Yannuo was already by her side. The level of Kung Fu that he possessed was beyond his capabilities. His Kung Fu level was just past six, but he could perform Kung Fu abilities which were level eight or higher. Moreover, some of his Kung Fu abilities were beyond comprehension, especially his ability to track and keep up with her.

Gu Xijiu was the miracle of her era, and she was always full of surprises. However, she had a feeling that this kid was another miracle. Instead of showing off, he seemed to be suppressing his power so that he would appear weaker. Who was he? He did not seem like a typical 15-year-old. The things he knew and comprehended did not look like it was something a kid would understand. Did he travel through time too?

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