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Gu Xijiu did not argue with him again but said 'yes', and walked towards the table. She grabbed a pastry and began to chew. It was delicious but she only managed to finish two.

She then said goodbye to The Lord after thanking him.

Since she came in, she had only greeted and thanked him alone - that was too courteous!

However, it seemed like The Lord was the one who made these...

He was the one who reminded her that there was a gap between their ident.i.ties.

"Gu Xijiu, I thought you said you regard me as your father?"

Did you treat your father as courteously as this? He knew that she always drove her father (Gu Xietian) mad.

"No, I was wrong. I dare not take you as my father…"

"Then what?"

"My grandfather." Gu Xijiu said honestly, as she really sees him as her ancestor.

The Lord was drinking tea and he almost choked when she said that...

Gu Xijiu then sensed the care and warmth from The Lord as though he was a caring grandfather towards her.

He threw a huge and heavy book to her right away and gently told her to finish and understand it in six days, before giving her a test.

If she could not make it, he would sentence her with heavy punishment. She would need to run around Tianju Hall with one leg for ten rounds. It was 20 miles for one round, which means she would need to run 200 miles...

What a horrible punishment!

Gu Xijiu buried herself in the book ever since she returned to her house!

However, the mussel could not stay still. It clipped onto her clothes and thought they would go for a walk, but Gu Xijiu chased it away as she needed to use her time wisely!

The mussel was disappointed, so he paid a visit to Lu Wu.

Sadly, Lu Wu was still young and needed more sleep. However, it did not like to sleep with the Wind Caller and secretly squeezed into Gu Xijiu’s blanket to snuggle up instead.

It seemed to be addicted to the human aura as it squeezed into Gu Xijiu’s sleeve and continued to sleep even when she woke up.

The mussel thought he could get Lu Wu as its free ride, hence, it pulled Lu Wu’s tail to wake it up. However, it did not like it and scratched the mussel, as it was mad! The mussel’s sh.e.l.l had almost cracked from the scratch!

The mussel did not dare to tease it again and turned away to find the Wind Caller.

The Wind Caller was a good mother, she was not going anywhere if its son had chose to stay. She only wanted to stay in Gu Xijiu’s house.

The mussel left in anger.

Gu Xijiu did not bother it as she was busy studying. She studied until nightfall and finally realized that one day had pa.s.sed, when her stomach started to rumble.

Within the period, Lu Wu ran out as well as it was hungry. It tried to pull Gu Xijiu’s dress but she did not respond. Thus, it decided to find its food alone. However, the Wind Caller followed it as well.

Therefore, when Gu Xijiu squeezed out from the book, she realized she was alone in the house and none of the three pets had returned.

She was not worried at all and three of them were not easy to be bullied.

Besides, the mussel liked to hunt, so it probably went for hunting.

For Lu Wu, although it was still young, it was a level eight majestic being. The beasts around here were scared of it and it would not be bullied especially when the Wind Caller was there.

She only managed to eat two pastries given by The Lord this morning and she was starved to the extent that her vision was slightly impaired.

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