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"My Lord, in fact, everyone carries the inclination of liking something new and neglecting the old ones.

We tend to attempt conquering something we can't get. The more effort you put in, the harder she would look you in the eye. You have to ignore her, let her know you'll be great even without her, let her suffer from losing you and then she would understand her feelings and accept you. By then, you can do whatever you want&h.e.l.lip;" Mu Yun sighed.

It was very quiet in the house as Mu Yun finally felt thirsty after talking so much about his past.

In fact, The Lord was always so great and mighty and he had never experienced such a complicated matter as most of the time they only talked about work issues.

That was indeed his first time asking about matters of relationships, and that was his first time to discuss it. Mu Yun was very excited as the mighty Lord had finally looked more likely to be human. Thus, Mu Yun would answer any question from The Lord.


His eyes were sparkling after he finished talking as he was waiting for The Lord's compliment.

Unexpectedly, Di Fuyi sighed, "Indeed, you're a playboy with thousands of ideas!"

Mu Yun replied awkwardly, "Thank you, My Lord."

"Gu Xijiu once told me there were countless of jerks in the world. I didn't agree with her but it seemed to be real!"

Mu Yun remained silent, as he felt something was not right.

Di Fuyi took a glimpse of him, "I think I should reward you since you've contributed so many ideas."

He then clapped his hands, "Mu Feng, come in!"

Mu Feng quickly rushed into the house.

Di Fuyi casually said, "Send Mu Yun to the Sandy Beach for a few days, I heard the girls are quite attractive there. I'm sure Mu Yun will have fun!"

Mu Yun was shocked!

The environment was not only bad in the Sandy Beach, but they were short of men while the girls were very aggressive, as though they were mosquitoes on the prowl for a blood pool. What was worse, was that the girls looked very ugly!

He could even imagine those boyish girls chasing after him while they were digging their nose...

He quickly kneeled, "My Lord, could you send me somewhere else?"

He was afraid his hot physique would be destroyed and turn into a skinny body...

"My Lord, I'd rather go to the Fireland!"

Di Fuyi did not bother him as he never had a plan to offer any discount for a penalty.

Therefore, Mu Feng tapped on his shoulder with sympathy, "Let's go, Little Yun. You should have fun there!" In the meantime, he was walking away while dragging Mu Yun.

Mu Feng was very happy as Mu Yun always boasted about his flirtatious history in front of the three of them and he even laughed at them for not being romantic enough. Haha! Karma does bite back!

Di Fuyi ma.s.saged his eyebrow as he realized he had sought advice from the wrong person and behaved like a jerk.

Look at the girls he got, one was pretending to be elegant and another was insulting people's sincerity. How could they be comparable to his Little Xijiu!?

Gu Xijiu was always being decisive in terms of relationship matters, she would never play around with feelings. If she knew it was not going to work, she would cut all ties decisively...

For example, she was nice to Long Siye and really wanted to be with him. Thus, she wanted to keep a distance from Di Fuyi and tried everything to push him away.


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