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Little Fox had direly needed a companion to coordinate with her; the presence of Ying Yannuo was thereby like a timely rain in a drought. After making some slight adaptations to the battle group, he was soon able to keep up with Gu Xijiu's footsteps. The coordination between the three was nearly sublime, defeating and beating the c.r.a.p out of every other group...

Gu Xijiu felt relieved—no longer was Little Fox wallowing in languidness and low spirits.

There had just been a big snowfall.

The snow had just turned clear; the moon had just risen.

Gu Xijiu softly pushed the gate open and walked into the courtyard.

This is where Di Fuyi had used to live. After he left the place had been closed since, with no one but Gu Xijiu ever entering it again.

Di Fuyi had an eccentric personality and did not allow people to walk into his place freely. Therefore, Gu Canmo had not sent his disciples for housekeeping and domestic duties after Di Fuyi had left.

On the contrary, it was Gu Xijiu who strolled into his place once every two or three days.

She came there to clean, to tidy up the house.

She had lived in the housing in this place for about half a month and developed a feeling for it. The feeling was especially strong after Di Fuyi had left, and she would visit the place every time she thought of him…

As she could hardly sleep again tonight, she went straight to this place.

The moonlight hung there like a pale and white disc in the sky. It was another full moon night, yet over here it was as empty as ever—as it always had been.

Gu Xijiu perched on a large tree in the courtyard and looked at the bracelet on her wrist, then again at the moon in the sky: "Di Fuyi, you told me to give you a year for you to see me again. But it has been a year and five months, and there's still no any news of you. You've broken our promise!"

No one responded to her. The pale gold bracelet on her wrist that brimmed with light and color was equally responseless.

She let out a small smile and took a sip of the liquor in the calabash.

The liquor had a slightly bitter and astringent taste in the mouth.

She had been extremely busy in this year and something—busy practicing, busy studying, busy refining medicine, busy creating, and busy inventing. Her days spun restlessly like a never stopping spinning-top.

She had grown accustomed to reticence, so no one suspected anything about what she felt. She carried on with her life as usual with an everyday vibrancy and vitality, so no one knew that what she had in mind was growing heavier by the day, threatening to break itself loose...

And it is only when everyone has fallen asleep that she permits herself to indulge in the thoughts of him here.

She hugged her knees and thought. So this is what the sense of longing feels like, as though something is gnawing at heart. Anytime she gets slightly lost in concentration her head would be full of thoughts of him...

She raised her hand and knocked at the bracelet on her wrist: "Celestial Master Zuo, where in the world have you run to? You could have at least sent me a letter telling me that you're safe! You've once said that you would marry me when I'm 18, are you only going to meet me when I reach that age?!"

Naturally, the bracelet would not reply to her. She let out a slight sigh again and took another sip of liquor.

Because of his breaking of their promise, she had gone around everywhere for half a year trying to catch wind of his news. It was also helpless enough that Celestial Master Zuo had a too elusive and secretive presence; there was n.o.body who knew anything about his whereabouts at all. Even 四使 seemed to have vanished without a trace.

To the common person, this was all too normal for someone like Celestial Master Zuo.

Never mind a year and a half. His longest record of going missing was five years! At that time everyone had thought that Celestial Master Zuo had met some sort of sudden calamity, but no one expected him to be back nonchalantly after five years…

Therefore, no one paid much heed to his disappearance this time around. In the whole wide world, Gu Xijiu was probably the only person who grew worried at his absence…

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