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Gu Xijiu asked again, "Shall I bend the hook?"

Di Fuyi leaned on the pillar lazily and said, "Who can't fish with a curved hook? It's different if you can get a fish with a straight hook!"

Gu Xijiu paused before she continued speaking, "Celestial Master Zuo, I feel that Jiang Ziya didn't get any fish using a straight hook. He just wanted to be unique to attract the attention of King Wen."

Di Fuyi looked at her, "Then, did I manage to attract your attention? Have you seen me now? Have you seen that I'm different?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

She smiled and replied, "Celestial Master Zuo is too humble. Of course, you're different! There's only one Celestial Master Zuo… He is ranked just below The Lord, but above everyone else."

Di Fuyi interrupted her, "I don't care whether I'm unique in the eyes of other people. I'm asking you whether you think I'm unique."

Gu Xijiu could not speak a word. Di Fuyi was really strange tonight as he hardly spoke earlier. But now that he did, he asked her a tough question.

She took a deep breath and paused. With her eyes wide open, she replied, "Celestial Master Zuo is also unique in Xijiu's eyes…"

"Then, how about Long Siye?"

Gu Xijiu narrowed her eyes. She used to be an a.s.sa.s.sin, and she liked everything to follow her plan. The same applied when it comes to love.

Long Siye was a man that Gu Xijiu had tried so many years to approach. She felt they were a suitable couple, so she gave up everything to get him just like what she planned. However, they were separated due to a ma.s.sive misunderstanding. Fortunately, they b.u.mped into each other again, and they managed to solve the problem. She felt they were meant to be together and Long Siye really loved her. Moreover, she has been courting him for six years in her previous life; there was no reason for them no to be together since the misunderstanding was solved. Gu Xijiu and Long Siye were considered as a perfect couple; Long Siye was as a strong pillar for her, a place for her to hide when she was tired.

Di Fuyi was not part of any plan. He broke into her world and caught her; he aggressively told her that she was his fiancee and he even put her into the Dark Forest and then pretended to be Si Chen to go through the tough challenges with her. However, he just left her alone when he was mad that things did not go his way. He even publicly canceled their engagement.

To make matters worse, Di Fuyi came to Tianju Hall right dating Yun Qingluo on Chinese Valentine's Day and even challenged Yun Qingluo to attack Gu Xijiu. He was biased to Yun Qingluo, but then he insisted on treating Gu Xijiu's injuries when Yun Qingluo stabbed her. Of course, he had an unreasonable condition to treat her as he forced Long Siye to promise that he would never marry Gu Xijiu for the rest of his life.

When she thought he was trying to separate her and Long Siye, he confessed to her.

He always treated heaven's gift disciples differently and looked after them; hence, Gu Xijiu always thought he was doing it for the sake of protecting Long Siye. He wanted Long Siye to stay away from Gu Xijiu. His action made Gu Xijiu feel she was as though a black cat.

Di Fuyi was a charming and mysterious ocean; no one could take their eyes off of him. He could melt someone's heart when he was gentle and sweet. However, he was always unpredictable, and no one knows when the wave would come and engulf them.

Gu Xijiu admitted that he was a unique person in her heart, and she gets easily affected by his actions. However, the fact that he was so unpredictable triggered her alarm bells and made her always want to escape. Even until now, she had no idea whether he really liked her, or if all this was just to p.i.s.s Long Siye off.

Gu Xijiu even suspected that Di Fuyi liked Long Siye. That was the best reason she could think of when he forced her to marry him so that she could not be the third wheel between him and Long Siye.

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