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"Evil people always die in the end. He killed himself."

"He had achieved level eight spiritual fire talent. Hence, it's a surprise he burnt himself to death despite all his efforts. However, the way he died is too easy for him." Everyone in the Tianju Hall was talking about it.

Gu Xijiu frowned as she felt everything fell into place too nicely. Why would he choose to burn himself at that moment and who was the person he saw when he mentioned ‘You’re here’?

She looked at The Lord and saw him drawing a spell and then the seven-color rays he released engulfed the skeleton. Soon after, the rays were gone, and The Lord slowly said as he withdrew the spell, "His soul has completely vanished."

Everything had completely burnt, not only his physical body but also his soul. It was his karma! He deserved it! Everyone’s was happy that he was dead, but some felt it was too easy for him as he did not undergo public interrogation. Such crimes should be punished with a fate worse than death.

Everyone was relieved as they have found the culprit. However, there was still work to be done. Gu Canmo got a few people to search Teacher Zi’s house and another team to arrest Hu Qingqing for interrogation.

Gu Canmo apologized profusely to Gu Xijiu. He also urged her to switch to be an official student of the Tianju Hall as a form of compensation. Gu Xijiu had not said anything but The Lord was definitely upset, "I heard you say she was not qualified to be a student here and it was considered a huge favor for me by allowing her to be a listener, did you say that?"

Gu Canmo was sweating, "My Lord, I… I’m wrong…"

The Lord continued, "It’s not your fault to follow the rules." He then casually added, "I don’t blame you on this."

Gu Canmo was tearing, "My Lord!"

The Lord interrupted him, "What’s the requirement to enter the Liuyun cla.s.s?"

Gu Canmo did not know what his intention was and honestly answered him, "One is required to have level six spiritual power and undergo a few different tests."

The Lord got up and said, "The level of the spiritual power is not a big problem, and it can be changed. How many tests?"


"Since she had not achieved the said spiritual power, add a few more tests for her. Go and prepare six tests for her. In 10 days’ time, she will be disqualified to enter the Tianju Hall forever if she fails the tests."

Gu Canmo was amazed, that was a fair deal!

Those tests were crazily difficult, and she would not be able to pa.s.s if she achieved level six spiritual power. If Gu Xijiu could make it through half of the six tests, he would be more than happy to let her enter Liuyun cla.s.s! Was The Lord serious about what he said?

Gu Canmo said, "My Lord… the tests are challenging, and I can’t adjust the difficulties for her…"

"Did I ask you to adjust? Just go ahead in a proper manner!"

Gu Canmo was finally relieved, "Yes, I'll prepare it immediately."

"Great." The Lord walked out but remembered to add, "And remember to report yourself to the Penalty Department right after the preparation."

Gu Canmo remained silent.

As they saw The Lord and his messengers leaving, Gu Canmo and his people immediately bent down to send them off, "Goodbye, My Lord."

Usually, The Lord and his messengers would disappear after they walked out the door, so Gu Canmo thought it would be the same this time.

Unexpectedly, The Lord acted differently this time. He turned around and looked at Gu Xijiu, "Where are staying? Could you take the lead?"

Gu Xijiu was silent as she did not know what to say. Everyone was shocked as though their jaws had fallen on the floor.

It seems like everyone has forgotten about Hu Qingqing. She is Yun Qingluo’s friend; the skinny girl who always got Gu Xijiu into trouble.

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