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According to the rules of the continent, all clans are not to be involved in the conventional wars between kingdoms. This was probably the reason why the war had lasted for so long, and there had been countless casualties as of today...

If the war continued, all the people in the three kingdoms would be significantly affected, and the continent might need to be reshuffled…

It was told that the overlords of the three clans, Tianju Hall, and some other smaller clans had asked for advice from The Lord, and had even thought about inviting him personally to settle the war.

However, when Gu Canmo was finally able to contact the Messenger Jiangshan and delivered everyone's message, he replied two weeks later and said, "Let it be."

Gu Canmo was angry with his reply!

Everyone understood that it was normal for the continent to be reshuffled. However, they had been living peacefully for so long and was used to it. Now when the war had started, they could hardly stand witnessing the people suffering from the pain due to the loss of their family and property. They wanted to solve this using their capabilities.

However, The Lord had a strict rule that all clans are never to get themselves involved in a war. If they ever got themselves involved in a war, they would be punished severely. Therefore, even if they were impatient, they could not do anything other than to send their spies out to collect information.

A few days ago, Tianju Hall received information that some of the corpses on the battlefield had gone missing. Some people also started going crazy for no apparent reason…

The case was considered an evil event!

Thus, Tianju Hall immediately sent out a large group of people to investigate this matter. They had been divided into several teams, and nearly all the elites in Tianju Hall were sent out on different missions.

What Gu Canmo said was right. It was a real battlefield where the students could practice. They should not disappoint him and are expected to investigate this event thoroughly.

Gu Xijiu received the task to check on Emperor Xuan who might have been possessed by an evil spirit… So she brought Ying Yannuo to the palace.

What Gu Xijiu saw was even more intense than what she had watched in a drama. After she thought for a while, she guessed that the n.o.ble Consort Jing who was sentenced to death earlier by Emperor Xuan had in fact been wrongly accused. It was an excuse that the Emperor had come up with to trigger the war.

Prior to political interests, a woman's chast.i.ty reputation was something not worth mentioning. In the eyes of a cruel politician like Emperor Xuan, it was something that could easily be satisfied.

After Gu Xijiu investigated, she knew that her speculation was right. She had met the n.o.ble Consort Jing before, so she decided to dress up as her in order to scare Emperor Xuan and also to investigate what had happened to him. Whether he was possessed by an evil spirit…

Through her conversation with Emperor Xuan, Gu Xijiu knew that Emperor Xuan was still the same person she knew, or at least his spirit was the same, so she suspected that Emperor Xuan had been drugged.

Now, she had found drug residue inside Emperor Xuan's body which was evident that he had been drugged.

However, due to the limitations of her technical equipment, she was unable to determine what type of drug it was and therefore was unable to formulate the antidote.

Gu Xijiu clenched her fists, "It would be good if Overlord Long were here."

Long Xi was a doctor and also a biology expert. With his skill, he would have no problem formulating the antidote.

Ying Yannuo glanced at her and pursed his lips. He slowly said, "Actually, it isn't that hard to solve this problem."

Gu Xijiu was shocked, "What do you mean? Do you want to kill Emperor Xuan?"

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