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Yun Qingluo tightly bit her lips. She did not want to answer but she had to, "Celestial Master Zuo received an order from The Lord to punish me and put me into the Fireland for a month."

Her companion was surprised and blurted, "You have never told us about it. Everyone thought that you were accompanying Celestial Master Zuo who was injured and you never denied it…"

Yun Qingluo felt like kicking her companion out of the room. She blushed, "That was your speculation. I have never admitted it."

"But you did not deny it too." When everyone was speculating and asked her personally, she had never denied it and attempted to mislead by saying that she was tired of the trip…

The companion suddenly felt like they were being cheated.

Di Fuyi did not bother her. He glared at Yun Qingluo, "Yun Qingluo, indeed, I am treating you differently from others, but solely because you are the heaven's gift disciple. I have been treating all the heaven's gift disciples the same way. I thought I have told you about it before, do you agree?"

Yun Qingluo was sweating on her forehead, "Yes…"

The fake illusion that she was pampered and favored by Celestial Master Zuo in front of her best friend was fully disclosed. Yun Qingluo felt extremely embarra.s.sed.

"Yun Qingluo, I know that you have unusual feelings towards me. I did not want to embarra.s.s you in public, so I just warned you personally. However, I never knew that you were so stubborn and actually spread such untrue rumors that misled people. I wonder what your motive is."

Yun Qingluo kneeled and bowed to the ground. Her face was as pale as paper and could not even speak a word.

People used to say that Celestial Master Zuo was cruel and unmerciful when he was strict. Now she finally got to witness it.

She loved him crazily and had done everything she could just to be close to him and stayed by his side. She thought that after becoming the heaven's gift disciple, he would treat her differently and fell in love with her. However, it never happened…

The dream finished too fast!

Di Fuyi glanced at her coldly. At first, he thought he would want to leave her some pride so he just warned her not to bring any trouble to Gu Xijiu but focused on practicing. She had promised that she would be well-behaved but now she broke it and created such a big trauma.

Di Fuyi turned his palm and revealed a small broken red sword in his palm, "Yun Qingluo, what is this?"

Yun Qingluo's face was pale and her body shrunk, "This is… I don't know…"

"You don't know?" Can't you recognize your own thing?" Di Fuyi sounded fierce, "Yun Qingluo, according to the rules of the compet.i.tion, the partic.i.p.ant shall not use any spell or poison. What is this spelled sword? You used it to injure your peers! Do you know what is the punishment for doing so?"

Yun Qingluo kept sweating and kowtowed, "I admit my mistake… I'm begging for your mercy…"

Di Fuyi slowly stepped forward and took up the broken sword in his palm, "As you are the heaven's gift disciple, I will not kill you. However, you will receive due punishment. Since you used it to hurt your peers, I will use it as your punishment too!"

He flicked his fingertip and the broken sword immediately snapped into Yun QIngluo's right chest and pierced through her back…

It was exactly the same location where Gu Xijiu was injured.

Yun Qingluo fell onto the ground, instantly felt the pain and trembled.

Di Fuyi did not bother her anymore. He turned and walked out of the room.

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