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Did she feel stressed when she saw Celestial Master Zuo? Is that why she ran away?

"Alright, Xijiu, dig in when it's still hot! It's healthier to eat it warm." Di Fuyi scooped some vegetables for her.

"Let's wait for Qian Lingyu first." After all, he was paying for the food; it would not be polite if they did not wait for him. However, she paused before she even finished her sentence when she realized that Qian Lingyu was gone!

Did he also run away?

"What have you done again?" Gu Xijiu directed an audio message to Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi frowned, "I have been sitting here with you. What could I have done?"

"Why did Qian Lingyu leave without saying goodbye?"

"Uhh, he probably couldn't pay for it and just left." Di Fuyi casually answered.

Impossible! Qian Lingyu did not seem to be the kind of person to run away from paying a bill. Gu Xijiu knew how much of money he had too. Every single time they went to the night market to sell pills, Qian Lingyu Gu Xijiu would pay him at least 80-100 spiritual stones.

Although he was a big spender, he seemed to have improved his financial management recently and should have at least 1,800 spiritual stones.

Gu Xijiu suddenly thought of something and looked at the dishes on the table, "How much do these dishes cost?"

"Not expensive as I prepared the ingredients. The chef is only responsible for cooking. It probably costs about 5000 spiritual stones."

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

She recalled that Yan Chen had treated her a meal before. She brought the mussel along and ordered large pots of food, but the total bill was only about 2,000 spiritual stones. Yan Chen already labeled her as a thief at that time!

Compared to the treat from Qian Lingyu, that was like a peanut. Qian Lingyu would definitely remember this for the rest of his life.

And, he would never come near to them wherever Celestial Master Zuo was there. Pity Qian Lingyu as he got badly slaughtered the first time he treated a meal.

"Did you send him any directed audio message? Otherwise, he would not just run away even though he couldn't pay for it. Besides that, the cashier wouldn't let him go as well…"

Di Fuyi praised her, "You're so smart. I gave him two options: one is to work in the cafeteria for five years to pay back the debt, and the other is to leave now, and I'll pay for the food later. If he chose option two, he should also leave whenever he sees the two of us having a meal together. Qian Lingyu didn't say anything and chose the second option. He left! Xijiu, he sold you for 5,000 spiritual stones. Tsk tsk! How could he do this…"

Gu Xijiu was speechless, "Stop bothering us, Lingyu is not someone like this. We're still friends even though we're not eating together. I'd make the same decision if I were him."

She believed everyone would choose the same the option. When she was about to dig in, someone barged into the cafeteria and threw a big bag on the counter, "5,000 spiritual stones here!"

The cashier opened the bag and poured a bagful of spiritual stones on the counter.

Gu Xijiu looked at Qian Lingyu who was sitting beside her. She felt terrible as she already found out the truth, "Where did you get so many spiritual stones?"

Qian Lingyu did not answer. He raised his head and glared at Di Fuyi, "Celestial Master Zuo, I've cleared the debts. Does this mean I can eat with Xijiu in the future?"

Di Fuyi looked at the stubborn boy and smiled, "I mean, if you couldn't afford to pay, then you shouldn't interrupt us whenever I'm having meals with Xijiu. Just because you cleared the debt, that doesn't mean that you can disturb us either, you got it?"

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