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Hua Wuyan was a brilliant woman. She managed to guess which one was Gu Xijiu after comparing the image of Gu Xijiu in her mind with the two young ladies she met just now.

When she last met Gu Xijiu, she was just a little girl less than 150cm in height. Gu Xijiu had a red spot on her forehead at the time, so she was considered ugly in Hua Wuyan's eyes. However, the Gu Xijiu she saw just now was extremely beautiful! If Di Fuyi never mentioned it, she would never know that it was Gu Xijiu!

She could not help but look at Di Fuyi and ask, "Miss Xijiu is also a student in the Ziyun cla.s.s?"

Di Fuyi calmly replied, "Three of them are all from Ziyun's top cla.s.s."

When he finished his sentence, they heard shouting from Qian Lingyu from the next lounge, "Hey, is that Yan Chen? Yan Chen! Yan Chen! Look here!"

Then, there was another shout from Lan Waihu, "Brother Yan Chen!"

After a while, Yan Chen's voice was heard in the next lounge, "Three of you are all here! I have been looking for you!"

Naturally, after Yan Chen heard the shouting from Qian Lingyu, he leaped directly from the street into the lounge.

"Why are you looking for us?" Come on, sit down and have a drink first." Qian Lingyu was hospitable and immediately asked Yan Chen invited Yan Chen to join them.

Yan Chen sat down and had a design blueprint in his hand. He took it out for them to see, "Xijiu, aren't you looking for a sea dragon palace courtyard? I have drawn out the design. Take a look!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She was just joking with him at the time, but he had taken it seriously!

Yan Chen explained to her, "It is not difficult to get a red coral tree, but I think one is enough for your courtyard. If you want the courtyard to be full of red coral trees, I found a red tree that looks like a red coral tree so you can plant them in your garden. Regarding your request to have a jade wall, and luminous pearls of lights, plus a tortoisesh.e.l.l as a bed, all these are too luxurious requests and are not practical. There is a reputable shop in town that makes a green tile that can replace the jade wall. Oh yea, there is a kind of white jade bed that is quite similar to a tortoise sh.e.l.l but is thousands of times cheaper. Moreover, I managed to find a luminous pearl. I can give it to you, but it is not shiny enough to be a bright light. I think it can be used as a candle in the room…"

Gu Xijiu was stunned, "You were looking for me to show me this design?"

Yan Chen answered, "I have to get your permission first before I can implement it. I have done a budget plan. It only requires 1,800 spiritual stones and 5,000 dollars. This does not exceed the budget you suggested before. 2,000 spiritual stone should be enough for everything."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. Although Yan Chen portrayed himself as a very cool person, he was very caring. Lan Waihu was very lucky!

Although she was just joking with Yan Chen at the time, he took it seriously and managed to design it.

She did not plan to renovate her courtyard at first. However, since other people were so concerned about her, she should accept the offer. Therefore, she took the blueprint and looked at it thoughtfully. Then, she started to draw on it to add and remove specific things. She was very talented in design. The original design from Yan Chen looked like a counterfeit of the Sea Dragon Palace, but after Gu Xijiu modified it, the plan was now more elegant and cla.s.sy.

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