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The golden wall was turning red. Finally, it exploded into pieces and flew up in the air together with the booth. At the same time, Di Fuyi and Mu Yun took the opportunity to run away from the explosion.

The purple robed puppet noticed that and changed the tune of the flute.

"Slice, slice…" The few green puppets who stayed at the lakeside raised their hands and issued black flashlights. Along with those flashlights, a big green iron net expanded in the sky until Di Fuyi and Mu Yun almost hit onto it.

Fortunately, both of them were fast in their response. They did a flip in the sky and then landed safely on the ground.

"Di Fuyi, your spiritual power is weak now. I don't think you can run away from me!" The purple robed puppet sneered. He waved his hand to instruct a few people among the green puppet to play the flute in their hands and then the rest of the green puppets fiercely attacked both Di Fuyi and Mu Yun according to the tune of the flute…

It was an intense fight; an earth-shattering fight.

It seemed like the purple-robed puppet was well-prepared this time. The green puppet was very well trained under the influence of the flute and they attacked very fiercely. All the tricks that they played were very strange but brutal.

After watching for a moment, Gu Xijiu realized that the martial art of these green puppets was just slightly weaker than Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing when they were in the dark forest. Apparently, all these green puppet's martial arts were not weak before they died.

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