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"There is nothing to be scared of; we will kill all of them! The more we manage to kill the better! After all, we will be heroes again in 20 years time. I will make it to Tianju Hall! I will wipe out all of them!"

She could tell that the voice belonged to Zhang Chuchu.

"Find another way!" She could recognize Yan Chen's voice as well.

"Let me down; you should leave me behind…" The voice sounded weak. She did not expect it to be coming from Qian Lingyu. Apparently, he was injured.

While Mu Dian was observing the ongoing scenario, Gu Xijiu, who was standing next to him a while ago, had already jumped across the barrier He followed behind her and took a leap over the barrier as well. Even Mu Dian who was an experienced and knowledgeable person was shocked at what he saw.

There was another dimension within the clouds. Indistinctly, he could tell that there was a town in the distance. The town was filled with many houses located along a vast maze of streets. It was nothing more than an ordinary town.

The snowstorms raged on furiously. In the blizzard, the snow swirled densely, wreaking havoc along its way. It was almost impossible for them to open their eyes or even mouths, as the snowstorm was severe. The raging snows were even thicker than fog.

When Gu Xijiu landed, she could hardly keep her balance in the storm.

"Look out!" Mu Dian pulled her forward abruptly. He then pulled out his sword and hit something which was behind her.

In the snow, she could hear a sharp cry which sounded inhuman. A white shadow took a few clumsy steps backward and quickly retreated. There were drops of blood on the layer of white snow. The air was filled with a stinking, rotten smell.

Gu Xijiu fixed her eyes on the shadow, and she roughly recognized its face. The face was grey and was covered with brown spots. Its limbs were stiff and tense, and it was dressed in white linen clothes. Its movements, however, were incredibly fast.

It tried to grab her the moment she landed. All of its fingers were pitch black and was as sharp as a knife. The stinking smell was slowly becoming unbearable.

Mu Dian pierced its chest with his sword, and it went through its heart. However, he was only able to shove him backward a couple of steps before it started to attack again.

At the same time, another shadow had appeared from inside the snowstorm and attacked them as well. Were they zombies?

A light flickered in Mu Dian's eyes. He shook his palm, and a ma.s.sive fireball emerged from his sword. The ball was aimed directly at the white zombie.

The zombie took a direct hit, but the zombie did not burn like Mu Dian had expected it would. It was not afraid of fire.

These zombies were quick. From within the raging snowstorm, seven or eight pairs of claws immediately appeared and attacked them. Mu Dian quickly waved his sword and made a long sweep to get rid of the zombies that had surrounded them.

The zombies were neither afraid of fire nor his sword. It was beginning to bother Mu Dian. Just when he was trying to figure out another way, Gu Xijiu disappeared like the wind.

In the blink of an eye, she confronted one of the zombies. She moved to its side and raised her hand to seize it by its throat. In a flash, she forcefully rotated its neck at a weird angle.

She could hear the sound of its bones shattering. The zombie's head had been broken, and it fell to the ground, unable to move. Seeing her quick and merciless move, Mu Dian somehow felt a cold chill running down the back of his spine. Soon, he realized that it was a great way to kill these monsters.

"Beware, don't let it bite you! You can easily break their necks with your hands," Gu Xijiu voice could be heard from within the heavy snow. She moved as swiftly as lightning and confronted the next zombie.

Mu Dian braced himself and did what she said. He flew over to confront the nearest zombie and immediately broke his neck without hesitation.

Both of them were some of the best fighters in their league. Once they had grasped the way to kill the monster, fighting it was very easy to them.

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