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Chapter 544: Invasion 6
Apparently, he often executed this task. Although he was alone, he could escort Gu Xijiu safely.
Gu Xijiu flipped the white people over and over again, and studied them for a long while. Messenger Chenge’s face turned green when he saw it.

Although these white people were not real humans, they looked like they were. It was a bit inappropriate for Gu Xijiu to look at them over and over again. The Lord might not be happy if he had saw this scene.

"Miss Gu, are you done checking?" He could not help but ask. He felt like splitting the white people into pieces…

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu was fast in checking. She came to a conclusion, "This is a knowledgeable little demon. It is not afraid of water but fire. Can you attack with fire instead?"

Messenger Chenge hesitated, "My fire element spiritual power is not good enough. I'm only well-versed with the fire control technique."

He practiced mainly water elements of spiritual power. As the fire was incompatible with water, he did not practice the secondary spiritual power much, so it was now only at a level four and he knew only the fire control technique. It was totally incomparable to his water element spiritual power.

"Can you try it with the fire control technique first? Please give it your best in executing it." Gu Xijiu casted a spell at the side.

Messenger Chenge was a bit embarra.s.sed, "My fire element spiritual power is really weak." He did not want to be embarra.s.sed in front of Gu Xijiu…

"Having it weak is better than not having it at all. Give it a try with one first."


Messenger Chenge finally made up his mind and issued a fire control technique. A three feet high firewall blasted out from his finger.

Gu Xijiu’s eyes lit up; it was not weak!

She immediately used a Whirlwind Spell to blow the fire. The fire instantly expanded three times bigger than before and attacked the white people.

They were really afraid of fire, especially the fire that was issued by spiritual power. When the firewall hit them, it immediately burned seven to eight white people at once…

The fire issued by spiritual power was no ordinary fire. It was supposed to be able to last even if there was a downpour.

However, the rain at this moment was not only chilling, but could destroy the spiritual fire too. The fire could only burn around ten white people before being extinguished by the rain.

Messenger Chenge shook his head, "This is not normal rain. My fire control technique is too weak and the fire issued was not pure enough, so it was not able to block the rain."

Gu Xijiu made up her mind, "They are unstoppable in this case. Can you try to resist them and I will go and find out who the culprit is!" She then turned and wanted to perform teleportation.
Messenger Chenge was worried and he pulled her sleeve, "No! I don’t think you can handle the person behind this!"

This little girl had only a level five of spiritual power and was very vulnerable in such a situation. If she got out of his sight, she might be caught by the mastermind behind this!

He was ordered to protect this little girl, so he would never let her be in danger!

Messenger Chenge was quite strong so Gu Xijiu could not get away from him, "But it is not a good idea to keep fighting with them…"

"We can buy some time while waiting for The Lord. Once he is done with Hu Qingqing’s spirit, he will come together with the other three messengers." Messenger Chenge comforted her.

When he finished his sentence, there was a man flying rapidly in their direction. Before this person reached, he had already hit a big crowd of white people…

Gu Xijiu was shocked.

It was Long Siye!

Somehow the dream flashed through her mind and her heart was in pain when she thought about it.

"Let’s go and meet him." Gu Xijiu said, "He is very good at fire techniques!"

Messenger Chenge was speechless.

Three of them met up quickly. Long Siye took a quick glance at Gu Xijiu and immediately asked, "Are you alright?"

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