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A+ A- Chapter 555: The Lord Was Getting More Mischievous 2
He looked at The Lord and asked, "Lord, does that mean he would be able to resurrect someday when he finds another body?"

Everyone began to sense the danger when they heard her question.

That person was such a psycho - it would be another disaster if he managed to resurrect!

Coincidentally, all the experts were gathered at the scene and had the chance to arrest him. It would be a tragedy if everyone was not there when he returned for his revenge.

Of course, as long as The Lord was still there, everyone still had a pillar to support their hopes.

"All of you don’t have to be too worried as his Nascent Soul can’t resurrect with another body but it would gather a whole new body to resurrect. Although his Nascent Soul managed to escape just now, it was injured and won’t be able to resurrect in the next thousand years."
Everyone exhaled as a sign of relief.

As one thousand years was such a long time, there was nothing for them to worry about...

Other than The Lord, everyone would have to die, unless they could achieve something similar to The Lord and that was probably only able to extend their lives...

Just like Gu Canmo, his spiritual power was almost level nine, but his lifespan was about 400-500 years.

Thus, any happenings which will occur 1000 years later were too far for them to worry about. The only thing they could do was to create a legacy for their heirs.

Everyone felt relieved as they have found the mastermind.
Gu Canmo led his people to settle all the work and The Lord brought Gu Xijiu back. They found that Rong Che and Yun Qingluo had regained their consciousness and Long Siye was giving them the necessary treatment.

Both of them were controlled by someone else and that consumed ten times of their spiritual power, hence, their archaeus was injured and that was even more tiring than using the Demon Disintegration Dharma. They not only vomited blood but also lied on the floor and could not move anymore. Their exhaustion was so serious to the extent that the action of breathing could increase their risk of dying.

They would not even have the strength to open their eyes if Long Siye was not there to take care of them and fed them the rejuvenation pills.

They heard from Long Siye and knew they were being ‘possessed’ and did something wrong. They felt worried and insecure.

However, the anxiety got even worse when they saw The Lord.

They hurried to seek forgiveness from The Lord and they would probably kneel and kowtow too if they were not exhausted.

Rong Che’s handsome face was pale. He felt very guilty as he looked at Gu Xijiu, "I’m really sorry, Xijiu. I almost killed you…"

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "You were being controlled; I can’t put the blame on you."

Suddenly, the Lord stretched out his finger and pointed at the two of them. Two colorful rays had penetrated both of their brains to retrieve their memories...

He saw ‘Di Fuyi’ (the puppet) appearing in Yun Qingluo’s memory...

While he saw Rong Che kidnapping Gu Xijiu in Rong Che's memory, he also saw how he risked his life to rush over in order to a.s.sist Yun Qingluo in her rescue operation. In his memory, the reason he helped Yun Qingluo was because he thought Yun Qingluo had certain special abilities which could help him to attack Rong Chu...

The colorful rays on The Lord's finger slowly faded. Yun Qingluo knew her memory was being read and she panicked. However, she pretended to be conscious and thought that it was the impact of being controlled earlier.

The Lord caught a glimpse of her with an icy glare. Yun Qingluo immediately trembled and lowered her head as she felt The Lord's gaze penetrating her skin and even to the bones.

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