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Chapter 626: She Didn't Even Ask Why...

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Well, as you wish! I will go and pack now!" Gu Xijiu turned and walked to her backyard.

This was the place that he asked people to build, so he had the right to destroy it too. As he was a G.o.d, he could do anything he wished.

It was true that something could be built very fast but could also be destroyed just as quickly. She used to think that this place could be her shelter but it seemed like it was just temporary…

"Do you want me to help you?" The Messenger Shangshan tried to offer his help.

"No, I don't have much stuff." Gu Xijiu turned and walked away.

Messenger Shangshan looked at her back and had a complicated feeling. He thought that this little girl would be very disappointed after he delivered the message. He never expected that she would be so calm throughout the conversation.

It was easy to upgrade one's self from economy to luxury, but it was hard to adapt from economy from luxury. When a person was used to being pampered, she would take it for granted.

When all the special treatments were taken away, the disappointment should be great and it would feel like falling from heaven back to earth. However, this little girl was different. She didn't even ask why...

The Lord was standing in a bamboo forest. He was holding a bamboo on his left hand and a knife on his right hand to engrave it. He was making a bamboo flute and it was almost done.

Messenger Shangshan was finally back. He stood behind The Lord to report, "My Lord, I have pa.s.sed your message to Miss Gu. She has moved to Fengshang Valley and the house has been demolished."

"What did she say?" The Lord casually asked.

Messenger Shangshan took out a sound recorder spell, "I am very forgetful recently, so I have recorded our conversation. Lord, please listen to it."

He then switched on the sound recorder spell and played the conversation he had with Gu Xijiu…

The Lord was still cutting the bamboo and she was not sure if he was listening.

After a moment, the sound recorder spell stopped. The Lord looked up and stared at the sound recorder spell on Messenger Shangshan's hand, "That's all?"

"Yes, that's all."

"What did she take when she left?"

"Her personal belongings. She did not take any other things with her."

"What about the tea I asked you to give her?"

"When I gave it to her, she said thank you but the tea was too precious and it was The Lord's favorite tea. She did not dare to accept it. Oh yeah, she even repaired the bed drapes and asked me to pa.s.s them to you."

Messenger Shangshan took out the neatly folded bed drapes from his storage bag and handed it to The Lord.

When The Lord opened the bed drapes, the place where it was once torn was revealed.

Gu Xijiu was talented in sewing. The torn place was not neatly st.i.tched with a special way. She might think that it did not look good with just a simple st.i.tching so she also sewed a crane on it. The crane was grey and black in color, and it was flying with its wings opened.

There was actually a landscape painted on the bed drapes, so the crane Gu Xijiu sewed actually quite matched the original painting. As the neck of the crane was sewed on the torn spot, it was no longer obvious and did not look like it had been st.i.tched.

"My Lord, the girl is quite good; look at the sewing… Although her sewing skills are not that good, she sewed it genuinely…"

"How long did she take to sew this?"

"About an hour…"

"How long did you take to demolish the house?"

"About an hour…"

"You were there for about an hour, which means when she was sewing this when you were demolishing the house?"

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