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A+ A- Chapter 617: The Lord Teased Her 3?
Her words sounded unintentional, but it was, in fact, a probe.

It was probably her intuition. She could sense that The Lord was actually Celestial Master Zuo's disguise, but she was unable to confirm her suspicions. Therefore, she could only try to make out the clues with her lines.

However, The Lord was always wearing a mask. She could not see his expression, so his body language was all that she could observe.

From his body language, there was nothing skeptical about The Lord as he only nodded in agreement. "The flagon is indeed exceptional. If you like it, you can try to ask him for it."

"I will possibly not get it from him," said Gu Xijiu as she coughed.

There was no certainty that she would ever see him again, let alone asking for his flagon.

"Perhaps you could get it if you play your female

card and asked him in your flirtatious charming manner," said The Lord with a faint smile. "Perhaps he likes women to behave in such a manner."

"He does not seem like that," said Gu Xijiu, with her eyes widened.

"Sometimes, all you need is to try. How would you know if you never tried?" The Lord was encouraging her.

"How do you know what he likes?" asked Gu Xijiu.

"Hmm, because there is nothing that I do not know," said The Lord, beating around the bush.

"Are you especially familiar with Celestial Master Zuo, or are you equally familiar with every other heaven's gift disciple, too?"

"It seems like you are trying to find out something from me. What do you want to know?" The Lord tapped the table gently. He pondered deeply as he looked at her.

"I would like to know if the ice beauty in Long

Long Siye’s hall is alive." Gu Xijiu finally threw out the question that she had been contemplating for a while.

There was complete silence.

The warmth in The Lord's eyes slowly faded into an icy cold gaze.

He did not speak another word. Gu Xijiu was actually a little nervous the moment she asked the question.

A few moments later, The Lord finally smiled, but he drifted away from her question as he spoke, "We were discussing the topic regarding your flirtatious behavior towards Di Fuyi, weren't we?"

Gu Xijiu trembled as she asked. "I am not qualified to ask him for anything, am I?"

"Aren’t you his fiancé?"

Gu Xijiu held her breath. It seemed like The Lord was very well-informed, but his information was not entirely up-to-date.

"We have already broken off our engagement. I have nothing to do with him anymore."


"Any regrets?"

Gu Xijiu hesitated. She was not filled with remorse. Under the circ.u.mstances that day, he was obviously the one who wished to break off the engagement with her. All he did was to make her say it out herself.

She shook her head lightly, "I have no regrets."

"Are you both still friends?" The questions from The Lord were getting more and more incisive.

Were they friends? Considerably.

Gu Xijiu was not absolutely sure. Celestial Master Zuo was too profound to be apprehended. She could barely understand him.

Although he had troubled her several times, he only did it for her own good. Therefore, they could still be friends.

She nodded, "We should… should be considered friends?" There was uncertainty in her voice.

"Considered?" The Lord repeated her words. His voice flickered a little, "Are you really reluctant to admit it?"

"I am not /> "I am not reluctant, it's… it's just that I really do not understand him," said Gu Xijiu wryly, with a bitter smile.

The Lord laughed. "So you are trying to understand him!"

It was only a simple explanation, but it became slightly ambiguous after The Lord had repeated it.

A cold sweat broke out. Gu Xijiu did not know how the topic could be drifted away to such an extent and took a bizarre turn. She was determined to bring back the previous subject. With a cough, she said, "My Lord, I remember that we were previously discussing Celestial Master Zuo's flagon."

"Hmm, yes, the flagon. You seem to be really fond of his flagon. It is easy for you to obtain. I can take charge and marry you to him. Then, I can ask him to make the flagon an engagement gift for you."

Gu Xijiu did not know what to say.

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