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Yun Qingluo was completely stunned. She let him take off her clothes, and let his cool fingertips touch her wounds. He asked, "Qingluo, can you remove this spelled sword?"

Yun Qingluo nodded. She was a conjurer. This spelled sword was mixed with her own blood and some other spells so she could definitely remove the curse and took it off her body.

She backhanded to hold the tip of the sword and pulled the sword out quickly.

Of course, it was a very painful process.

She lied on the bed and almost fainted.

The purple-clothed man had flexible fingers and he started to wipe her wounds and applied some medicine…

Yun Qingluo stared at him. This man looked exactly like Di Fuyi. His height, his facial features, his fingers and everything were exactly the same as the man in her dreams, whom she would never attain.

How about the face behind the mask?

She suddenly raised her hand and took off his mask!

Behind the mask, it was a strange face. There were no eyebrows nor a nose; only eyes and a mouth…

It was the same as what she had created. There were no changes on the face.

She had never seen the real face of Di Fuyi, so when she created the puppet, she did not create the complete facial features because she felt that the puppet would not look like him based on her own imagination.

She was disappointed and wore the mask back on the puppet's face and instantly, he became the living Di Fuyi again.

The puppet could talk to her, celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day with her and let her do whatever she wanted to do as long as she directed him with the puppet technique…

She lightly closed her eyes. Suddenly she thought of something and asked, "What is the mission you mentioned just now? What is that?"

The purple clothed man touched her face and sighed, "Qingluo, how was I made?"

Yun Qingluo answered, "You were made by me. I am a puppet creator…"

"If merely based on your ability, do you think you can make a puppet that looks and smells exactly like him?"

Yun Qingluo remained silent.

She was a master of puppet creation and she could definitely produce a puppet. However, the puppet that she produced was not autonomous and required control by the puppet creator.

Besides, as compared to actual human beings, the action and coordination of the puppet were worse. More importantly, normal puppets had a special smell that could distinguish it from regular people.

She liked Celestial Master Zuo so much, and when she could not get him, she made a puppet that looked like him to kill her boredom. However, the puppet she made had a lot of issues that differentiated the both of them…

Until one day, she followed a man's instructions in a dream. The man taught her a special method of puppet production and also gave her one hair of Di Fuyi…

She remembered that set of complicated steps after waking up from the dream. With the hair of Di Fuyi, she finally managed to create a puppet that looked exactly like him after two years…

Yun Qingluo looked at the puppet which had been accompanying her for two years, "You…"

The puppet held her hand and smiled, "I am different from those puppets. Qingluo, I will always be with you and never leave you. However, you owe that man a favor so you have to pay him…"

Yun Qingluo did not know why, but her heart was shaking, "Who was that man?"

That puppet smiled. He raised his hand to play with her hair on the forehead, "You will know it in the future."

Yun Qingluo said angrily, "I want to know now!"

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