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Everyone who had seen her true ident.i.ty at the night market must be having the same thoughts as him as they were all equally blinded by her charm. Some of them would probably think that her brave words about curing Qian Lingyu were not entirely false right now as there was a certain level of credibility to back it.

In the secret gambles among the people, the chips to bet for her ‘to fail in curing Qian Lingyu and embarra.s.s herself’ would probably be scaled down by tomorrow.

Had the lady realized that Qian Lingyu had actually been poisoned? Had she realized that it was him, Qian Lingtian, behind all the tricks? She had not realized it yet, had she?

After all, the person who had gifted him the poison had told him how special the poison was. No one on earth would be able to identify it. The person even told him that as long as he refused to take the antidote, the poison would never be cured.

If one day all his tricks were exposed, he would rather die than to cure the poison. Even if he was being force-fed with the antidote, they still could not do anything with him if he refused to cooperate and help with the conversion of the antidote.

In times of desperation, he would use his secret power to burn himself down. He would rather perish together with Qian Lingyu. There was a sign of brutal and vicious intent in his eyes. He clenched his fists tightly under the sleeves.

However, Qian Lingyu’s recent att.i.tude was slightly odd. To be on the safe side, he ought to head back and take the level-four pills.

Until the conversion was complete, it would then be unnecessary for him to practice Kung Fu at the same time as Qian Lingyu every day. He could finally have a break.

He knew that Qian Lingyu would begin practicing Kung Fu when he got home, so he dared not hold up any further. He got up and quickly went back.

His movements were swift. However, two shadows suddenly appeared behind him and closely followed his tracks. Gu Xijiu’s shadow could be seen on the tree as she appeared out of nowhere.

Her camouflage was really excellent. Her black body looked as though it was the shape of a tree so she could avoid being seen.

Lazily, she lied down on the tree trunk with her legs swaying in the air. Her plan could finally be wound up perfectly.

She believed that things would be different after tonight. She was delighted. She could not help but crack her fingers to relieve some of the tension. She approved of herself, "Gu Xijiu, this is such a perfect fight! Keep it up!"

Full of delight, she felt like whirling in circles out of joy. Suddenly, someone patted her shoulder from behind, and she could hear a cold voice talking to her, "Keep it up."

The voice was so familiar.

She was so surprised by the voice that she fell off from the tree. What an utter surprise.

She had always been bold, but not reckless, but right at the moment when she fell, she did not attempt to struggle. When she finally reacted, her face was about to touch the ground.

Oh, no. Her face was about to be marred by a scar. She closed her eyes, instinctively.

She could feel a tight grip on her waist, followed by a reeling spin. When she opened her eyes, she was already standing on the ground, all well and unharmed. Standing buoyantly across her was The Lord, not further than one foot away. The proximity was too close. His presence was too strong.

Gu Xijiu could feel her heart skipping in her chest. Intuitively, she took two steps backward, "My… My Lord." She seldom stammered over her words.

The Lord cast a glance at her, "Are you nervous to see me? Feeling guilty?"

Gu Xijiu muttered in her heart. The way The Lord appeared suddenly in such a manner would terrify just about anyone. She was considered brave for not screaming out loud. What was there to be guilty about?

"My Lord, you must be joking. My Lord came and went like a shadow; I was caught off guard for a second."

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