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Qian Yueran replied, "I heard that there was an attack in Tianju Hall, and Brother Di was badly injured, so we came here to visit and comfort him."

Long Siye was speechless, "He is Celestial Master Zuo. He would not be injured so easily. He was just acting that time and brought a few bags of blood to pretend to bleed."

Hua Wuyan was relieved and said sweetly, "I see. As I told you, Brother Di is so powerful. How can other people attack him so easily? It might be true if he hit other people until they bleed." After she finished her sentence, she was still worried and asked Long Siye, "Oh yea, Brother Long, you are good at medicine right? Did you help Brother Di to diagnose if he is okay?"

Long Siye was stunned, "I… Brother Di was not even hurt. I think he does not need my diagnosis and treatment…"

Hua Wuyan frowned, "How do you know he was not hurt if you did not even diagnose?"

Before she finished her sentence Di Fuyi interrupted, "I am okay and you don't need to worry about me. That man is very ambitious. I think you guys should worry about yourselves."

Long Siye was surprised, "I thought the culprit was killed, wasn't he?"

Di Fuyi chuckled, "How can he die so easily? The one that died was only the puppet. If I am not wrong, the soul of that man was only injured lightly, and he can still revive himself in someone else's body. His primary target should be the heaven's gift disciples, so I think all of you should be more careful. Don't let anyone occupy your body. Further to this, the one who attacked Tianju Hall is probably not the main culprit. He should be one of the leaders of a secret party. Now the so-called "Master Gu" has suffered a major loss in Tianju Hall, so I believe they will move their target from Tianju Hall to the other heaven's gift disciples."

Everyone was silent for a while.

Long Siye frowned, "The trap we set that day was the lava refined by spiritual fire. The spiritual fire should be able to kill all kinds of ghosts and monsters."

Di Fuyi replied calmly, "The fire can only kill normal ghosts and monsters but not the devils. Master Gu has practiced to a level where his spirit can come out from his body so the spiritual fire could not destroy him."

Hua Wuyan interrupted, "I heard that there were thousands of dead puppet attacking Tianju Hall…"

"They were no ordinary dead puppets. They were controlled with venomous spells. As they had both characteristics at the same time, the tricks they issued were bizarre and hard to deal with. If Xijiu didn't suggest using fire and setting the lava trap beforehand, we would not win the battle so easily."

Hua Wuyan was stunned for a moment, "Xijiu? Is she the disciple of The Lord? She is now in Tianju Hall and helped you in the battle…?"

Qian Yueran was surprised too, "That little girl is quite extraordinary and intelligent. I never know that she is so knowledgeable. Perhaps, both of us should visit her. This little girl is pet.i.te in size but very smart enough. I wonder how she looks like now that she has grown up…"

Long Siye was speechless.

Di Fuyi chuckled, "You guys just met her."

Qian Yueran opened his eyes widely, "She was one of the two young girls that we met just now?"

Hua Wuyan's heartbeat grew quicker. She was very sensitive to nature. Although she was impressed with the beauty of Gu Xijiu and Lan Waihu just now, she did not care much about them. However, she never knew that one of them had a marriage engagement with Celestial Master Zuo before!

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