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Although Qian Lingyu possessed a higher level of spiritual power among the three of them and compared to the opponents, he had wasted so much time in the Liuyun cla.s.s where the resources and equipment that they used were way too lousy as compared to those in the Ziyun cla.s.s. Based on his current battling abilities, he would have been defeated by now if Gu Xijiu was not there in command. He had only one goal in his mind, and he must fight until the end. Even if he risks his life, he wanted the opponents to pay the price as well!

In fact, Le Qingxing and Le Zixing were not easy as well, as they usually managed to defeat the opponents in less than a hundred attacks. That was the first time they had to fight for so long!

They did not expect that this team could last for so long! They have tried their best since the beginning and only managed to be at the boundary of the winning side.

In fact, the strong ones would respect the strong ones. Initially, the twins looked down on Gu Xijiu and her team but now, they actually felt touched by the battling spirits of their opponents.

Regardless of being their friends or opponents, those people deserve an applause and respect!

Among all the partic.i.p.ants, Yun Qingluo possessed the highest spiritual power and she was also the eldest among all of them.

Unfortunately, she has been discovered as the heaven's gift disciple quite late as she was already 18 years old when they found out.

She was considered slightly relaxed compared to the rest. There was only a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, but her dress was still dry and fluttering in the air when she was fighting.

However, she was suffering inside as she thought it would still be easy for her to fight with Gu Xijiu in the second match. She thought it would be even easier than the first game, hence, she boasted publicly. However, the situation in the second match was beyond her expectations as the opponents improved faster than she could imagine! Apparently, the opponents had changed their battling strategies and managed to attack in time when they caught their flaws. There were a few times she almost missed escaping from their attacks...

If it continues this way, it was difficult for her to predict the next game even if she wins this one!

If she had known earlier, she would not boast that way! Unfortunately, it was too late for her to regret!

No way, she had to find a way to win this battle! She had to find a chance to beat one of them and severely injure them so that they could not enter the third game.

An evil idea flashed across her eyes and she bit the tip of her tongue! Her power got stimulated by 120 percent under the chronic pain and caused her to suddenly attack Lan Waihu aggressively!

Among the three people opposite her, Lan Waihu was the weakest and the easiest to be defeated. It would be easier if she was severely injured!

During the fierce battle, she played a trick. She managed to escape from the giant fireball issued by Qian Lingyu and the golden ray on her right palm was powerful enough to pause the Wind-Splitting tactic issued by Gu Xijiu. Suddenly, a sword appeared on her left palm and it was flying rapidly towards Lan Waihu after flashing an icy ray midair!

When she was fighting, her left hand was always playing the supportive role while her right hand was moving, hence, no one knew she was actually good at toying with the sword with her left hand to the point that she was skillful enough to kill someone in a flash.

The sword was flying directly towards Lan Waihu's left chest, about to penetrate it. It was as fast as a meteorite and a lightning, Lan Waihu definitely would not be able to avoid it! She would definitely die or be handicapped if the sword strikes her!

Her attack was beyond everyone's imagination! It was far beyond expectation.

Yan Chen was shocked! He wanted to save her, but how fast he could act?

Celestial Master Zuo slightly moved his fingers and a golden ray immediately gathered on his fingertips. Suddenly, his vision was blurred when he was about to launch the golden ray. Gu Xijiu who was initially quite far away from Lan Waihu immediately teleported over and appeared in front of Lan Waihu by neglecting the attacks from the twins.

Her teleportation was too fast, faster than everyone's reaction and it was even faster than the action of Celestial Master Zuo… She appeared in front of Yun Qingluo's sword...

"Poke!" Yun Qingluo's sword poked into Gu Xijiu's right chest.

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