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He was just fooling her when he burned the dress!

He was too fast that time and Gu Xijiu did not pay too much attention to him, that was why his trick had succeeded!

Now when she recalled her reaction when Di Fuyi burned the dress, she was not calm!

Therefore, she stared at the dress and said, "I think this dress should really be burned!"

Di Fuyi coughed, "Let me wear it prettily for a few days first. If you don't like it you can burn it in the future." While he was talking he started to take off the dress.

He was fast in his actions and when Gu Xijiu could react he already started to take off his underwear…

Gu Xijiu's face turned green!

She immediately grabbed his hand, "Stop it!"

Di Fuyi looked up at her, "The underwear is dirty too. It has to be changed." Then he paused, "You are afraid that I will see your body? Alright, you change it for me and I will close my eyes."

He did not continue anymore but had his eyes and arms wide open waiting her to come over to take off the clothes.

Gu Xijiu was in dilemma. She was still using Di Fuyi's body now!

If she went over to help him to undress, it looked like Celestial Master Zuo was undressing Gu Xijiu in person!

This was only the interaction between husband and wife but now she was forced to do so…

When she saw Di Fuyi's look she was even angrier. He looked like he was waiting to be tortured!

If she knew that this would happen, she never would have gone and save him at the lakeside last night!

Fortunately, it left only both of them in the house, thus, it should be fine for her to go and undress him now.

Gu Xijiu made up her mind. She carried the dress and asked him to sit on the bed so that she could change for him.

She acted very quickly and tried not to touch the skin. Although it was her skin, the one who could sense and feel the physical intimacy was Di Fuyi!

However, bad things always came together. Just when Gu Xijiu tried to put the pants onto Di Fuyi's leg, before she could pull the pants up to wear it properly, Lan Waihu ran into the room as quickly as the wind, "Xijiu…"

Gu Xijiu's mind felt like it was being hit by a storm and she quickly grabbed the blanket on the bed to cover Di Fuyi!

Lan Waihu would never expect to see such a shocking scene. She was stunned and stood in front of the door for a while then immediately turned and ran, "I… I did not see anything…"

Then she ran away quickly!

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Gosh! Lan Waihu must be thinking that she was having s.e.x with Di Fuyi…

And she could not explain it clearly anymore this time…

Could she turn the time back to change the fact?

Di Fuyi also came out from the blanket. He was still rational and gave her an idea, "Xijiu, this is easy to handle. You chase her now using my ident.i.ty and force her to shut her mouth!"

Gu Xijiu glared at him angrily, "We don't have to force her to shut her mouth! She will not simply tell anyone about it!"

Di Fuyi sat up and looked at her. He was confused, "Then why do you look so depressed?"

Gu Xijiu took a deep breath. She had decided to be with Long Siye and she mentioned it to Lan Waihu before. Lan Waihu still happily praised that Overlord Long was good and he would be a good husband…

This only happened two days ago and now Lan Waihu saw the scene where Celestial Master Zuo helped Gu Xijiu to wear pants…

This… Would Lan Waihu think that she was a b*tch who flirts around with different guys?

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