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Di Fuyi urged her to change as he could not wait to see her dance.

Gu Xijiu felt that she should ask for some benefits as well since she would be seducing him, "Oh right, it would consume a lot of energy to dance, so I think I probably can't fly anymore after I dance."

Di Fuyi was easy-going at this moment, "If you really have no more energy later, you can postpone the outstanding balance to tomorrow night."

Gu Xijiu was speechless, "Why can't you let me go?"

Di Fuyi answered frankly, "This is the best excuse to date you."

Gu Xijiu rubbed her eyebrows, "You might as well punish me 100 times then!"

Di Fuyi was happy, "That's a good idea!"

Gu Xijiu wanted to kick his a.s.s! He has probably never approached any girl before. He was supposed to say something more romantic.

Di Fuyi patted her head, "Hurry up! Or else, the punishment will be doubled."

Gu Xijiu smacked his hand. He liked to pat her head, and she felt like a little kid everytime he did that. However, she secretly felt warm and sweet in her heart.

That was the first time she had that kind of feeling. The feeling of happiness when she spent time with someone. They interacted like friends, but she was so happy about it.

Gu Xijiu's pole dancing was exquisite. There was once she pretended to be a social b.u.t.terfly dancing on the stage around a pole. She wore a proper costume, but many of the audiences had a nosebleed.

When she stood in front of Di Fuyi after she changed, he looked at her from head to toe and then back to the head again. His eyes were sparkling!

Gu Xijiu purposely bent down and shook her body in front of him and then flipped her long hair, "How is it? Do I look good?"

Di Fuyi took a deep breath and suppressed his desire, "Amazing!"

Her body figure was fantastic now. It was difficult to see when she wore her school uniform, but now that she was wearing a light blue singlet and a short tight semi-transparent mini skirt... When she spun, her long legs were so attractive. Di Fuyi was in trouble.

Her smooth shoulders and collar bones, her thin and long arms, her firm abdomen, and her long legs were all exposed! She had gentle curves too. The pair of high heels made her legs even longer; Gu Xijiu was now an alluring woman who fell from the heavens, and every single move she made could kill him!

H could not believe the costumes had such a shocking effect. Di Fuyi placed his hands on his instrument and suppressed his desires so that he would not rush forward.

A wild goose suddenly flew over his head, and Di Fuyi waved his sleeve without hesitation. The wild goose fell straight onto the ground.

Gu Xijiu was shocked, "You're still hungry?"

Di Fuyi threw the wild goose into the bushes and said, "Yes, I'm starving! Dance!"

Di Fuyi was really a talented musician. He could remember all the tones and pitches of the English song that Gu Xijiu sang earlier even though he only listened to it once. As the music was getting louder, Gu Xijiu began to spin on top of the pole.

The dance was originally a catchy dance, coupled with her skill of Qing Gong; Gu Xijiu looked majestic and seductive at the same time. She coiled her body around the pole and suddenly stood horizontally like a flag waving on a pole.

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