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To him, it was funny to see the surprised look on everyone's face! It was as though they were struck by lightning the moment Gu Xijiu took off her mask. It could probably make him laugh for a month.

The young man next to her was good at stirring up her excitement that she could not help but smile along with him. Without hesitating, she threw a bag full of clinking spiritual stones to Qian Lingyu. There must be plenty of stones in it. "Let’s go for a big feast on the first floor tomorrow!"

"Good! By then, I will fill up my plate with every dish to outrage those rude people!" Elated, Qian Lingyu felt very satisfied with the thoughts of the events that had just happened not long ago. Suddenly, he was reminded of something, "By the way, Xijiu, did you already foresee that they could no longer contain their curiosity and were going to uncover your mask tonight?"

Gu Xijiu squinted her eyes into the shape of the crescent moon and said, "Try and guess?"

Qian Lingyu did not say anything. Although that was meant as a question, deep down he already knew the answer. The young lady was indeed cunning.

He held his forehead and said, "Xijiu, you are too crafty, how could you possibly come up with such a way to make money!?"

"This ability came from necessity. I do not wish to rely on coa.r.s.e food anymore, so I have to think of more ways to make money. But, too bad..." said Gu Xijiu, radiantly.

"Too bad, what?" asked Qian Lingyu, confused.

"Too bad that everyone in the night market was wearing a mask. They had even altered their body shape, so I could not really tell who they were. If I had known that the buyer was someone who was displeasing to me, I would have made an even greater sum of money from him! I would double up the price. For those who were absolutely displeasing, I would even raise the price tenfold!"

Qian Lingyu could not help but roll his eyes, "Luckily you could not differentiate anyone so you could treat all of them equally."

"By the way, Xijiu, if you recognized me in the night market, would you give me a discount based on our friendship?"

"No exception," said Gu Xijiu, in all seriousness.

Qian Lingyu did not know what to say.

He could not help but look at Gu Xijiu. The night breeze was gently swaying her dark hair and long robe. Her eyes were still curved like the crescent moon, with a look of intelligence and grace.

He could feel a sudden increase in the rate of his heartbeat.

"Xijiu…" He called out her name.

Gu Xijiu turned her head around and raised her brow at him, "Yes?"

Under her intense gaze, he suddenly lost the words to say to her, as though he had his mouth parched and tongue scorched.

Gu Xijiu noticed that his handsome face was gradually growing red. Confused, she asked, "What is wrong with you?" She observed him a little more, "Not feeling well? Do you have a fever?"

Just when she was about to raise her hand and touch his forehead, Qian Lingyu took an unexpected leap backward, as though he had just been burned. "Please don’t! It is improper for men and women to touch each other!"

Gu Xijiu withdrew her hand. She raised her eyebrow at him while looking at his courageous attempt to keep to his virtues. She did not quite understand his sudden change in att.i.tude, "Well?"

"I… I have to go back and practice Kung Fu! See you next time!" Qian Lingyu dashed off as though a ghost was chasing after him.

Gu Xijiu shook her head in disbelief; then she went back into her yard.

Not long after she had entered the yard, a person’s silhouette could be seen from afar.

This person’s Kung Fu was good, as he was able to follow her without making any sound at all. He stood there as he watched the two of them part ways. Instinctively, he touched his storage bag and felt glad that he was able to avoid being recognized by the lady in the night market. Otherwise, he could not possibly buy the pills at the price that he was offered.

He did not expect the lady to be so capable. To his surprise, she was a master of alchemy! Presumably, her art of healing must be good, too. Her triumph against Gu Xixi must not have been all luck after all.

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