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What was the feeling she had towards him?

"Gu Xijiu, whar do you think about me? Where am I in your heart?"

"The Lord is mysterious, just and respectful… You are like a father in my heart." Gu Xijiu told him about how she felt.

The Lord was speechless.

He removed the protective barrier of body and carried her to land.

Gu Xijiu was not prepared for it. She felt like she was jumping with a parachute off a plane but only realized that she did not carry the parachute with her the moment she leapt.

The feeling was insanely horrible.

Despite being a calm person, she almost screamed. Fortunately, she was fast in response and grabbed The Lord’s waist tightly.

She knew that The Lord was so powerful thus as long as she pulled him together as her cushion, she should be safe…

Her judgment was really very accurate. When they were falling, it was very fast but when they landed they stepped on the ground lightly without even causing any dust.

When Gu Xijiu stepped on the ground she was relieved.

She immediately released her hand from The Lord’s waist and stepped backward to keep a distance with The Lord.

This man was too fussy! He had almost the same temper as that of Celestial Master Zuo!

Apparently, her reply provoked him, but she did not know what was wrong with her sentence.

Was it not respectful enough? After all, he was already thousands of years old so he should be a great-grandfather to her.

However, these thoughts only flashed for a while in Gu Xijiu’s mind, because she finally saw the culprit behind this ordeal.

There were a lot of people here.

There were total eight people here with a green-clothed man in the middle. They were the three messengers of The Lord, along with Gu Canmo and the other four elder custodians of Tianju Hall.

The green clothes that the man wore were exactly the same color as the surrounding trees. There was a green mask on his face and a green jade flute on his hand. He was facing the eight people alone.

Gu Xijiu looked at the enemy and finally, she knew how impeccable the skills he had.

The three messengers of The Lord and four disciples brought by Gu Canmo were the top masters in this continent. There were a total of eight people fighting with the enemy, but they were not even at the tailwind!

The man was like a ghost and moved very fast. He suddenly moved forward and backward; his body was flexible like a snake. He could bend at an extraordinary angle so avoid the attack of the opponent.

He could even strike back under the intense attack of the eight people. The trick that he played was very strange. It was not the usual angle that people would think of, so the opponent could not avoid his attack.

This man had the wood element of spiritual power, so he could utilize it on the surrounding trees. The leaves of the trees would be turned into sharp weapons and the vines would fly up to wrap the people around the vicinity. There were even a few trees coming to life and extending their branches to hit people. A bamboo actually turned into a commander and the rest of the bamboos let out a sharp tone. The tone almost drove people crazy.

Gu Xijiu had seen a lot of battle scenes but she felt it was very eye-opening when she saw this scene.

Of course, the tone was too sharp so she felt that her eardrums had almost burst! She was very frustrated but it was useless to cover her ears as the tone still drilled into her ears…

"Flow your breath to the center of your body and swirl your tongue…" The Lord's voice sounded in her mind and he was reading a formula that he taught her before.

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