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The students were those who favored the civil solution of violence at any sign of discord; so when they saw Ying Yannuo was that good at fighting, those who thought themselves to be quite something could hardly hold themselves back from declaring a challenge——

Of course, they were not that shameless to wear him down by a series of consecutive battles of attrition; so there were only two challengers every day.

Therefore, the martial arts field always showed a variety of people-throwing performances. After a month, everyone was thrown entirely into the acknowledgment of his strength!

As Gu Xijiu had already covertly become the boss of Ziyun primary cla.s.s and succeeded in defeating every cla.s.s unrivaled at that time, every student was keen to egg on her to battle with Ying Yannuo as well to see what would the confrontation between two great powers yield.

Gu Xijiu initially disagreed with their proposals; she did not want to bully a child. Ying Yannuo was only 15 years old when he first entered the cla.s.s, and perhaps owing to delayed p.u.b.erty, he did not have a tall stature, being only about 1.65 meters in height.

As Gu Xijiu was already sixteen at that time with a height nearing 1.70 meters, she thought that in a fight against that kid even victory would feel dirty and unfair, but then Ying Yannuo directly sent her a written declaration of the challenge.

If he lost he was to be her younger brother; if she lost she had to concede him as her older brother. That letter was not on an ordinary level of arrogance and obnoxiousness.

Just because Gu Xijiu did not want to fight does not mean that she was afraid to fight; so she accepted the challenge. The day of the open martial arts duel between Gu Xijiu and Ying Yannuo shook everyone in Tianju Hall; the spectators crowded the venue to the brim.

The battle between the two was full of vibrancy and excitement, much to the enjoyment of the crowd; the outcome was what everyone had expected as well; Ying Yannuo lost by the difference of a mere move, letting Gu Xijiu becoming the boss.

At that time the triumvirate between Gu Xijiu, Lan Waihu, and Qian Lingyu had already been broken; Qian Lingyu had entered the twin Le Zixing's faction, while Gu Xijiu had formed a new alliance with Lan Waihu and Zhang Chuchu.

After Ying Yannuo acknowledged Gu Xijiu as the boss, he formally and openly entered Gu Xijiu's faction, immediately squeezing out Zhang Chuchu.

An important element in a triad is group combat; with every change of member, there needs to be new research and formulation of battle tactics.

Zhang Chuchu was not too familiar with the art of coordination when she first entered the triad and often unknowingly harmed Little Fox in group battles, much to the chagrin of Gu Xijiu. It was not until two months of the group practice that Zhang Chuchu learned to adapt; in spite of this, they still lost a battle against Le Zixing's group in the tournament.

As Qian Lingyu was a member of Le Zixing's group, Little Fox was very upset and incensed when she received a huge and painful blow from who had once been her bosom friend. Qian Lingyu had come to her with vulnerary medicine after the incident, but she refused to appreciate the act and threw both men and medicine out of her sight.

Little Fox had even entered a phase of dejection due to that incident, questioning why conflicts and enmities that have nothing to do with them would affect their friendship…

Zhang Chuchu was naturally without much thought on the battlefield. So even after she had learned to adapt to group battles in practice, she would still tend to lose herself in actual combat and forget to coordinate with her partner.

Therefore, when Gu Xijiu partied with her in the battle tournament they started to have losses even among victories—no longer was their group the invincible and undefeated Trinity...

Zhang Chuchu was still very willing to be in Gu Xijiu's group and did not want to leave, but ever since that terrible Ying Yannuo acknowledged Gu Xijiu as the boss, he began to provoke Zhang Chuchu publicly, challenging her to a battle every day as long as she still has not left.

Zhang Chuchu had already been defeated and thrown by him into fear before, so she could only leave and give her place to him. Ying Yannuo's forte was the same as Qian Lingyu's—the spiritual power of fire. Though his fire spirit power was not as strong as Qian Lingyu's, he was extremely masterful in fighting and group battles, being able to unleash a full and veritable magnitude of force by only exerting half of his external abilities.

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