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What was the flute sound?

Gu Xijiu looked at the big mussel. Why didn't she hear any flute sounds?

Suddenly she thought of something!

She had the modern knowledge and knew there were some sounds that were inaudible to humans in this world because human ears had its limitations when receiving some high-frequency sounds. However, this high-frequency sound could be heard by animals. For example, the movement before an earthquake could be heard by birds, so they would feel insecure even before the earthquake, but alas, humans were not able to pick up this sound...

Would it be the case when the big mussel said it heard the flute sound?

Would it be the culprit behind this who is actually playing some kind of special flute that could not be heard by a human to control the venomous person?

As the venomous person would have spells inside their body, they would be under the control of the culprit.

Gu Xijiu looked at Rong Che and Yun Qingluo. As the flute sound had stopped, they stopped struggling too.

"They are indeed being manned!" Gu Xijiu whispered before turning to ask the big mussel, "Where is the flute sound coming from?

The big mussel referred to the east, "There."

Before it finished its sentence, there were fireworks from the mountain in the east. It was bright, gorgeous and instantly lit up the dark sky.

"They have found the culprit behind this." Messenger Chenge sounded excited.

Gu Xijiu was excited too!

Well, she'd like to see who the culprit behind all this was.

She picked up the big mussel and was about to perform the teleportation.

Suddenly her arm was held by someone tightly. The Lord said, "Long Siye, you stay here to guide these two people. Messenger Chenge, you follow me."

At the next moment, Gu Xijiu was carried and flew up to the sky. When she could react, she was already flying like a meteor in the sky with The Lord.

"Remember, don’t be too curious in this world especially when your skill is still weak." Although the wind was howling, the voice of The Lord was clear inside her ears.

Was The Lord educating her the way to live in this world?

Although this person was very strong, he was good to her.

Gu Xijiu felt slightly warm in her heart. She tried to joke with him, "I am not afraid because you are here."

It was a very simple sentence but The Lord slightly slowed down his pace. He said something that confused Gu Xijiu, "What if I am not here anymore?"

Gu Xijiu whispered inside her heart, "I have been living well when you are not around. I have just met you for a few days. Moreover, you are so mysterious and hardly even show up. This might be the only time I see you face to face."

She thought that perhaps The Lord would like to look for a sense of existence and being needed from her.

So Gu Xijiu replied with a sentence that she thought that he would like to hear, "If you are not here, I will a.s.sess the situation first. But you are here now."

The Lord asked, "You believe in me?"

They were now flying in the sky without so much as a ride. Below them was the cloud that could not support their weight. Gu Xijiu was completely relying on the arm of The Lord that was pulling her…

It was 300 to 400 meters high from the ground. Gu Xijiu was worried that The Lord would throw her down from the sky, so she secretly grabbed The Lord's sleeve with her fingers. She tried to compliment him, "You are The Lord and I am your only disciple. Of course, I believe in you."

Gu Xijiu did find comfort in the fatherly love of The Lord, so she could not help but act like a spoiled child with The Lord.

It was probably the time The Lord saw her cute and gentle character, and it was only then he knew that she could be as clingy as a child…

Was he the only one who saw her cute character?

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