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The first game finally started, and Yun Qingluo and her team proved why they were the best combination in the Ziyun cla.s.s.

Le Qingxing stayed close to Gu Xijiu who was good at using her wind element spiritual power. As long as she used any wind-related skill, Le Qingxing would block her using the earth element. It seemed as though Yun Qingluo and her team had carefully studied Gu Xijiu's tactics. Additionally, Lan Waihu was nervous after being attacked.

After about half an hour, Lan Waihu's focus gave way, and she was attacked by Yun Qingluo until fell off the stage and almost vomited blood.

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu noticed the situation and quickly used her wind skill to block any further attacks or it would have ended badly for Lan Waihu!

In this compet.i.tion, once any player was successfully knocked off the stage, the entire team would have lost the game. Therefore Yun Qingluo and her team won the first match.

Yun Qingluo was proud. She looked at Gu Xijiu and chuckled, "You guys played very well. Unfortunately, your opponents are the three of us. Please don't give up though. We still want a good battle."

Gu Xijiu did not bother her and immediately went over to find Lan Waihu. Qian Lingyu clenched his fist and stared at Yun Qingluo, "Don't be too proud! There will still be two more matches!"

Yun Qingluo chuckled but said nothing. Le Zixing replied coldly, "There will not be two more matches. We can settle it in one."

They would win the compet.i.tion if they won two matches out of three. Thus if they won the second game, there would not be a third round.

Of course, Qian Lingyu understood what she meant. He kept clenching his fist again and again. Lan Waihu suffered an internal injury. Fortunately, it was not too severe. When she fell from the stage, she immediately stood up and looked at Gu Xijiu who ran over to her. She blushed, "Xijiu, I'm sorry…"

"You have tried your best. Don't have to apologize." Gu Xijiu stopped her from saying sorry and quickly checked her vein.

Fortunately, her injury was not serious. Gu Xijiu had quite a lot of good medicine, and immediately gave her one to take.

During this period, Qian Lingyu had come down from the stage. He kept looking at Lan Waihu while anxiously wringing his hand. He was worried that Lan Waihu would give up.

Perhaps Lan Waihu was used to being attacked. So, coupled with the medicine provided by Gu Xijiu, she had recovered just after 15 minutes.

Gu Xijiu then asked her, "Can you continue to fight?"

Lan Waihu looked up at her, "Yes, I can!" She did not want to bring down the team.

Qian Lingyu's eyes lit up, and he patted Lan Waihu's shoulder, "That's right!" We cannot lose by forfeit!" Even if they knew they would lose the game, they wanted to be defeated officially on the stage.

Gu Xijiu took a light breath. She said in low volume, "We need to learn from the first match. If we play our cards right, we might not lose in the second match. Listen to me…"

Although they had lost the first match, Gu Xijiu did not look frustrated. Instead, she was more excited than before.

In fact, regardless how good a team was, they could still be defeated if they did not understand their opponents. After gaining experience from the first game, Gu Xijiu already learned about her opponent's tactics.

She was very good at learning from failure and did not expect to win the first match anyway. She intended to discover the flaws of her opponents. In fact, neither of them were perfect.

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