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"You should be the first one. Do you feel honored?"

Di Fuyi lifted his gaze and looked at the green puppets before looking at the purple-robed puppet, "These are the only people that you're bringing with you?"

The purple-robed puppet was shocked but he smiled, "This amount of people is more than enough to handle you!"

He swung his saber in front of Di Fuyi, "Di Fuyi, do you prefer to die slowly or die immediately?"

Di Fuyi sighed, "If you hate me, you can kill me slowly to torture me. If you just want to replace me, you can just kill me immediately."

The purple robed puppet sneered, "You are very calm. Aren't you afraid of death?"

Di Fuyi said seriously, "Will you let me go if I am afraid of dying?"

"Of course not!" The purple-robed puppet responded cruelly. Suddenly he sighed, "Di Fuyi, it is too difficult to catch you. Suddenly I don't feel like killing you…"

"Uh… So?"

"I will let the heaven's gift disciple kill you! You have personally taught him martial arts so if I let him kill you, it is considered a compliment to you." The purple robed puppet threw the saber over to Long Siye, "Overlord Long, don't you hate him? You can kill him for revenge!"

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