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However, the little girl was confused about her feelings. In fact, she liked Long Siye as though she would like a brother...

And the thing he needed to do was to help her to identify her feelings instead of fishing for her...

He must have gone insane before he would listen to Mu Yun!

He got up and wanted to pay her a visit. However, he quickly denied his thought.


She must have been exhausted, it was better to let her have a good rest.

Everything could be left until tomorrow.

Indeed, Gu Xijiu was really exhausted. She almost fell asleep instantly right after she lied down on the bed.

She had a dream and it was kind of a strange one.

In the dream, she became a baby who was less than three months old. She was like a diver floating in a crystal-made coffin full of pinkish fluid.

Outside the crystal coffin was a handsome man wearing a big white robe.

Long Xi!

Wait, although he looked exactly like Long Xi, he had a certain aura, a dominant aura.

He was the lunatic scientist!

The man was looking at her as he smiled; he placed his hands on the coffin, "My dear, you're so perfect! You're even more perfect than Xi."

While she was looking at him, her eyes opened widely.

The man laughed softly, "You're awake huh? Come on girl, call me daddy."

She slightly frowned but was still looking at him.

"Girl, the Su couple just want an organ bank for their daughter, but I don't think that's a good idea. I made you and you're so much stronger and better than their own daughter."

The mad scientist was talking to himself as he looked at her floating in the crystal coffin. He talked to her and also injected some solution into the coffin.

Apparently, she suffered in the fluid as she had never stopped rolling and turning freely.

The mad scientist was still watching her, he tried to observe every single reaction and motion.

Finally, she had stopped rolling and her body slowly settled in the fluid. She seemed to have grown longer and looked like a one-year-old kid now...

After a series of observation, the scientist took off his robe and put on a fake beard before he left.

The scenes in her dream changed rapidly and she got quite confused by it.

The scenes of the mad scientist talking to her and a handsome boy rushing in to look at her was continuously exchanging, repeatedly.

That was probably the childhood Long Xi!

Little Long Xi was initially curious when he looked at her, however, his gaze looked strange after some time as though he was looking at a pitiful girl... he must have heard something from other people.

Little Long Xi always talked to her as well but she never responded. She only looked at him and listened to his problems.

When he almost finished sharing his thoughts, he even grabbed his fists and said, "I hate the Ye couple! They are too selfish! We're both clones but they never take us as humans. You're even worse than I am, as they only treat you like an organ bank - always ready to donate any organs to their daughter whenever she needed them..."

She probably found his action of punching interesting, as that was the first time she smiled in the coffin.

Little Long Xi was surprised and rushed forward, he leaned on the crystal coffin, "Hey, you smiled! You finally smiled! You're so lovely, you know!"

She took a flip in the fluid and her little hand accidentally pressed on the wall of the crystal coffin.


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