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A+ A- Chapter 557: Gu Xijiu, Are You Afraid Of Me?
Before her hand could reach Rong Che’s arm, she was blocked by Liong Siye, "Xijiu, let me send him off. It’s not so appropriate for you to send him and I have a flying crane which could get us to the town in the valley in just an hour."

He carried Rong Che and called the flying crane. In less than a minute, both of them were on the crane and it flew away in a blink of an eye.

Gu Xijiu watched helplessly as they flew away.

No matter what, Long Siye knew her well and had always helped her to ease her worries...

The dream about Long Siye flashed across her mind again. She got frustrated unknowingly and had the urge to ask where the exact location of his heart was.

The four messengers were busy settling theIR matters and Gu Xijiu had finally returned to her house.

It was difficult not to mention about The Lord’s good sense of everything, as the house was really well decorated and stylish. It was beautiful enough to comfort an exhausted soul.

She gargled and returned to her bed.

She did not change into the pajamas which she made for herself, as it was too thin. She had a bad habit of kicking off the blanket, so it was not so appropriate for her to wear it. She would have worn it to sleep if it was her own house, but she would not want to wear it here.

The house was indeed beautiful and it was built by the four messengers in two hours! She felt that they probably did not build it, but created it with a certain wizard instead.

What if the wizard suddenly lost its effect...

Would the mansion suddenly disappear? Would she then be sleeping on the street when she woke up?

Although the building was amazing, she would feel more insecure if she had slept in her own toilet.

Her biological clock was very strong. Although she has been exhausted from such a long hours of suffering, she still woke up in the early morning the next day.

She went to the foreyard to greet The Lord after cleaning herself.

The Lord seemed to have just woken up as his hair was yet to be tied and his clothes were still a bit messy. "So early?" He asked, as he watched her entering the hall.

He thought she would sleep slightly longer since she has been exhausted from last night and kids tend to sleep longer...

Gu Xijiu gave her full respect to him and spoke after greeting him, "Xijiu always wakes up early to conduct morning practices."

The Lord looked at her head and realized she was still kneeling on the floor. He frowned as he was not used to her kneeling even though it was very common for people to kneel in front of him.

"Rise, and you don't have to start the morning with a greeting every day."

Gu Xijiu responded and got up from the ground.

The Lord felt uneasy as he saw her head still lowering. He waved his sleeve and there were a few plates of food that had appeared on the table, "Come on, eat something."

Gu Xijiu still did not raise her head, "Thank you, Lord. I think I better eat at my own place." He was too mighty and she felt stressed to eat with him. Besides, no matter what, she had to kneel to thank everything he granted her throughout the meal. She would rather return to her house or find food from somewhere else.

The Lord looked at her and ma.s.saged his forehead.
He had a headache when she was being impulsive.

But he felt uncomfortable when she was being courteous.

There were too many people being courteous to him except her. Did that mean the exception was going to disappear soon?

"Gu Xijiu, are you afraid of me?"
Gu Xijiu finally raised her head, "No, I respect you instead."

"Alright, that's great then! Come on, eat something."
Gu Xijiu did not argue with him again but said 'yes', and walked towards the table.

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